Choose to open a coffee shop in New York City, this is a cool reason for the owner


Jakarta -A warkop in New York managed to grab the attention of many people. The owner revealed the reason for the opening of this warkop selling instant noodles and bakwan.

Twitter @pinotski’s tweet about Warkop NYC immediately got the attention of netizens. Many are proud of the warkop in New York. This place to eat that is mushrooming in Indonesia also presents a concept that is deliberately made similar to warkop in Indonesia.

This warkop even invited the attention of Axton Salim, Director of Indofood, who congratulated him on his Instagram for the opening of this warkop. What exactly is the idea and concept of this warkop?

Warkop owner in New York City Photo: instagram @omar.k.prawiranegara

To Detikcom (6/3), Omar Karim Prawiranegara as the founder of Warkop NYC explained the reasons behind the presence of this warkop.

“We feel that Warkop which is an everyday place for everyone in Indonesia fits the character of New York City which has a fast pace and is also a melting point for brand exposure. Our anxiety about culinary exposure and Indonesian pop culture in the outside world is still vague, ” said Omar.

Furthermore, Omar explained that he wanted Indonesia not only to be known through a few cultures, even though Indonesia has a myriad of characteristics that deserve to be shown in the eyes of the world.

“We want Indonesia not only to be known only through batik and wayang, we have a lot of creative works of young people who can be appointed, so we hope that this NYC Warkop can become a cult hub, can hang out enjoying Indomie while discussing maybe the artworks of our Indonesian friends who are here. display stalls,” he added.

Moreover, Omar slightly mentioned the taste of Indomie which has been recognized as the best instant noodle version of NY Magz. “In addition, the momentum of fried Indomie being named the best instant noodle by NY Magz can also be directly experienced by newyorkers here,” said Omar.

In building this Warkop NYC, Omar was not alone because he was accompanied by his colleague Teguh Chandra. The two then met Cut Lakeisha Salsabila in New York who later joined as partners. The three of them are planning a coffee shop business in New York since August 2021.

Warkop in New YorkWarkop in New York Photo: Twitter @pinotski/ Instagram @warkopnyc

Since it was officially opened on March 3, 2022, Omar said the community’s response was very enthusiastic, especially Indonesian citizens.

“I was willing to queue for up to 30 minutes because our space was limited to only 20 seats. Many also made our warkop a kind of tourist destination, taking photos, making blogs or just nostalgia during college in their respective areas,” said Omar.

For the menu variants offered at this warkop, Omar explained that the fried Indomie and Bakwan menus were the best sellers. Omar admits, Indomie’s stock in America is quite limited, so he has to deal with the variants available in the market.

It’s been busy since the first day it opened, Omar admits that he has hopes and targets. “We have a target if there is an educated market, especially local (foreigners), 60% of our guests will open in several states. We want to make warkop franchises spread in many places,” he concluded.

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