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Coding World Brings Nadhif to be a Programmer at a Hong Kong Company

With a Bachelor’s degree in Informatics Engineering, it turns out that Nadhif doesn’t feel like a college graduate who is ready to work.

Various efforts have been made by Nadhif to immediately get a job, such as improving his curriculum vitae (CV) many times, attending interview classes, and so on. However, his efforts were fruitless.

Nadhif began to realize that skills owned is not in accordance with the needs of the current industry.

This finally made Nadhif take the decision to join the program from Purwadhika Digital Technology School, namely Job Connector Full Stack Development.

“The reason for joining Purwadhika? While in college I feel that I get so much skills and knowledge. But skills What you get for work is not in accordance with your needs,” said Nadhif.

“So when I graduated as a student with a bachelor’s degree in informatics engineering I was not job ready,” he said.

Especially when a bachelor’s degree is achieved in 2020 at the same time as the Covid-19 pandemic is spreading with the number of cases increasing greatly.

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“With these conditions, it was difficult for me to get a job. Moreover, vacancies were increasingly limited because many companies were affected by the pandemic. So it was very difficult for me to get a job,” Nadhif recalled.

Until finally Nadhif joined the program offered by Purwadhika Digital Technology School. In the program Job Connector Full Stack Development, he follows the learning method with video learning.

In module one about programming fundamentals that turned out to be very complete, starting from the basics coding, how computer works, and others.

According to Nadhif, the contents of this fundamental module contain what he has learned during his 4 years in college.

In his interview, Nadhif also gave his opinion on the difference between the video learning method and the full time one from Purwadhika.

“The difference is that the method that full time, we meet mentors every day and it’s really full time, honestly, I think it will be very effective for those who want to study really hard,” he said.

“But in video learning, I feel that the flexibility is better, where every week we will meet with the mentor for a story, for example, if we don’t understand what part, we can ask the mentor during the mentoring schedule. So even though it’s through video learning, We’re not left alone like that,” he explained.

After completing the program, Nadhif participated in the hiring process assisted by Purwadhika Digital Technology School.

“After completing the final project, we will be followed by the Purwadhika Career Network (PCN) program. Here we will immediately be directed to improve the CV, so everything is really helped, including in terms of CV writing,” said Nadhif.

In December 2021, he submitted his CV to the Purwadhika Career Network (PCN), within a month Nadhif received two to three interview calls.

“Until finally I received an interview invitation from the Hong Kong company which is where I work now,” said Nadhif, who is now working at a Hong Kong company remotely from Bandung.

Regarding the key tips for success, decide switching careerNadhif emphasized that he knows who you are and has the principle not to be complacent.

“I studied coding because it was challenging. So if you don’t like coding, don’t choose to learn coding. I also like trying new things,” he said.

Nadhif explained that now a career in a Hong Kong company cannot be separated from the Job Connector program with the full time training 12-14 weeks in duration.

Program participants will study intensively to be able to achieve a career as a Digital Marketer, Full Stack Web Developer, UI (user interface)/UX (user experience) Designer, and Data Scientists.

“This program can be a solution to help those who want to start a career in the digital world and also help companies hiring partners to get quality digital talent,” he said. (RO/OL-09)