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Cool! This Cafe in Karawang Employs Orphans


Doing business while doing charity, a cafe in Karawang, West Java employs orphans in its business environment. Starting from so barista to the waiter.

Hanging out in cafes has now become a lifestyle. So it’s not surprising that cafes are mushrooming in every area by carrying various contemporary concepts, making them a favorite hangout place for millennials.

Not only the current concept, there are also cafes that have social actions in running their business. As did Perwira Kopi, a cafe located at Jalan HS. Ronggo Waluyo No 90, Karawang, West Java.

This modern cafe owned by members of the police employs orphans in his business environment. To detikFood (19/03) Bripka Robi Mulyadi, SH as the owner of the cafe said that he wanted to help orphans.

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Perwira Kopi Karawang employs orphans in his business environment Photo: Instagram @perwirakopikarawang

“Because I want to carry out social actions only, and from a religious perspective it is also good because it helps orphans, so that in their business they can also be a blessing,” said Bripka Robi.

Furthermore, Bripka Robi recruited orphans as employees at the Officers Coffee by doing training. Armed with his experience of learning to be a barista.

“In the past, he used to be an aide and often accompanied bosses to meetings at hotels. If you were waiting, you liked coffee, so you all learned and studied with the barista, so you understood,” he said.

Bripka Robi immediately felt the blessing of employing orphans. After two months of opening Perwira Kopi, the capital spent immediately returned because of the high interest of visitors.

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Karawang Coffee OfficerCampus Check Menu which is the mainstay menu at Perwira Kopi Karawang Photo: Instagram @perwirakopikarawang

“It turns out that this is a lesson in recruiting orphans,” said Bripka Robi.

Apart from coffee, Perwira Kopi also offers a variety of food and snack menus at relatively affordable prices. One of the mainstay menus is Ceker Kampus with a spicy taste.

Not only Ceker Kampus, but also heavy meals such as chicken rice packages, fried rice complete with snacks such as corn milk cheese, dim sum, burgers and many more.

Karawang Coffee OfficerMenu offered by Perwira Kopi Karawang Photo: Instagram @perwirakopikarawang

“For the menus that are offered, I am the one who decides. I am also inspired by the menus that are often offered by cafĂ©-other cafes such as in or Bandung,” said Brigadier Robi.

Perwira Kopi itself carries a minimalist outdoor concept with entertainment in the form of live music every day. Due to its location which is flanked by two campuses, the majority of visitors to this cafe are college students.

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