Collaborating with Nuadu, BenQ Indonesia Participates in Pushing Digital Transformation in Education

The use of digital channels during the pandemic has also been felt in the world of education. To accelerate this transformation, technology company BenQ Indonesia collaborates with the learning management system platform, Nuadu. The partnership, which will be launched in the second quarter of this year, is in the form of the BenQ x Nuadu application which can be accessed on the BenQ Interactive Flat Panel series RE6501, RE7501, RE8601.

Managing Director of BenQ Indonesia Andryanto C Wijaya said, “BenQ Indonesia and Nuadu are committed to helping identify student learning gaps and then providing learning materials and media to effectively bridge these gaps in an effort to assist schools in a comprehensive digital transformation.

“Using Nuadu learning on the Interactive Flat Panel or often abbreviated as IFP will facilitate formative, summative, and normative assessments that are strengthened by thorough data analysis. The BenQ x Nuadu learning platform will begin to be used by BenQ IFP users for the education segment at the beginning Q2 in 202,” Andryanto said in his statement.

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For starters, BenQ x Nuadu will focus on BenQ IFP RE01 and target the K12 segment for public schools. Both are committed to assisting the Government in making the digital transformation of public schools more successful.

With a variety of BenQ IFP features, it can certainly make it easier for teachers because BenQ x Nuadu will be synchronized with the BenQ AMS feature which allows BenQ IFP users to do a single sign-in to BenQ IFP so they only need to use one account to access learning materials and thousands of ready-to-use question banks.

“BenQ Indonesia continues to focus on the world of education. Our dream is to create a Smart Classroom to support the advancement of the world of education in Indonesia. This collaboration between BenQ Indonesia and Nuadu is one of our concrete steps where we want to provide learning materials and media so that schools can carry out a complete digital transformation,” said Andryanto. (RO/OL-7)

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