Combo Pack! Eat well with Zombies, Vampires, and friends in Saudi Arabia


Usually, restaurants offer a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere. But this time, how come you meet zombies?

Quoted from Malay Mail by detikTravel, Sunday (30/1/2022), a restaurant in Riyadh, Shadows offers a scary atmosphere by meeting zombies to vampires. Travelers might see the spooky creature in a movie or in a haunted house, but this time in a restaurant. Yes, the staff wear costumes to scare guests.

“I came here to have fun and laugh, but the atmosphere and the show was really scary,” Shadows restaurant visitor Nora as-Assad told AFP.

This Restaurant in Riyadh Offers Dine with Zombies to Vampires! Brave? Photo: (AFP)

The 26-year-old woman also admitted to losing her appetite when the waitress served her food on a tray. His sinister face smiled at Nora.

Meanwhile, Nora’s friend, Jawaher Abdullah, who is a doctor by profession is actually very happy to enjoy his dinner. He casually took pictures with a figure full of wounds and blood on his chest.

“I like horror in general. I think the atmosphere is good and it’s really fun,” he said.

Businessman Sleiman al-Amri said he usually goes to a restaurant to enjoy a meal, chat, return home. But now, in this restaurant he has to enjoy an unusual combo package; food and fear.

“We are always looking for new and interesting things to do in Riyadh,” said Sleiman, who came with his family.

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in 2017 did make many major reforms. Saudi Arabia opened its doors to tourists in 2020.

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