Cool! This Man Recorded The Atmosphere Of A Traditional Market Into A Cinematic Video


A videographer records the activities and atmosphere in the traditional market. He makes cool cinematic videos like movies.

The hectic atmosphere in a market full of sellers and buyers turned out to be an inspiration for a videographer to capture it in video form. Even though the market conditions are muddy and crowded, the video results are actually cool and get a lot of praise.

This market scene video was made by TikTok user @ahmadtito. In the short video he uploaded, the process of taking pictures in a traditional market can be seen.

Traditional Market Atmosphere Becomes Cinematic Video Photo: TikTok @ahmadtito

“I don’t know if I want their midioin instead of a model,” said Tito in a video confirmed by DetikFood (26/2).

Bringing his favorite camera, Tito then recorded the atmosphere of the Krian market, Sidoarjo. Seen sellers of fish, chicken, vegetables to meat sellers who are busy serving buyers. Pedestrians and pedicab drivers were also seen busy passing by.

Every corner of the market is not spared from the eye of Tito’s lens. Then the recording is processed into a cinematic short video.

With the editing process, the video results look very good and cool. Although the original atmosphere of this market looks dirty, crowded and messy, in the video it looks cool. The natural expressions of the sellers in the market also make this video more ‘live’.

This video made by Tito also received praise from netizens. More than 18 thousand netizens threw positive comments, most of them praising Tito’s work.

“Instead of a sad film, it’s easy for me to cry when I see videos like this, their sincere expressions are struggling to make the auto collapse,” said a netizen.

“This is really good, really cool! Keep it up, bro,” said another netizen.

“Hmm, if in the hands of the right people, wherever they want, it will be really cool,” praised another netizen.

“Wow, that’s really cool. I’m proud that Indonesia can have young people who want to work like this,” continued the netizen.

Traditional Market Atmosphere Becomes Cinematic VideoTraditional Market Atmosphere Becomes Cinematic Video Photo: TikTok @ahmadtito

When confirmed by Detikcom (26/2), Tito said the idea to record the market atmosphere was there because he wanted to show the hospitality of Indonesian citizens.

“For the idea to arise because there is a sense of desire to show young people or the whole of Indonesia and even the world how friendly Indonesian citizens are, because we must not forget the characteristics of being a hospitable nation, until it is famous throughout the world,” Tito told DetikFood.

Furthermore, Tito also said he wanted to inspire many content creators to try to make videos on the market. To show how friendly Indonesians are.

“It’s not just beautiful models that are made into videos. Local residents here are also important,” Tito continued.

During the shooting process, Tito admitted that he received a warm welcome from the sellers in the market. Although there are some sellers who are curious and ask the purpose of taking this picture.

“The reaction of people in the market is very happy when I am in the market and doing photo or video activities. They are very welcome for my presence. They are enthusiastic to enter the camera. Sometimes there are people who feel intimidated by my presence,” explained Tito.

To the sellers who are not comfortable with Tito’s presence, he will say that he is doing his thesis work. “Usually I use an excuse to write a thesis in college hahaha,” said Tito.

Even though thousands of people have praised Tito’s work, there are netizens who are sarcastic and say that this video of the market atmosphere embarrass Indonesians. “Shame on Indonesia,” said a sarcastic netizen.

Responding to this comment, Tito actually felt confused. In fact, the work he made wanted to show the friendliness of the Indonesian people.

“Sometimes a thought crosses my mind. What’s wrong with me. Even though there is nothing to be ashamed of. I am very sad about this incident. Honestly, Indonesian people have not been open to appreciating the work of a creator like me. And I hate it like that
It makes me more enthusiastic to work again,” concluded Tito.

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