Celebrating Heroes’ Day, Bagus.ai and Belga X Release the Belanegara Xperience Game Metaverse

Welcoming Heroes’ Day, artificial intelligence and metaverse startup Bagus.ai are collaborating again with Belga X to release a metaverse game, called Belanegara Xperience.

This was shown to the 30 thousand visitors who attended the IndoDefence Exhibition at Jiexpo, Jakarta from 2-5 November 2022.

Belanegara Xperience is working with KCK, a TKDN (Domestic Component Level) Verification consultant at the Indonesian Ministry of Defense.

Previously, on January 16, 2022, Belga X and nice.ai released GHOSTINX on the PlayStore, the world’s first location-based Metaverse Horror game.

As the work of the nation’s children, the capital of Bagus.ai is artificial intelligence technology, avatar engine and location based engine. This technology is ready to contribute to helping the government in national defense through geo maps with gamification.

Welcoming Heroes’ Day on November 10, the game Belanegara Xperience has officially been released with material for defending the country, one of which is the introduction of light weapons in the metaverse.

Currently Belga X is compiling a semi-military metaverse and hybrid curriculum to attract Gen Z and millennials to join as a reserve component (Komcad).

“The advantages of this curriculum are combining offline classes with virtual reality technology at the same time, in different places. We start in November 2022 to remind that every young Indonesian is a hero,” explained the founder of Bagus.ai, King Bagus in Jakarta, Tuesday (8/11).

King Bagus explained that Belanegara Xperience game users can learn to shoot targets in front of them by using a Virtual Reality set, assisted by the Oculus Gun (game weapon) personally or practicing together in a virtual simulation.

King Bagus continued, although he is still bootstrapping or own capital, Bagus.ai is currently successfully developing a location-based engine, the Ghostinx metaverse game, the Belanegara Xperience game, the first Instagram filter game in Indonesia for skincare, RPG games on Tiktok and Virtual Assistant to several well-known companies. .

Bagus.ai and Belga X will continue to innovate and are optimistic that they are ready to compete at the global level because they have a young, competent team and an ecosystem of creative industry players currently actively supported by the Indonesian government and the private sector.

Now, Bagus.ai is developing the Losmen Melati film metaverse game in collaboration with Infinite Studios, the largest film studio in Southeast Asia and also with the Global Influencer School to release the book Metaverse is Now!!

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