Celebrate Pancake Day, David Beckham Pancake Throwing Contest with His Daughter


Celebrate National Pancake Day, David Beckham has a fun way to celebrate it. He competed throwing pancakes with the princess.

Known as a famous former footballer, as well as a top celebrity. David Beckham has always captured fun and sweet moments with his wife and children.

David also has a hobby of cooking which adds to his list of skills. Starting from grilling steaks, to making pancakes.

Reporting from People (03/03), David recently celebrated ‘Pancake Day’ with his daughter, Harper. Through his Instagram account, he uploaded a video of himself throwing pancakes from the pan (flipping pancakes).

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Like holding a ball, skillfully and cunningly, the husband of Victoria Beckham throws pancakes from his pan with agile and like a professional chef movement.

In the next video, Harper also shows his skills by throwing his homemade pancakes into the air.

They also show the results of their pancakes on Instagram, so that fans are not curious about the results of their pancakes.

Harper’s pancakes look delicious and appetizing. Meanwhile, David’s pancakes were burnt, arguing that David was quite careless when making these pancakes.

Celebrate Pancake Day, David Beckham Pancake Throwing Contest with His Daughter Photo: Instagram

“Always happy and likes to celebrate pancake day. It’s really fun flipping (throws pancakes) with Harper Seven,” commented the 46-year-old star. David also wrote about his longing for other family members. Including his wife Victoria Beckham, and their three sons, Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz Beckham.

World Pancake Day or Pancake National Day has indeed become a tradition for people in the world, including in the UK. This pancake day tradition is to mark the beginning of the celebration of Lent.

Previously, David Beckham had also been an assistant to Chef Massimo Bottura. David again showed his skills in the art of decorating food on a plate, or plating.

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