Commemorating the 2022 HKN, KlikQu Brings Health Services closer to the Community

Celebrating National Health Day (HKN) 12 November 2022, platform medical health care KlikQu is here to provide new breakthroughs with the spirit of bringing health services closer to the community. This is in line with the theme of the 2022 HKN, namely ‘My Indonesia, My Country’s Health’.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Founder-KlikQu, Astry Tri Astuti explained, platform social economic sharing impact in the field health care It was formed to answer the public health service needs for chronic diseases.

As is known, chronic non-communicable diseases are the highest cause of death in Indonesia and in the world.

Chronic non-communicable diseases include heart failure, hypertension, chronic kidney disease, and diabetes. Some experts explain that chronic disease is the next pandemic.

“We are bringing this health service closer to reach the community well and quickly. Not only access, but we are aware that this health information is very much needed by the community in a promotive and preventive manner so that people have awareness of their health,” said Astry in Jakarta, Saturday (12/11).

According to Astry, the number of people suffering from chronic diseases continues to increase every year. Therefore, KlikQu offers a platform one stop medical solution where in it, people can get the desired health needs.

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Starting from the nearest government and private hospitals from the location, health labs, health products, and educational portals.

Previously, KlikQu was a transformation from the health platform, which helped bridge access to health services and information on chronic kidney disease.

With an online reservation system, the KlikQu platform allows patients to get access to health services anywhere and anytime. This is the answer that chronic disease patients should require regular and routine checks.

“With this facility, hope and a better quality of life can be achieved,” said Astry.

Access to health is obtained such as online dialysis reservation for chronic kidney patients. Also reservations for lab examinations for heart health, hypertension, and diabetes.

Regarding the price, Astry explained, patients need not worry. Conceptually, KlikQu will be a bridge between patients and health care providers. If the patient has a BPJS Health card and iscover by the government then patients can use it.

“Meanwhile, if health access is not covered, the price to be paid is in accordance with the hospital service rates,” he said.

Not only convenience in terms of price, KlikQu will also cut more than 60% of the administrative processes that must be carried out by patients if they come directly to the hospital. This means that patients no longer need to arrive early to take a queue number and wait for them at the hospital again.

“Speaking of platforms, we are talking about ecosystems. This changes habits and finally people who are reluctant to prioritize health because they may have to go far wasting time to become aware of the importance of health. We create a health platform that accommodates this difficulty,” said Astry.

With the presence of KlikQu, he hopes that not only the patients will be helped but—moreover, people who are still healthy can also be helped and create a new ecosystem where caring for personal health is a must for maximum quality of life. (RO/OL-09)

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