Caucasians Taste Gacoan Noodles, End Up Crying and Headache from Spicy!


Mie Gacoan is going viral because it serves spicy noodles with various levels. This attracted the interest of Dutch Caucasians to try it. It turned out that his spicy reaction made him cry and have a headache!

Recently, Mie Gacoan has gone viral on social media because of the high public interest in trying it. This noodle shop from Yogyakarta has just opened branches in Karawang and Depok. The line immediately snaking so many people are curious.

Previously Gacoan Noodles already present in several locations in Indonesia, including in Bali. The outlets are in the West Teuku Umar, Pakerisan, and Renon areas.

The presence of Mie Gacoan as a pioneer of spicy noodles in Indonesia apparently attracted the attention of a Dutch foreigner named Susan. The figure behind the Gypsy in Sneakers YouTube account tasted Mie Gacoan with two of his friends, Jill and Milan (16/1/2022) while in Bali.

They tasted 3 noodle menus here, namely Mie Angel which is not spicy, Mie Setan with spicy salty taste, and Mie Devil with extreme spicy taste. Noodles can be ordered in spiciness level 1-8.

Susan ordered Angel Noodles, Demon Noodles level 1 and 3, and Devil Noodles level 6. She who really can’t eat spicy ventured to try spicy noodle dishes here. Their total meal was only Rp. 83 thousand.

Angel noodles called Susan have a good taste and are not spicy at all. Photo: YouTube Gypsy in Sneakers

Starting from Mie Angel which is not spicy at all, Susan said it was ‘safe’ and delicious. Moreover, this noodle also comes with minced chicken and chicken dumplings. Jill also likes these noodles for their strong garlic flavour.

Continuing to level 1 Demon Noodles, Susan already smelled a pungent spicy aroma when she stirred it. Regarding the taste, he immediately said, “It’s very spicy! Even though it’s only level 1. Was this mixed up?” he said.

Susan continued to venture out to taste Mie Setan. He ended up grimacing until he said, “I’m going to die! It was delicious at first, but then it got spicy.” So spicy, his lips until red.

On Devil’s Noodle level 3, it looks like more chili sauce. Susan, Milan, and Jill were so scared to eat it. “I love the taste, but oh my gosh. It’s delicious but very spicy,” said Susan after eating it. “It hurts so much,” Jill said.

Caucasians Taste Gacoan Noodles, End Up Crying and Headache from Spicy!Susan cried after tasting the level 3 Demon Noodles because she couldn’t stand the spicy taste. Photo: YouTube Gypsy in Sneakers

Not long after, Susan suddenly burst into tears from the spiciness. “I’m going to die and be in a lot of pain right now,” he said. He kept sipping drinks and said he needed a 5 minute break before eating again.

“I need a 5-minute break because there’s a strange feeling in my head up here,” he said. Her lips are also getting red and swollen.

Lastly, Susan and her friends tasted level 6 Demon Noodles. The sambal was very abundant. They ventured to stir all the chili sauce with the noodles until evenly distributed.

Caucasians Taste Gacoan Noodles, End Up Crying and Headache from Spicy!Mie Devil level 6 looks scary with a lot of chili sauce. Photo: YouTube Gypsy in Sneakers

How do you feel? Well, at first they didn’t feel spicy, but after a while the spicy taste ‘attacked’. “This is why it’s called Devil’s Noodle, the spicy taste comes later,” said Susan. He felt pain because of the spicy taste.

“I don’t know what to do. Gosh I’m critical and stressed. I don’t want to touch him again. This isn’t very good,” Susan said as she finished her drink. He also had a headache.

At the end of the video, Susan said that she had to rate the Demon Noodle dish from Gacoan Noodles, it will give a value of -10. “Because I’m hurt. My feelings are hurt, my lips are hurt, my head hurts,” he concluded with a laugh.

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