Cool! This Couple Builds Their Own Cafe in the Middle of the Village


Due to the pandemic, the couple was forced to switch professions. They succeeded in building a beautiful simple cafe in the middle of the village.

Usually, modern cafes always target locations or places that are crowded with people. Like in the city center, or in a shopping center. In contrast to a couple from Malaysia named Syafiq and Afiqah, who decided to build their own cafe in the middle of a village in Negeri Sembilan.

Reporting from SAYS (24/02), this couple is one of the people affected by the pandemic so it is difficult to find work. Finally the two agreed to build a small cafe called Aqoffee.

To minimize expenses, it was Syafiq and Afiqah who built their small cafe. Starting from installing the poles, coloring the walls to designing a small room where they make coffee. They set up this cafe in a homestay or rest area called Rain Village.

Both of them were also assisted by Syafiq’s brother for the process of building this cafe. Initially this cafe also encountered many obstacles, such as in the month of Ramadan last year where their sales were quite low, because most visitors were looking for fresh drinks instead of coffee.

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This cafe was also hit by a flood, but Syafiq and Afiqah did not give up. They keep reopening the cafe.

“I think the specialty of this cafe is that we built this small cafe together. Maybe it is small, but we are very proud,” said Syafiq.

Cool! This Couple Builds Their Own Cafe in the Middle of a Village Photo: SAYS

This cafe sells some trendy drinks. Such as Caramel Macchiato, Matcha Latte, and Ice Chocolate. Then there are also classic coffee menus such as latte, flat white to black coffee.

Not only selling coffee, the two of them plan to develop this cafe into a restaurant. They plan to build an open kitchen, where visitors can eat pasta to various cakes while drinking coffee.

“For future plans, we plan to open branches in several locations. Maybe in the Klang Valley and Penang areas,” concluded Syafiq.

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