Clean the Fridge, This Man Finds A Lot Of Leftover Snacks His Wife Can’t Eat


A man advises his wife who likes to snack but never finishes her food. Leftovers are actually collected in the refrigerator.

Most women have a hobby of snacking. A variety of foods can tempt the taste buds and serve as a snack. However, there is a woman who likes to snack but does not finish her food.

Instead, he collects these leftovers in the refrigerator at his house. As a result, all these leftover snacks accumulate and make the refrigerator full and dirty.

Leftovers in the fridge Photo: TikTok @putrabarel2

This kind of experience is felt by the owner of the Tiktok account @putrabarel2. He showed the contents of the refrigerator full of leftovers belonging to his wife.

“These are all my wife’s snacks that I can’t finish and put in the fridge. It’s been said many times but it keeps on repeating. If you don’t want to, you have to throw the food away,” said Putra in a TikTok video confirmed by DetikFood (23/2).

Putra showed a variety of foods such as fried chicken, macaroni schotel, chips to snacks and sweets. He also showed me a bag of onions and garlic that had dried up because they had been in the fridge for too long.

Clean the Fridge, This Man Finds A Lot Of Leftover Snacks His Wife Can't EatLeftovers in the fridge Photo: TikTok @putrabarel2

“When you eat snacks, you’re wasting your time, I cleaned up the fridge, a lot of your snacks didn’t run out. I’m sorry for the money, it’s a waste of time. I’ve wasted a lot of things. I’ll eat them later,” said Putra to his wife.

Receiving ravings from his husband, Putra’s wife immediately apologized and said she would finish the leftover food she had stored. In front of the refrigerator, Putra still mentions some of the foods that are still stored in the refrigerator.

The video, which has been viewed more than two million times, has also attracted the attention of netizens. Many suggested that Putra’s wife could appreciate food more.

“Taught to live concerned, bro, so that it doesn’t go to waste, I’m afraid it will be transmitted to the child, because the habits of children are passed down from their mothers,” said netizens.

“It’s different from my husband, if my snacks don’t run out, he’s the one who finishes everything that is important, both of which make the stomach full,” said another netizen.

“I always remember that my husband works hard, sweats, is hot, cold, away from family. Sometimes even though he’s full, he doesn’t force it into his mouth,” concluded another netizen.

Putra often makes content about daily life with his wife. His account, which already has up to 316 thousand followers, contains light and simple content but has a lot to do with domestic life.

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