Chef Renatta Opens QnA, Netizens Ask About Skincare To Box Noodles


Chef Renatta Moeloek opens up opportunities for netizens who want to ask questions about himself. Uniquely, hundreds of netizens’ questions are actually weird and make people shake their heads.

Since appearing as a judge for MasterChef Indonesia, Chef Renatta immediately grabbed the attention. In addition to her ability to process food, many people are also fascinated by her beautiful face.

Through her twitter @moeloekrenatta, this long-haired woman uploaded a tweet of herself opening a question and answer session to anyone. Chef Renatta said the question and answer session was conducted because many netizens were curious about him.

“Many people ask for Q&A on Twitter… what do you want to ask?” Chef Renatta tweeted while being followed by a laughing emoticon (6/2).

Screenshot of Chef Renatta’s twitter opening QnA Photo: twitter @moeloekrenatta

Seeing this opportunity, hundreds of netizens immediately threw various questions. Uniquely, the question addressed to Chef Renatta seemed eccentric.

Some ask about daily life, cooking tips, hair care tips and even eating styles that make you shake your head. Even though the question is somewhat strange, Chef Renatta still answers it.

“Have you ever had a chef with no noodles and then printed the container so that it turned into box noodles?” asked netizens. Then Chef Renatta had an experience like this. “Once, I was bitten like I was eating a burger,” said Chef Renatta.

There was also a question about Chef Renatta’s eating experience. “The chef never had a snack in the canteen, bought 5, admitted that he only paid 3?” said netizens. Then Chef Renata admitted that he had never cheated to harm others. “Never, who has the heart to cheat and harm people who are in business.” replied Chef Renatta.

From this question and answer session, Chef Renatta admitted that he had been scolded for wearing a uniform that had not been ironed. “Once at culinary school, the chef’s coat was tattered, didn’t have time to iron it, the chef was told to come out and come back when it was neat,” recalled Chef Renatta.

The woman who was born on March 17, 1994 also admits that she often fails when making dishes. “Have you ever failed when making food? If so, what is it?” asked netizens. Then Chef Renata replied, “I have, many times. That’s what food research and development is for.”

Chef Renatta Opens QnA, Netizens Ask About Skincare To Box NoodlesChef Renatta’s twitter screenshot Open QnA Photo: twitter @moeloekrenatta

Here, Chef Renatta also defends women who cannot cook, especially when dealing with in-laws. This graduate of Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Art in Paris, France answered “Not all in-laws are concerned with cooking skills.”

Although many have answered netizens’ questions, it turns out that there are still many who are curious. To date, Chef Renatta’s tweets from the question and answer session have been retweeted more than 1,700 times and have received more than 30 thousand likes.

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