Chain Offers Integrated Applications Online Store Management in Marketplace

The role of e-commerce marketplaces as a platform or business channel for many companies in various industries is increasingly crucial. The presence of an Omnichannel application is felt to be very necessary.

This is what Chain is trying to fulfill. Present as an ERP-based Omnichannel application, Chain provides several main services that are directly related to transaction management and customer service activities in all available marketplaces.

Chain has a new feature called Chaintalk & Omnichannel which is already accessible via android. With this new feature, users can reply to all chats, process transactions and inventory from various marketplaces.

Chaintalk allows setting greeting messages and ending messages. That way the chat performance score will be perfect.

In addition, Chain also equips itself with Point of sale which can be used to make transactions offline. All transaction data both online and offline can be controlled in one hand. And the good news Chain FREE Forever

Chain Founder’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Steven Dharmawan said, the presence of Chain in your business will facilitate all sales processes from upstream to downstream.

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“We are trying to make the sales chain in Indonesia run in one system, so that the exchange of product information occurs instantaneously and systematically, with this instant information exchange, it is expected to increase sales and maximize profits,” he said.

He added, if Chain can be used by the wider community to support their business both digitally and offline.

“This program is a Chain program to introduce the Chain application to the wider community, in a way that users who have used Chain can invite relatives/other users to use the Rantao application in managing their online store.” he added.

Being present on various marketplace platforms such as Tokopedia, Shopee, Lazada, Blibli, JDID, Chain offers many benefits to its users. One of them is about updating the stock of goods.

By using Chain, you no longer need to bother updating stock and prices in every marketplace. And no longer need to use multiple devices to manage all marketplaces. (RO/OL-7)