Cool! This 7-Year-Old Boy Diligently Plants Kangkung to Share with His Neighbors


Most 7-year-olds prefer to play with their peers. But this cute boy actually prefers to plant kale to share with his neighbors.

Having a hobby that is different from other children his age, this boy named Muhammad Afiq Aryan Rosman from Malaysia has managed to attract the attention of many people. He has a hobby that is unique, as well as impressive.

Reporting from World of Buzz (12/02), Afiq has a fun way to spend his Chinese New Year holiday at home. Instead of being busy playing games on his cellphone or playing with his friends, Afiq has been busy building a small garden to plant kale in his house.

Apparently the hobby of making an impromptu kale garden has been started since he was 6 years old or about a year ago. Afiq is diligent enough to grow kale and waters it every day, until all of Afiq’s kale grows like most of the kale that he sells.

“Because the weather is quite hot, I have to water the kale 7 times a day. So that the kale has good quality when it is harvested,” Afiq said.

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“During this vacation time, my sister and I just stayed at home because we were afraid of the COVID-19 pandemic that was still happening. So I filled my spare time with gardening,” he continued.

Cool! This 7-Year-Old Boy Diligently Plants Kangkung to Share with His Neighbors Photo: Harian Metro/Site/WOB

Even though he is only 7 years old, there is no doubt about his skills and craftsmanship in growing kale. He managed to harvest 30 kg of kale from his yard.

He was also the one who cleaned all the kale, before finally distributing it for free to his neighbors who live around his house.

“I plant kale so I don’t get bored. It’s better to spend time gardening and the results can be consumed. Besides that, the kale harvest can be distributed to neighbors,” he concluded.

Not only in his front yard, Afiq plans to continue his hobby of growing kale, by expanding his kale garden to the back of his house. Of course, the kale yields that he will get will increase, although until now he has not planned to sell these kale.

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