Charleroi, The Ugliest City in the Universe


The most beautiful city already exists, what about the ugliest city? Meet Charleroi the ugliest city in the world.

Located in Belgium, Charleroi is an abandoned city. Inside there are only abandoned buildings and empty factories.

In the past, this city was once the heart of the coal industry. Shortly after becoming independent in 1830, Charleroi experienced a coal explosion that earned it the nickname the Black Country.

In the 1950s, coal began to be abandoned because oil became the dominant fuel. Belgian industry began to move, unemployment was rampant.

City of Charleroi Photo: (Getty Images/iStockphoto)

So gloomy, Charleroi was once home to pedophiles to serial killers who are notoriously cruel. The latest statistics show a rampant unemployment rate of 20 percent in the Charleroi.

Just 60 km south of Brussels, Charleroi has a population of 200,000. The city is filled with gloomy housing and closed factories.

In 2009, readers of the Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant labeled Charleroi the Ugliest City in the Universe.

Nicolas Buissart, a man born there. Having a different perspective, Nicolas offers a sightseeing tour to the Charleroi with that nickname.

“This is the perfect marketing opportunity for Charleroi,” he said News Australia.

Charleroi Kota CityCity of Charleroi Photo: (Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Nicolas also created a website and advertised it. In an instant, the tour he initiated managed to attract hundreds of people.

He said that initially local authorities and tourist groups hated him. But over time, they melted too.

“Initially the authorities blamed me for spreading the image of Charleroi as a sad place. But over time, the city’s official tour guides started offering their own visits to the abandoned factories,” he explains.

Not only is it the ugliest city in the world, Charleroi also has the ugliest street in Belgium, namely Rue de Mons.

Charleroi Kota CityCity of Charleroi Photo: (Getty Images/iStockphoto)

The local government has laid a bicycle route along the former factory. While the old industrial complex has been converted into a museum and educational center.

“Charleroi is in the middle of Belgium and only one hour from Brussels and Ghent by train. We have a disco party in a former factory building, it’s called Rockerill. If you like to party, come to Charleroi,” he said.

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