Claiming to Win the Competition, This Couple Runs Off After Eating 12 Burgers


Police in Wiltshire, England are hunting for a couple who ate burgers without paying. They claimed to have won the eating contest and ran away immediately after devouring 12 burgers at once.

There are some restaurants that challenge customers to a quick meal. Anyone who manages to eat in a short time will get a prize. Includes free meal gifts.

But there are couples who are desperate to eat a lot in a short time under the pretext of wanting to take on the challenge of eating. Even though the restaurant was not holding a competition.

This Couple Runs After Eating 12 Burgers Photo: Yahoo!

Reported from Yahoo! (22/2) A pair of men and women are being targeted by the police for running away from a restaurant after eating 12 burgers. They stubbornly want to take part in an eating competition even though the restaurant is not holding a competition.

It was previously reported that the couple came to the restaurant and asked restaurant employees about a burger eating contest. However, after being informed that the restaurant was not holding the competition, the couple then ordered 12 burgers.

According to the restaurant employee on duty, the pair devoured these 12 burgers in less than 6 minutes. When they were billed for the burger they ordered, they said they had won the race and then ran away from the restaurant.

The couple left a bill with a total burger bill of £174. The restaurant then reported this incident to the authorities on suspicion of theft.

Police are investigating the couple by examining CCTV footage and several witnesses. The incident at ‘Bite Me Burger’ in Marlborough, Wiltshire reportedly took place on February 5, 2022.

The owner of the restaurant, Simon Wetton, said that his restaurant held a dining challenge with a free meal as a prize for the winner. However, this eating challenge cannot be followed at any time, because the condition is that you must register first.

“We did something called the Burger Challenge, which is if you can eat 12 burgers in six minutes, then we pay the bill. But to do the challenge you have to register,” explains Simon.

The couple further insisted on ordering 12 burgers despite being reminded that the eating contest was not taking place. The restaurant employee who collected the cost of this meal then had an argument.

This Couple Runs Off After Eating 12 BurgersThis Couple Runs After Eating 12 Burgers Photo: Yahoo!

When the restaurant employee called the restaurant manager, the couple just walked away. Simon, who reported this case to the police, hopes that the couple can be arrested soon so they don’t harm other people with similar cases.

Previously there was a couple who ate at the restaurant by ordering a variety of luxurious menus. But they also just run away when the food is finished.

The incident in North Yorkshire, England also cost the restaurant up to Rp 3.4 million. The couple who dined on Valentine’s Eve ordered steak, lobster and wine. The two of them left when the food was finished.

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