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Want to shoot a crush on Valentine’s Day? Just Invite Here


If you want to express your feelings in a fun and exciting place, just invite your crush here. Trust me, it’s fun to have fun with your crush here.

detikcom has summarized interesting places around Jabodetabek for you to have fun with your potential partner or partner on Valentine’s Day. Let’s get to the point!

1. Post Bloc

Pos Bloc is located in the Philatelic Building, a large white building next to Santa Ursula School. This building is no stranger to travelers who often visit the Pasar Baru area, Central Jakarta. Formerly this building was the largest post office in the Dutch East Indies.

When entering the building, a traveler can see a line of MSME shops selling various items ranging from clothing, culinary, to antiques. Don’t forget to take photos with your partner for memories.

Pos Bloc Photo: (Tasya Khairally/detikcom)

2. De Entrance Arkadia

If your potential crush is a photo enthusiast, you can visit the slang spots in TB Simatupang, to be precise at De Entrance Arkadia. You can have coffee while looking at the array of foreign-style aesthetic buildings.

There is also an infinity pool for the public with a ticket price of only Rp. 40 thousand, you know. Can you imagine swimming while looking at Jakarta’s tall buildings?

3. Bermuda Coffee

Its name is Bermuda Coffee, the location is not too far from the Unpam campus. It’s easy to find this cafe because it’s on a main road and the shape of the building is also different from other cafes.

The building form of Bermuda Coffee is a triangle painted white and dominated by glass around it. For seating, visitors can choose to be indoor or outdoor. You can have fun chatting here.

Bermuda Coffee in PamulangBermuda Coffee in Pamulang Photo: (Syanti/detikcom)

4. Ganespha Educational Park

You can relax with your crush playing water rides on the lake, come to South Tangerang. Precisely to the Ganespha Educational Park in Pamulang, Ciputat. This park is right at the Seven Estuary Situ.

Besides hanging out, you can try to go around the lake by canoe, canoe, or have fun with a paddle board. The price offered is affordable. As for the price, it goes up for one route, which is Rp. 30 thousand (for three people).

There are also culinary snacks that can accompany you there. There is a variety of processed bread, cold drinks, to chicken rice. Usually on weekends there is live music accompanying travelers who come.

There are tables and benches that travelers can use to enjoy the atmosphere by the lake or who want to sit together, there is also a place.

Ganespha Educational ParkGanespha Educational Park Photo: (Syanti/detikcom)

5. Moja Museum

The Moja Museum is one of the hype places for dating in Jakarta. The attraction is touring the museum on roller skates or roller skates. There is also a special painting room here.

Can’t play? Don’t worry, there are tools to help. So you can still have fun with friends or a partner. There are lots of instagramable spots here.

The Moja Museum is located at Gelora Bung Karno, Main Stadium, Jalan Pintu Pemuda Number 1, Gelora, Central Jakarta. Entrance tickets start from Rp. 110 thousand.

Long holidays make residents do activities outside their homes, one of which is by rollerblading at the Moja Museum.Roll skate at the Moja Museum. Photo: Rifkianto Nugroho

6. Aquarium

Just invite your crush with attractions at the Aquarium. This tour is located at the Neo Soho shopping center, precisely on Jalan Letjen S Parman Kav 28, West Jakarta.

Aquarium stands in a one hectare conservation area with more than 3,500 species of aquatic and non-aquatic animals. This tourist spot is under the auspices of Taman Safari Indonesia in collaboration with Aquaria KLCC, Malaysia.

Not only presenting underwater beauty, this location also has many unique marine animals, such as giant groupers, humboldt penguins, and sea dragons. There is also a Aquarium restaurant so that visitors can enjoy a meal while watching the adorable actions of animals.

Aquarium Safari held a mermaid show in commemoration of Kartini Day.  The presence of the mermaids managed to attract the attention of visitorsAquarium Safari Photo: Rifkianto Nugroho

7. M Block Space

South children know this spot for young people who are in the Perum Peruri Complex, Kebayoran Baru and are still in the Blok M area. Its name is M Blok Space. This complex has a creative space concept and a variety of contemporary hangout spots.

Here, there are various culinary options, coffee shops, and even herbal medicine shops. The problem of public transportation is not difficult. M Bloc Space is close to MRT, mini metro, and Transjakarta stations.

M Block Space in Blok MM Bloc Space in Blok M Photo: (budiartiannisa/d’Traveler)

8. Dufan

Having fun in Dufan with your crush is also fun because of the various rides that you can ride. From relaxing rides to adrenaline-pumping rides.

Don’t forget to take photos because you can find lots of instagramable spots there.

Visitors play the Hysteria ride while visiting Dufan Night at Taman Impian Jaya Ancol, Jakarta, Friday (7/1/2022).  Dufan Night, which was held to enliven the beginning of 2022, took place from 7-8 January 2022 with the theme Visitors play the Hysteria ride while visiting Dufan Night at Taman Impian Jaya Ancol, Jakarta, Friday (7/1/2022). Dufan Night, which was held to enliven the beginning of 2022, took place from 7-8 January 2022 with the theme “Dress Up as Your Favorite Movie Character”. BETWEEN PHOTOS/Dhemas Reviyanto/rwa. Photo: ANTARA PHOTO/Dhemas Reviyanto

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Hits Destinations in West Sulawesi It’s called Kelapa Tujuh


A visit to Mamuju Regency, West Sulawesi, feels incomplete if you don’t visit the tourist attractions. This area, which is designated as the capital of the province of West Sulawesi, has a new tourist area with an instagramable contemporary concept. Of course, it offers a natural panorama that spoils the eyes.

This tourist area is named Kelapa Tujuh Café and Villa, which is located on Jalan Anjoro Pitu, Rimuku Village, Mamuju District. Opened a month ago, this tourist area, which is only a few kilometers from the city center of Mamuju, is starting to get the attention of visitors.

During the day, visitors to this tourist spot are pampered by the beauty of the natural panorama of the blue sea, and Karampuang Island as one of the icons of Mamuju Regency which is clearly visible from a height.

It’s no less beautiful when the sun goes down. Visitors can see the beauty of the sunset, making the sky turn golden red. The twinkling city lights at night also look stunning, as if to complement the beauty of the panorama in this place.

Kelapa Tujuh in Mamuju, West Sulawesi Photo: (Abdy Febriady/detikcom)

The tourist area is equipped with a number of attractive and instagramable photo spots, and is arranged with a contemporary concept. The existence of a number of colorful cone-shaped buildings, completes the beauty that attracts visitors to this place.

The manager of the Kelapa Tujuh tourist area, Ronald admitted that the concept he applied was obtained when studying abroad.

“Initially we were inspired from outside the city, because we also studied abroad, abroad too, so we took the concept from there,” said Ronal to reporters, Friday night (11/02/2022).

Kelapa Tujuh in Mamuju, West SulawesiKelapa Tujuh in Mamuju, West Sulawesi Photo: (Abdy Febriady/detikcom)

Moreover, according to him, the tourist area he manages is in a strategic position, and offers a specific natural panorama.

“As long as there is a location with a good view, it is applied here. The most specific is the view to the city, to Karampuang Island, it is very nice. During the day the view of the sea, the island, the city lights at night,” continued this bespectacled youth.

In addition, Nando also said that he was preparing the construction of a number of additional facilities, to provide comfort and complement the beauty of this Kelapa Tujuh tourist spot.

“Our plan is to rebuild a number of facilities, including a swimming pool. Because it’s new, we’ll just take it a step at a time,” concluded the 21-year-old youth.

In this place, the manager also prepares a variety of contemporary food and drink menus, which visitors can enjoy at affordable prices.

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Wow! There is an Ancient Boat in Rembang, Older than Borobudur Temple


The ancient boat in Punjulharjo Village, Rembang District, Rembang Regency, Central Java is again making a scene. The boat is estimated to be older than Borobudur Temple.

The boat is thought to date from the 7th century. Meanwhile, Borobudur Temple was built around 800 AD.

Now, the ancient boat is designated as one of the objects of cultural heritage.

Ubadilah, the secretary of Punjulharjo Village, said the ancient boat was found in 2008. The discovery began when a resident’s plantation land was to be turned into a salt pond because it was deemed less productive.

“During the excavation process to be used as a salt pond, one of the workers accidentally found buried wood. When we tried to dig deeper and wider the wood formed a boat,” said Ubadilah when met at the location, Tuesday (08/2/2022).

Ubadilah explained that the finding certainly caused a commotion. By the village government the ancient ship was reported to the relevant agencies. Until finally the Archaeological Heritage Preservation Center intervened to follow up on the findings.

“Even a researcher from France, Prof. PY Manguin, participated in researching the findings of the boat. After examining the wood, the wood is from the type of ironwood which is commonly found in Java, Sumatra and Kalimantan,” he said.

“After that it was tested for carbon in the United States. The result was that the wood was made around the 7th century AD. Older than the age of Borobudur Temple,” Ubadilah added.

An ancient boat site in Punjulharjo Village, Rembang District, Rembang Regency. (Febrian Chandra/detikcom)

When it was first discovered, the condition of the boat’s wood was very rotten because it absorbed too much water. Hence, there were concerns when moving.

“Finally, this ancient boat remains here, to be cared for and researched. Meanwhile, the land where this discovery was made, has been replaced with profit by the government. The land is no longer owned by individuals,” he said.

The location was also carried out sustainable conservation in stages from 2011 to 2018. The condition of the ancient boat wood at that time was considered to have been submerged in the wetlands for a very long time, resulting in damaged wooden cell walls and filled with water.

If dried normally will cause the material to shrink and break in an extreme way. That’s why an appropriate conservation action is needed.

An ancient boat site in Punjulharjo Village, Rembang District, Rembang Regency.An ancient boat site in Punjulharjo Village, Rembang District, Rembang Regency. (Febrian Chandra/detikcom)

In 2011, soaking was carried out with a solution of polyethylene glycol (PEG). Namely, a reinforcing material that will replace the water contained in the wood cells.

Thus, after the drying process the wood does not shrivel and is stronger. This step is carried out in stages until the condition is considered strong.

In 2012 the pre-conservation stage began to be prepared. The conservation process itself is carried out by constructing a tidal levee and a safety embankment.

In a separate interview, the Custodian of the Ancient Boat Site, M Ihsan, said that every day this ancient boat site needs to be cleaned. Cleaning is done using a brush.

“Every day it is cleaned of dust and sea breezes that contain salt. The method is to brush it slowly,” said Ikhsan, who has been working since 2009.

Ihksan recalled the early discovery of this boat, there was a mass spectacle in the past. Because, the news that spread at that time, the ship Dampo Awang has been found.

“(Words got out) The Dampo Awang ship was found, a lot of people came here. To the extent that people who wanted to watch were charged a levy,” he said.

Not only that, the water contained in the boat is believed to cure various diseases.

“In fact, after surgery, some people can’t walk. Then they come here and bring the water home. Then they get better. Even today, on certain days, this place is used as a place for rituals,” he explained.

Now, the site of the ancient boat has been handed over to the Rembang Regency Government. Every month nearly 500 people visit the site of the ancient boat.

The place is now well laid out. This ancient boat now feels under a solid building. The boat with a length of 17 meters and a width of 5 meters is also surrounded by an iron fence to protect it from ignorant hands.

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20 Interesting Ghost Towns to Visit


There are places that used to grow so fast but are now abandoned. Like a ghost town, there are only empty streets and buildings.

Either these places were destroyed by war or evacuated for ammunition exercises, which are clearly uninhabited conditions. Here are 20 interesting abandoned cities in the world (part one).

1. Oradour-Sur-Glane, France

The village of Oradour-sur-Glane was the site of a horrific massacre during World War II. Now all that remains in this fishing village are ruins that leave memories of the war.

Oradour-Sur-Glane has been abandoned since June 1944 when parts of its population were massacred by the military branch of the Nazi Party’s SS organization, the Waffen SS. Men were shot and killed in barns, while women and children also lost their lives in a church that was locked and blown up. The victim who managed to escape was eventually shot dead.

Because of this horrific incident, wartime leader Charles De Gaulte decided that this village should be abandoned, as a testament to the atrocities of the Nazis. After that, a village with a memorial museum opened since 1999.

Abandoned City Photo: (Adobe Stock/CNN)

2. Wharram Percy, United Kingdom

Wharram Percy is arguably the most famous deserted medieval village in England. In the past, this village was home to two nobles.

The population of the village dwindled over the years. The local population moved due to the shift to sheep farming.

Now, this village has been uninhabited for about 500 years. However, the site now managed by English Heritage attracts archaeologists and tourists alike.

Abandoned cityCity of Wharram Percy Photo: (Adobe Stock/CNN)

3. Belchite, Spain

During the Spanish civil war, Belchite was a place of siege for weeks from August-September 1937. Finally, the city fell to General Francisco Franco’s forces in 1939.

Now, there was a new village being built nearby. This village can be a destination that tourists can visit in Zarazoga.

Abandoned cityAbandoned city of Belchite Photo: (Adobe Stock/CNN)

4. Craco, Italy

Since the 20th century, Craco has been a ghost town. Located at the southern tip of Italy, the architecturally spectacular Craco is one of the most visually appealing abandoned cities.

Beautiful yet abandoned, residents left after a series of landslides caused by sewers and water works in 1960. Then, the place was completely abandoned after the Irpinia earthquake in 1980.

Even though it is uninhabited, this ghost town attracts thousands of tourists to visit. In fact, Craco has also become a popular shooting location like James Bond in 2008.

Abandoned cityCraco Abandoned City Photo: (Adobe Stock/CNN)

5. Grand Bassam, Ivory Coast

Although it still has a thriving population, many of Grand Bassam’s buildings have been vacant for years.

Formerly, Grand Bassam, was the French colonial capital on the Ivory Coast. Today, this resort town has been selected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Inside are famous buildings including the Old Post Office, Bank of Central Africa and the Hotel de France.

Next ghost town, Kolmanskop, Namibia

There are no residents, these are the 20 Abandoned Cities in the World (Part 2)


There are many abandoned cities in various parts of the world. It used to have a lot of inhabitants but now it has turned into a ghost town.

Here’s a list of the next ‘ghost towns’ that are interesting to visit in part two, as quoted from CNN:

11. Tyneham, United Kingdom

The residents of Tyneham in rural Dorset were ordered to leave the village by the British War Office in November 1943. They thought they would return after World War II ended, but they didn’t.

Tyneham now serves as part of the military firing range. This place is open to the public on weekends and certain holidays.

Little wildlife took over Tyneham. The animals make use of the remnants of nearby agricultural fields or where human populations are located.

Abandoned City Photo: (Adobe Stock/CNN)

12. Ruby, Arizona

The city was abandoned in 1441, a year after its once productive mines closed. Ruby is the best-preserved ghost town in the US.

Located close to the Mexican border, the city thrived in the 1930s. Its population of 1,200 mostly works as gold, silver, tin and zinc miners.

Now, Ruby is privately owned. Tourists who come will pay around USD 15 to explore the abandoned buildings for miles of mountain trails in this city.

13. Aritunga, Australia

Aritunga is said to be the first official city in the Australian outback. This city has a long indigenous history dating back 20 thousand years.

The city was built in 1887 by European settlers in search of gold. There is a population of around 300 people at one stage.

While it’s possible to visit Aritunga, the best time to go is between April and September when the weather is cooler. It is located east of Alice Springs in the Northern Territory.

Abandoned cityAbandoned City Photo: (Adobe Stock/CNN)

14. Varosha, Cyprus

This once popular tourist destination in the city of Famagusta, Cyprus was abandoned in 1974 during the Turkish invasion of Cyprus. Varosha has been left empty ever since.

The apartment block was left to crumble. The damaged road is fenced off.

However, there is a way to open Varosha again. Turkish nationals and residents of Turkey and residents of Cyprus are allowed to visit when the beaches reopen in 2021.

Abandoned cityAbandoned City Photo: (Adobe Stock/CNN)

15. Vorkuta, Russia

Abandoned towns and villages surround Vorkuta. This place is in the north of the Russian Arctic, where coal mining developed so rapidly in the past.

In the 1930s and 1960s, coal was mined here by prisoners in the area’s notorious and notorious Gulag. Then, in the following years, miners were attracted to come here to work with high salaries.

When mining stopped after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the locals left. They left a series of villages covered in ice.

Abandoned cityAbandoned City Photo: (Adobe Stock/CNN)

9 Typical Malang Souvenirs that You Must Bring Home


A visit to Malang, East Java is incomplete if you don’t bring home the typical souvenirs as souvenirs. This is a typical Malang souvenir that you must bring.

In addition to being an attractive tourist destination to visit, this area known as the city of flowers also provides various kinds of souvenirs typical of Malang which are hunted by many tourists.

Starting from souvenirs in the form of food to handicrafts. The following are recommendations for typical Malang souvenirs that many tourists are looking for to take home.

1. Malang Batik

Although not as popular as other cities such as Yogya, Solo, and Pekalongan, Malang is also known as one of the batik-producing areas in Indonesia. Batik Malang has its own uniqueness regarding the motifs and color choices that represent the city.

You can easily get Malangan batik at the batik-making center of Malang City, namely Batik Tulis Celaket (BTC). Starting from stamped batik to hand-drawn batik with various motifs, they are suitable as souvenirs from Malang.

Karangploso District, Malang Regency has a unique batik in each village. This batik craft was developed through women farmer groups (KWT). Photo: Rengga Sencaya

2. Tempeh chips

Malang is famous as a producer of good quality tempe. It’s no wonder that tempeh is widely found in this city. One of them is tempeh chips which are identical as their flagship souvenirs.

To get tempe chips, you can directly come to Kampung Sanan or the Malang souvenir center. There are tempe chips with various flavors, such as original, balado, sweet corn, barbecue, pizza, to cheese.

3. Fruit chips

Besides tempe chips, fruit chips are a typical Malang snack that are often brought as souvenirs. The chips are sold using a variety of fruits, such as apples, jackfruit, salak, mango, rambutan, and many more.

The process of processing fruit chips from Malang is unique. Using the vacuum frying method, the resulting fruit chips are minimal in oil content. Fruit chips can be easily found at souvenir shops in Malang City.

4. Malang T-shirt

Similar to Yogya which has Dagadu T-shirts and Bali with its Joger T-shirts, Malang also produces special T-shirts known as Soak Ngalam.

This Malang t-shirt is identical to the screen printing that reads the Walikan language which was adopted as the ‘slang’ of the people of Malang. Not only in terms of the quirky design, the fabric material used is quite comfortable at a fairly affordable price.

5. Poor Mask

Malang masks, which are commonly used for local art performances, are also produced as souvenirs. The hallmark of the Malangan mask is the facial character on the mask that looks real with colors that tend to be bolder than masks from other regions.

Malangan mask souvenirs are suitable for families or relatives who like artistic art so that they can be displayed as home decorations.

6. Dinoyo Ceramics

While on vacation to Malang, take the time to visit the Dinoyo Ceramic Industry Center. This place is a center for ceramics in Malang City which has a collection of ceramics and their knick-knacks.

In this ceramics center, you can see a row of galleries displaying ceramic crafts made by artisans. Besides looking around, you can also buy ceramics as gifts or souvenirs, ranging from mugs, teapot sets, shelf decorations, flower vases, to jars.

7. Pecel chili seasoning

For lovers of this East Javanese dish, you can bring home the pecel seasoning as a souvenir. Instant pecel seasoning that has been packaged neatly is very practical to carry and has long-lasting storage power.

Instant pecel chili seasoning is easy to find at souvenir shops in Malang at affordable prices.

8. Apple cider drink

Malang is indeed famous for apples and all their preparations, from chips, jenang, vinegar, to apple cider drinks. Apple cider itself is liked by the people of Malang and is often served as a treat.

There are many local producers that produce apple cider drink products. Cheap Malang souvenirs can be found at the souvenir center or around the apple agro-tourism area.

9. Malang bowl pie

Pia Bowl is a legendary souvenir from Malang that has been around for a long time. Different from pia from other regions, Malang pia bowl has the characteristic of crispy skin with a soft filling.

The variants of the contents also vary, adjusting to contemporary tastes. In addition to the original flavors, namely green beans, there are also chocolate, cheese, green tea, durian, pineapple, coffee, and tang kwe.

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This is a Bird’s Paradise in West Lombok, Many Photographers Visit the World

West Lombok

Kerandangan Nature Tourism Park is known as a bird’s paradise in West Lombok. Many photographers of the world have come here to photograph birds. What’s the story like?

Kerandangan Nature Tourism Park is located in the village of Senggigi, Batulayar District, West Lombok. This area has an area of ​​396.10 hectares. This tourist park is surrounded by hills overgrown by various types of trees.

According to Wahyu, Kerandangan Nature Tourism Park Officer, at this location there are 59 bird species that have been identified by a joint team from Unram and BKSDA. These birds include rare and endemic birds that are only found in a few locations in the world.

One of them is the Celepuk Rinjani bird. This bird is a rare bird which is endemic to the island of Lombok. It took about 3 years to make observations and research on these 59 species of birds.

Wahyu said that TWA Kerandangan was visited by many tourists from Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore and Korea. They mostly want to learn and explore about the birds in Lombok, in addition to enjoying the cool air at TWA Kerandangan.

TWA Kerandangan Photo: (doc. West Lombok Regency Government)

He also said, TWA is also often visited by world photographers to photograph birds and plants. For one type of bird such as the Paok Laus and the Murak bird.

It is estimated that until now around 170 professional photographers from various countries have photographed birds at TWA Kerandangan. They came with a camera with a large and long lens to take pictures of the birds at TWA Kerandangan.

This is certainly a special attraction for world tourists who want to visit TWA Kerandangan. He said the birds could be photographed by tourists after being summoned using a special technique.

Wahyu said that many tourists who come for bird watching are from Germany and England. Besides enjoying the natural scenery, they also learn about birds and nature.

“Tourists who come are mostly birds from Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore and Korea. They come to observe birds and these birds can be called with special techniques to be seen and photographed. This is the main attraction,” he said.

Some of the attractions found in TWA Kerandangan include Putri Kembar Waterfall, Swallow Cave and Eat Ber’aik spring.

At TWA Kerandangan, which is managed by BKSDA, tourists can carry out a number of tourism activities, including Jungle Tracking, River cruising, Camping, Environmental Education and Animal Observation.

To get to Putri Kembar Waterfall and Goa Swallow, tourists travel approximately 2 kilometers with a travel time of about 1 to 1 and a half hours from the main entrance of TWA.

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Get to know Honai, a Unique Windowless House from Papua


Indonesia is rich with a variety of traditional houses from various regions. Well, one that is unique is the Honai House.

Launching the Indonesian Information Portal Kominfo website, the honai house is a traditional house of the Dani tribe who lives in the Baliem valley, Jayawijaya, Papua. The shape is tiny and unique like a mushroom.

This traditional house only has a height of 2.5 meters. When viewed from the air, it looks like a blackish-brown mushroom lined up along the valley.

The existence of a typical Papuan traditional house, precisely in Puncak Jaya, continues to be preserved. This is done as an effort to maintain the culture of the local community. Photo: Lamhot Aritonang

The basic shape is a circle with a wooden frame with woven walls. The conical roof is made of thatch. When it was first discovered by Richard Archbold’s expedition in 1938, the Honai House was referred to as the Grand Valley.

Having a unique architecture, the materials used in making Rumah Honai are 100 percent derived from renewable natural materials. Various aspects such as floors, woven walls and thatched roofs are made from environmentally friendly materials.

Although small, the Honai House has two floors with different functions. The first floor is used as a bed, while the upper floor is for relaxing, eating and so on.

The shape of the house with a roof that closes down is not without reason. Its purpose is to protect the surface of the wall so that it is not exposed to rain and dampen the cold that enters the house.

Yes, the temperature there is so cold, reaching 10-15 degrees Celsius at night! However, right in the middle of the floor there is a section of earth dug that functions as a furnace. In addition to lighting, these embers can be useful for warming the body.

No windows, only one door in and out. In addition there is a small vent that makes it safe from wild animals.

Well, actually, Honai’s house can only be occupied by men. Meanwhile, the women’s house is called Ebei and the animal cage is called Wamai. These three houses are also the same shape, but for men, the size is higher.

The existence of this Honai house can be found in the valleys and mountains in the middle of the island of Papua, especially at an altitude of 1,600-1,700 meters above sea level. As previously reported by detikcom, citing the book The Round House by Fangnania T. Rumthe, the life of the Dani people is very dependent on nature. Even before living in honai, people lived under big trees.

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This is Thai Pak Kung, the biggest and grandest temple in Singkawang


Vihara Kulor as Singkawang people call it. This monastery is one of the largest and grandest in Singkawang. Let’s see what it looks like!

This magnificent monastery in Singkawang is called Vihara Kulor, referring to the location of the village where he is located, namely Kulor, precisely on Jalan Sanggau Kulor, East Singkawang.

Actually the original name of this monastery is Tri Dharma Bumi Raya. Yes, the name is exactly the same as the central monastery which became the icon of Singkawang city. Although the name is the same, the two monasteries are different from each other.

“This is called Vihara Tri Dharma Bumi Raya. Same name, but different. It is also called Vihara Kulor. Kulor is the name of the area. In the past, our forest was first opened here,” said Phang Bui Jan (71), the caretaker of Vihara Kulor to detikTravel.

This monastery also has another name Thai Pak Kung. This monastery building was first built about 10 years ago. Until now, the Kulor monastery is still under renovation. According to Phang, if it goes well, the plan is that the temple will be opened to the public around October 2022.

Vihara Kulor in Singkawang Photo: Wahyu Setyo Widodo/detikTravel

Although it has not been renovated yet, but the form of this temple building looks very grand and luxurious. To go to the main building of the monastery, a traveler must climb stairs with dragon carvings to decorate it.

Not to mention the beautiful carvings that are on the roof of the building increasingly present a majestic impression of the monastery. The atmosphere also feels like being abroad, much like in Taiwan.

Kulor TempleVihara Kulor Photo: Wahyu Setyo Widodo/detikTravel

Vihara Thai Pak Kung Kulor stands majestically on an area of ​​6 hectares. Right behind the temple building, there is a canteen which is a culinary tourism destination for visitors.

In this canteen, there are various types of culinary that can be tried starting from choi pan, salad, meatballs and many others. The tourists also usually invade this place when the holidays arrive.

Vihara Kulor in SingkawangVihara Kulor in Singkawang Photo: Wahyu Setyo Widodo/detikTravel

Although it cannot be used for worship, visitors can freely take pictures. The management frees visitors to come. Entrance to this monastery is also free because there is no entry ticket.

However, due to the pandemic, the number of visitors has decreased drastically. In the past, many visitors to the monastery came from abroad. Although it has not returned to normal, lately, it has approached the situation as before the pandemic.

The Thai Pak Kung Kulor Temple is most visited on Sundays or during the Chinese New Year and Cap Go Meh moments. This monastery is open from 07.00 am to 19.00 pm.


Singkawang Has Noodles Skip, Subscribe to Officials!


Culinary tourism in Singkawang, a traveler must try noodles. For Muslims, the recommendation is Beef Meatballs & Chicken Noodles 68 aka Jump Noodles. Like what?

Beef Meatballs & Chicken Noodles 68 that’s the official name of the most famous meatball stall in Singkawang. But tourists also know him as Bakmi Loncat.

There is a special reason why the shop is called Bakmi Loncat. That’s because of the chef’s actions when cooking noodles. He threw the boiled noodles into the air. So the noodle was nicknamed the jumping noodle.

When covered by Hong Kong television, this noodle stall, which has been around since 1977, was even labeled as Bakmi Kungfu, thanks to the owner’s attraction to throwing his noodles into the air like a kung fu expert.

There is a funny story about the number 68 attached to the name of the meatball stall. According to the third generation owner of Bakso 68, the story began when a tax official came to the shop.

“At that time they were asked, what was the name of this shop? At that time there was no name. ‘Just a meatball stall, sir. No name’. Then the officer said, ‘Yes, what number is this shop on the street?’ ’68’ answered my grandfather. Yes, that’s the name,” said Silvia Liu, manager of Meatballs Beef 68 to detikTravel.

Beef Meatballs and Chicken Noodles 68 Photo: Wahyu Setyo Widodo/detikTravel

Before in the current place, this meatball used to be peddled around. But over time, the customers began to grow and finally they were able to open their own shop.

Regarding the menu, it’s clear that beef meatballs and chicken noodles are the champions here. There are also dumplings with gravy and tofu. The choices are complete and special meatballs. For special meatballs, all types of meat toppings will be given on the traveler’s order bowl.

We also ordered special meatball noodles. When our order came, literally all the cutlets were there. Until there is even boiled shrimp. For the broth, use beef stew, which has a savory taste.

Beef Meatballs and Chicken Noodles 68Beef Meatballs and Chicken Noodles 68 Photo: Wahyu Setyo Widodo/detikTravel

When tasted, the blend tastes like dancing on the tongue. Amboi taste. Coupled with a splash of broth and chili sauce, the taste is even more broken in the mouth. What a champion!

No wonder the Beef Meatball 68 is a regular for officials. The shop owner was even invited to the Black and White event hosted by Deddy Corbuzier.

Beef Meatballs and Chicken Noodles 68Beef Meatballs and Chicken Noodles 68 Photo: (doc.20 seconds)

Photographs of the owner with the officials and celebrities of this country were also displayed in the meatball stall. Don’t be surprised if you find photos of famous people here, from Dian Sastro to Minister Moeldoko. The photos seemed to be a separate marketing for the meatball stall.

Travelers who are curious, please come alone to Jalan Diponegoro No. 68 Singkawang to enjoy the deliciousness of the 68 beef meatballs. Regarding halalness, there is no need to doubt because there are already MUI and BPOM halal labels.

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