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Co Founder Says Traveloka’s Success Can’t Be Apart from Transformation

Digital disruption is undeniably demanding that people continue to adapt and innovate in order to survive.

One tangible form of digitalization can be seen from the rising trend of application development, especially applications mobile.

The approach via application has entered the main priority of each organization to remain relevant in business competition.

Application development will be the foundation of the business cycle that builds the digital economy in Indonesia.

Traveloka is one of the lifestyle super app which provides travel and lifestyle solutions.

In its decade-long journey, Traveloka is filled with technology-based achievements and innovations to meet the ever-evolving travel and lifestyle needs of consumers

The consumers are not only in Indonesia, but also consumers in other Southeast Asian countries.

In a press statement, Saturday (12/3), Traveloka Co-Founder Albert Zhang said that Traveloka’s success could not be separated from several transformations carried out.

“The experience of ordering airline tickets was the initial idea for the establishment of Traveloka,” explained Albert.

Traveloka was founded on February 29, 2012 by Ferry Unardi (CEO & Co-Founder), and Albert (Co-Founder).

Starting from the experience of Ferry Unardi who had difficulty in ordering plane tickets while traveling in America to return to his homeland in Padang, West Sumatra.

“These difficulties are then used as opportunities to meet the needs of people who experience similar problems,” said Albert.

Together with two friends, Ferry Unardi rented an apartment in Jakarta to start a business.

“Using three laptops as their main capital, the founders started Traveloka’s journey as a company meta search engine for comparison of airline ticket prices,” he said.

Traveloka users definitely recognize the company logo, which is identical to the image of a bird with white and blue colors.

This bird named Godwit became an inspiration for Traveloka because it has the ability to fly thousands of kilometers without stopping at all.

“This is done because they like adventure or migrate around the world,” said Albert.

This character, explained Albert, is in accordance with Traveloka’s vision to continue to “fly” far around the world so that it can provide convenience for consumers wherever they are.

Traveloka started with eight people and grew with thousands of employees

“At the beginning, Traveloka only consisted of eight people who were divided into several divisions, such as finance, operations, marketing, and others,” said Albert.

Now, Traveloka has more than 2,000 of the best talents from Southeast Asia, and other regions such as Europe and America, in order to realize its commitment to always make positive contributions wherever Traveloka operates.

“This is the foundation for creating innovations that are well received by consumers, partners and other stakeholders,” he explained.

According to Albert, at Traveloka, male and female employees have the same career opportunities.

Traveloka also shows its commitment to upholding diversity and inclusiveness by creating a comfortable and supportive work environment for all employees.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Traveloka made various innovations with products and features.

The Traveloka Eats Delivery feature, a food ordering and delivery service that has only been available since November 2020.

“Currently, we partner with more than tens of thousands of restaurants in the Greater Jakarta area, Bali and Bandung,” he explained.

Traveloka Clean Partners, encourages partners to commit to implementing the CHSE protocol (Cleanliness, Health, Safety, Environment Sustainability) which is strict and makes it easier for users to identify these partners by attaching a special label.

Traveloka LIVEStyle, presents recommendations and virtual tours livestream through the official Traveloka application and social media.

In its journey, Traveloka became the first technology startup company in Indonesia to offer its products and services outside Indonesia

Based on achievements and experiences in the country, since 2015, Traveloka has become the first technology startup company in the country to expand its business outside its home country to Southeast Asia, such as Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

“In 2017, Traveloka held the title of Unicorn company and made Traveloka a company technology startup first in Indonesia and Southeast Asia to win the title,” said Albert. (RO/OL-09)