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Changing Careers, Angel Successfully Becomes Product Designer at Unicorn Startup

ANGEL initially started his career as an auditor in an auditor at a public accounting firm and also an accountant in a government-owned company.

While working, Angel feels that his time is too much used just for work. He also began to think and look for a job that matched his passion, not a job as an auditor.

“I resigned because I felt like when I ate too much,” said Angel in a press statement, Sunday (13/3).

Angel said he once had to work until 4 am. In his daily work routine, Angel usually comes home at 22.00.

“I imagine it’s impossible for me to work like that forever, right?” said Angel.

Finally Angel chose to become an accountant in a government company.

“Finally I moved to become an accountant, and well I worked in the government at that time. People say it’s really okay in the government, it’s settled, it’s already the father-in-law’s dream candidate,” said Angel.

But he realized his job at that time was not the career he wanted to be.

“But at that moment I realized one thing, that work is not just about money. But also about how much do we like the job? how much is the job needed for other people? and also how good are we at that?,” he thought at the time.

But Angel changes his mind and becoming an accountant is not an ‘ikigai’ (Japanese-language value of his life).

“I feel that being an accountant is not my ikgai. So from there I decided to try switching career,” he explained.

After searching on Google, Angel found Purwadhika Digital Technology School Bandung. At that time, he was interested in the field of Data Science.

But it turns out that Angel doesn’t really like it and finally decides the class User interface design and User experience or UI/UX Design.

“While in Purwadhika, I studied for about 5 months and that was during the pandemic, here I learned many things from direct practitioners. Starting from UX research, UX designuntil UI design and actually all the knowledge that is in Purwadhika is used by all, even now, I still like to rummage through yesterday’s material,” said Angel.

As a participant in Purwadhika’s Job Connector program, Angel admitted that apart from being very intensive, the program provided him with preparation to build a portfolio that he could take to apply in various companies.

Angel also managed to reach a new career as a product designr in startup or a leading start-up company in Indonesia that entered Unicorn.

What Angel has achieved has proven that Indonesian digital talents also have competencies that are recognized not only locally but also internationally. (RO/OL-09)