Complicated! This Customer Orders Noodles with 12 Requests


Although there is a term ‘customer is king’, this customer is super complicated and annoying. Because he order noodles with 12 ‘requests’ which is troublesome.

When ordering food at a restaurant or via an online motorcycle taxi application, making special requests is indeed allowed. For example, if you want super spicy food, don’t use vegetables, or separate the sauce.

However, if you make a request or request that is a hassle for the restaurant, you should not do it. With these orders, it can hamper the process of serving food.

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Reporting from World of Buzz (26/4), there was a customer in Malaysia who ordered pan mee from a shop via a food delivery application. Not only regular orders, the customer pinned a special request or a super long request.

This incident stole the restaurant’s attention until the food receipt was uploaded to the noodle shop’s Facebook account called KIM KEE Noodles. In the upload of the noodle shop, it is known that the customer ordered a portion of pan me for RM 13.30 (around Rp. 44,000).

In the order, there is 12 ‘request’ noodles that accompanies it. The description is written in Mandarin.

pan mee illustration Photo: iStock

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Here’s a list of the pan mee orders:

1. Small noodles. You guys make homemade noodles, so it’s not a complicated request.
2. Soft noodles. I want the noodles to easily fit in the mouth.
3. Extra dry ebi in ebi sauce.
4. Do not use the chili.
5. One egg with two yolks. But if not possible, 2 eggs yes.
6. Extra minced meat. My dad likes it.
7. Separate the anchovies, so that the texture remains crunchy. Otherwise, I will complain.
8. Can I get 2 extra fried wontons for my ongoing support?
9. May I try the new dumpling menu? You need customer feedback.
10. Pour the sauce into a plastic bag when it’s not hot. I with a plastic bag is not good for hot liquids.
11. If I get poisoned from the soup, I will report you.
12. Extra sliced ​​meat. My dad likes it too.

Super Complicated Noodle Order with 12 Troubled 'Requests'Super Complicated Noodle Order with 12 Troubled ‘Requests’ Photo: Facebook KIM KEE Noodles

Seeing the super long and troublesome request, the restaurant did not accept the order. This was conveyed by KIM KEE Noodles through comments in his upload.

“We’re smart. We of course canceled the order,” wrote KIM KEE Noodles commented.

Previously, a super long request was also obtained by a chicken rice shop in Malaysia. There are 9 troublesome requests. Such as adding extra 9 chili sauce, fresh green onions, to preparing orders in 5 minutes.

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