Cool! This Japanese Man Opens a Nasi Kandar Restaurant and is selling well


Most restaurants in Tokyo offer ramen or other Japanese food. Unlike this Japanese person who chooses to open a restaurant rice kandar.

Of the many restaurants offering Japanese food in Tokyo, there is one that is unique. Because the restaurant does not offer Japanese food, but Malaysian rice dishes.

Malaysian food in question is rice kandar. This Nasi Kandar restaurant was not founded by Malaysians who migrated to Japan, but from Japanese people.

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Nasi Kandar seller in Tokyo, Japan Photo: Instagram @zerotwo_nasikandartokyo

Reporting from World of Buzz (24/2), the nasi kandar restaurant just opened in early January 2022. Even so, this restaurant managed to attract the attention of customers.

This Nasi Kandar restaurant is called Zero Two Nasi Kandar. The owner of this restaurant admitted that he fell in love with the taste of Nasi Kandar. He had tasted it while visiting Kuala Lumpur and Penang.

rice kandar What is offered is of course authentic taste. Here, they provide various types of curry dishes, including duck, mutton, shrimp, squid, and others.

Nasi Kandar seller in Tokyo, JapanNasi Kandar seller in Tokyo, Japan Photo: Instagram @zerotwo_nasikandartokyo

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The display of Nasi Kandar offered by Zero Two looks attractive. The side dishes are piled on top of the rice which makes it look appetizing.

Nasi kandar is offered at a price that is quite affordable for foreign cuisine in Japan. Prices start from 1,000 yen – 1,980 yen (Rp 124,660 – Rp 246,827). There is also a complementary topping menu with prices starting from 250 yen (Rp 31,165). Guaranteed to be satisfied enjoying Nasi Kandar at this restaurant.

Nasi Kandar seller in Tokyo, JapanNasi Kandar seller in Tokyo, Japan Photo: Instagram @zerotwo_nasikandartokyo

Through Zero Two’s Instagram account, the restaurant always reports that the Nasi Kandar has been sold out. This proves how popular the nasi kandar offered by the Japanese is.

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