Chingari Short Video App Partners With OTT Platform and Local Brand

A short video APP powered by the $GARI token for monetization of creators, Chingari Indonesia, announced its partnership with the OTT platform and opened discussions about it with various brands, from dance academies, music labels companies, to F&B entrepreneurs for promoting its premium content on the Chingari app.

These partnerships also play an important role for creators using the Chingari app. Chingari Indonesia is collaborating with MediaStar, Elshinta TV, and FashionTV as media channels that can now meet the needs of its users’ luxury fashion and lifestyle content.

The short video application also collaborates with non-governmental organizations Tree of Heart, Mayur Restaurant, Pecel Serundeng Mertua, and Among Caf├ęs who show interest in partnering. They want to promote the brand through premium content and produce unique and fresh videos with the creators of Chingari Indonesia.

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This partnership strategy will help Chingari Indonesia motivate creators with various opportunities to showcase their talents, talents and uniqueness through creative and fresh content. Working with premium brands available on the Chingari platform can benefit users and empower creators within the app. Users can curate entertainment videos, promote their fresh content and help them reach a larger target audience through the Chingari platform.

Chingari enables content creators to create videos and monetize their content via the $GARI token in the app, helping to improve the welfare of creators. Sumit Ghosh, Co-founder & CEO of Chingari App, said: “Our goal is to become one of the most successful short video apps as we continue to innovate and help make creators prosper by expanding their offerings to suit the needs of their users.

“In just two months after the launch of this application, we have been ranked in the top two on the Google Play Store in Indonesia under the social category. We focus on creating and strengthening a user community and continue to strive to provide fresh, exclusive, entertaining, and premium. Our partnership with various brands in Indonesia is the right step to grow in the Indonesian market and become the most chosen and preferred short video application in Indonesia.”

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Collaborations offer a refreshing way to showcase talent from all walks of life, regardless of platform. The Chingari team is excited to join the most premium OTT platform and local brands that will help improve the user experience as well as the content creator community so as to motivate them to create fun and entertaining videos. Chingari is always looking for new, innovative ways to connect with creators and users.

In April, Chingari curated 3-4 contests for Indonesian creators and users to celebrate Ramadan. Food videos, fashion and Ramadan specials are the most sought after among the creators and get great response and participation from them. (RO/OL-14)

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