Commemorating National Customer Day, MyRepublic Holds Bi99 Rocket Sale Promo

September is often known as Special Customer Month, because National Customer Day is celebrated this month every September 4th. MyRepublic participated in enlivening this Special Customer Month by presenting the Bi99 Rocket Sale Program for existing customers as well as new customers.

The program is a form of appreciation and form of MyRepublic’s gratitude to customers for the loyalty and trust given to MyRepublic.

MyRepublic Chief Executive Officer Timothy Max Sulaiman explained, enlivening September or Special Customer Month, MyRepublic wants to give special gifts to all customers through the Bi99 Rocket Sale campaign.

“Customers are MyRepublic’s main focus in running a business. MyRepublic always considers customers’ needs and wants in providing products and services for customers. We also continue to listen to criticism and suggestions from customers to bring innovation and improve service to customers. Smiles and customer satisfaction will always become MyRepublic’s spirit to continue to be #MakinTanpaBatas,” said Max.

Max emphasized that MyRepublic was able to grow rapidly until now, of course, because of the support and trust of MyRepublic’s loyal customers. This September special, MyRepublic is a pioneer in pampering loyal customers by presenting a Special Upgrade Program, as part of the Bi99 Rocket Sale.

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There are 3 types of upgrades, namely subscription package upgrades, TV combo upgrades, and upgrades for the latest STB device replacement. These three upgrades will certainly increase the convenience of MyRepublic services for customers, thereby increasing customer satisfaction with MyRepublic services.

With the Special Upgrade Program, customers are expected to be able to move online and enjoy unlimited entertainment from MyRepublic. This promo is limited from September 4, 2022 to September 30, 2022.

The more festive at Bi99 Rocket Sale, MyRepublic also provides attractive offers for new customers, namely price promotions and flash sales. The Bi99 Rocket Sale period is only valid from September 9, 2022 to September 19, 2022.

“Especially on September 9, 2022, we are giving Flash Sale 9.9 only for 999 new customers who will get super special prices. This Bi99 Rocket Sale is a form of attention from MyRepublic to existing customers and new customers,” concluded Max. (RO/OL-7)

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