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Hanging Out in Lembang, There’s a Coffee Shop with an ‘Old Age’ Feel


One of the hangout places that can be added to the visit list when visiting Lembang, West Bandung Regency is the Lembang Coffee Picnic.

The main attraction, of course, is the quirky appearance of the place because a historic building with typical Dutch architecture used to be a coffee shop.

Standing on an area of ​​5,000 square meters, Piknik Kopi Lembang is located on Jalan Baru Adjak. It’s not difficult to find it, because the coffee shop is not too far from Jalan Raya Lembang, although it juts out a bit about 500 meters from the side of the road.

As soon as you enter the gate, visitors’ eyes will immediately be drawn to the main white building. In front of it lies a very wide courtyard, usually visitors also use it to relax because mats and bean bags are provided by the manager.

The atmosphere at the Lembang Coffee Picnic cafe, West Bandung Regency. Photo: Whisnu Pradana

The main building used as the Lembang Coffee Picnic is known to belong to the family of Pietro Antonio Ursone. Not much has been changed by the manager on the exterior and interior of the building, this is also in accordance with the Ursone family’s mandate so that the building design continues to carry its original architecture.

The atmosphere at the Lembang Coffee Picnic cafe, West Bandung Regency.The atmosphere at the Lembang Coffee Picnic cafe, West Bandung Regency. Photo: Whisnu Pradana

At first glance about Ursone, he is a man from Italy who came to Indonesia. He later became a successful dairy entrepreneur in Lembang. The land is spread wide, but unfortunately not many know the history of Ursone.

At the Lembang Coffee Picnic, there are also Instagramable photo spots to add to your collection on your Instagram feed. Lembang Coffee Picnic is open every Tuesday-Sunday from 9 am to 6 pm. Special Saturday and Sunday open from 7 am to 7 pm

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Continuing to Innovate, Oppo Wins an Award at the 2022 GLOMO Awards

INNOVATION is one of the keys for a company to grow. That’s what Oppo does. They continue to make various innovations for the community.

As a result, they received the Disruptive Device Innovation Award at the 2022 Global Mobile (GLOMO) Awards at MWC22 Barcelona. The award was given to Oppo thanks to the Hinge & Display Integration technology that was present in the Oppo Find N, through a virtual event hosted by hosts Sasa Twining and Justin Springham from Mobile World Live and broadcast worldwide via LinkedIn.

“We are honored that the Oppo Find N has received the Disruptive Device Innovation Award at this year’s GLOMO event. This is the greatest recognition of OPPO’s technology and products, not only from our industry peers, but also from users. After four years of development and six improvements, we are proud to present the Oppo Find N as a foldable phone that is suitable for everyday use by users in general and not only for technology enthusiasts. User experience is always a priority in everything we do at Oppo and we will continue to explore new ways to provide practical value to our customers through technological innovations,” said Vice President of Overseas Sales and Service at Oppo, Billu Zhang.

“GLOMO is one of the most prestigious awards in the industry because it applies a very strict assessment process. The judges were very impressed with the innovation of the Oppo Find N folding phone. The application of this technology has received a lot of praise from the judges because it has high durability and can be used easily. The judges also said that Oppo has been successful in developing the most affordable large foldable phone on the market,” said Shaun Collins, GLOMO’s Head Judge and Executive Chairman at CCS Insight.

The GLOMO Awards were chaired by Shaun Collins, Executive Chairman of CCS Insight and involved more than 200 independent industry experts, analysts, journalists, academics, mobile operator representatives and CTOs. The GLOMO Awards are also known as the most prestigious awards event in the mobile industry. The Disruptive Device Innovation Award is given to new technology products that are able to deliver hardware and software innovations that can improve performance and user experience. Oppo Find N managed to get the award thanks to the unique hinge mechanism that Oppo developed and its unique external design.

At MWC 2022, OPPO has demonstrated its various achievements in technology development, such as 5G/6G, form factor, imaging, flash charge, and AR. , and 240W SUPERVOOCTM, which can fully charge the 4,500mAh battery in just 9 minutes. In addition, Oppo presents Oppo 5G CPE T2, a 5G-based smart connective hub technology. Finally, Oppo features the Find X5 Series, OPPO Find N, and OnePlus 10 Pro which are OPPO’s latest smartphone series, as well as breakthrough technologies such as the MariSilicon X dedicated imaging NPU, OPPO Air Glass, and the Oppo Retractable Camera.

Supported by continued investment in research and development as well as new breakthroughs in product innovation, Oppo recorded growth of up to 22% in global smartphone sales by 2022. With a total share of 11% in the global smartphone market, Oppo is also the fourth largest smartphone company in the world. . With a diversified portfolio of 5G smartphones, OPPO has managed to become the second largest 5G Android smartphone company for the second year in a row. In the face of the merging of the virtual and real worlds and the advent of the comprehensive 5G Internet, Oppo is constantly working to create a better future and enable users to connect with each other through technology and user experience improvements. (RO/A-1)

Not Just Any Tour, Fun Flight Is A New Way To Enjoy Cirebon View


Cirebon, West Java offers tourism in a new way. Enjoy view city ​​with fun flights.

With this fun flight, tourists are invited to enjoy Cirebon from an altitude of 3,000 feet using a Cessna 172 plane. The plane belongs to the Alfa Flying School flight school.

The duration of the trip by plane is approximately 60 minutes. The traveler will take off from Penggung Airport, Cirebon City.

Fees and Terms of Fun Flight Cirebon

To feel the sensation of tourism which is relatively new in the city of Cirebon, tourists only need to pay Rp. 3.1 million for three people in one flight. The price includes insurance and others.

“For the initial price of Rp 4.5 million, now it is Rp 3.1 million for one flight. That is for three people and includes insurance and airport entry,” said Director of Alfa Flying School, Capt. Hamdan Rosyadi when talking with detikTravelTuesday (8/3/2022).

A new tourist fun flight in Cirebon City with a Cessna 172 aircraft belonging to the Alfa Flying School flight school. (Photo: Special)

The pilot behind the wheel of the plane for the Cirebon fun flight is a pilot with an instructor classification. Meanwhile, tourists who want to experience flying by using a Cessna 172 aircraft do not have a history of heart disease.

“Fun Flight is open from Monday-Friday, starting at 08.00 WIB to 16.00 WIB. And we have communicated with the airport as well, so it can be opened for Saturday-Sunday, but is limited from 08.00 WIB to 12.00 WIB,” said he.


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Providing Convenience for Customers, Local Brand Elizabeth Launches Application

ELIZABETH officially launched the app on March 7, 2022. Elizabeth as fashion brands Indonesia, which has been around for more than 50 years, continues to innovate and adapt to adapt to technological developments.

Elizabeth not only provides services on line through marketplace and website, but also launch the app.

More than 5,000 complete collections of Elizabeth products can be easily enjoyed by all loyal customers anywhere and anytime.

“This application is our commitment to provide platform shopping that is easily accessible anytime and anywhere,” said Resti Ghita Pribadi as Elizabeth’s Brand Manager in a press statement, Tuesday (8/3).

“With this application, we hope to increase customer convenience for shopping and more people will be able to enjoy Elizabeth’s products more easily,” explained Resti.

Through this application, users can enjoy the convenience of shopping 24/7 and see the most complete collection of Elizabeth products.

“Users can also get loyalty points and can exchange it for vouchers shopping,” said Ghita.

“Not only that, users can also communicate and consult with customer service through this application, and there are still many interesting features in this application,” he explained

The launch of this application is Elizabeth’s new breakthrough to answer consumers’ shopping needs more easily and comfortably.

Elizabeth’s loyal customers can enjoy the most complete products and up to date such as a collection of women’s bags, women’s shoes, shoes and many more with various models, sizes and desired colors.

“The Elizabeth application can now be downloaded on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store,” said Ghita.

In a series of application launches, Elizabeth held a 20% discount promo for all products. People can enjoy discounts on every purchase on the Elizabeth application.

By checking Elizabeth’s instagram (@elizabeth_ez). “We provide this special promotion as a form of our love for Elizabeth’s loyal customers throughout Indonesia,” said Ghita.

Develop a Blockchain-Based Game Ecosystem, Avarik Saga Collaborates with TokoVerse

Avarik Saga blockchain-based metaverse GIM, collaborates with the integrated blockchain system, namely TokoVerse, developed by Tokocrypto. Currently, Avarik Saga is an Ethereum network-based P2E (Play-to-Earn) role-playing game that is recording the fastest growth in Indonesia.

Both Tokocrypto and Avarik Saga strive to achieve the same mission, namely mass adoption of crypto and reaching as many levels of society as possible to get involved in this digital revolution through community-based activities.

The collaboration of the two not only opens up more access for Indonesians who want to enjoy the benefits of crypto and NFT, but also enables Avarik Saga to attract a larger community of gamers.

At the same time, Tokocrypto’s move to enter the GameFi sector facilitates the company’s plans to educate the general public on how to take advantage of the financial opportunities offered through blockchain games.

GameFi itself is a combination of traditional games, NFT, and Decentralized Finance (DeFi). Thanks to the sophistication of blockchain, games are no longer just a source of entertainment, but also a way to earn extra income. This is what makes the GameFi concept as presented by Avarik Saga develop beyond expectations in recent years.

“We believe that the collaboration with Tokocrypto will allow Avarik Saga to reach the largest crypto community in Indonesia. Together, we want to move to educate the Indonesian gaming market about the potential offered by crypto and invite anyone to participate and take advantage of it,” said Kevin Cahya, CEO of Avarik Saga in a statement.

Avarik Saga is the first game to receive development support from the complete blockchain ecosystem in TokoVerse.

“The blockchain industry is arguably a very young industry. We need to collaborate as much as possible with various parties. Avarik Saga, for example, is still a Play to Earn game right now, but the potential for its development is huge in the future. Therefore, it is very important for TokoVerse to continue to be there to encourage and support blockchain industry pioneers like Avarik Saga, as we believe others will follow in their footsteps with more unexpected innovations,” said Pang Xue Kai, CEO of Tokocrypto.

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Avarik Saga was first developed when crypto growth was booming globally and was massively adopted in the gaming world. Inspired by the popularity of Axie Infinity, the development team of Avarik Saga looked at how the game could help low- and middle-income earners earn extra income.

Kevin Cahya and his team are also motivated to do the same in Indonesia, considering that this country has lower middle income and has up to 111 million gamers.

“We want to develop an interesting game for all levels of society so that they can invest while exploring the digital world. We believe GameFi is a massive disruption to the traditional gaming scene and anyone can explore the potential benefits of the games we create,” added Kevin.

The concept of Avarik Saga is inspired by the Japanese RPG (role-playing games) genre which combines a modern gaming experience with the metaverse world and blockchain technology. To start getting into it and playing, a player needs to first have 3 NFT Avarik Saga characters.

The characters can be obtained by exchanging Ethereum assets for NFT ‘Avari Saga Universe’ on the OpenSea platform. Therefore, players need to have at least a little knowledge of the NFT marketplace platform and crypto assets.

Since launching in September 2021, Avarik Saga has released its first NFT character collection consisting of 8,888 NFT genesis and sold out in less than an hour. Currently, this genesis collection is available for trading on the NFT OpenSea trading platform. NFT owners and future players can look forward to the game’s official launch in the third quarter of 2022.

The Avarik Saga team believes that in the future, in the Web3 landscape, there will be more quality games and blockchain-based GameFi. This can be seen from the AAA standard game studios (the highest in the industry) that are starting to enter the P2E game market.

In addition, there will be more tech players in the gaming industry who strive to provide a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience on the Web3, so that everyone can enjoy it. (RO/OL-7)

Microsoft-Prestasi Junior Indonesia Holds Webinar Introducing Cybersecurity for Women

DATA The Future of Jobs Report 2020 from the World Economic Forum includes information security analyst (one of the jobs in the cyber security field) in the list of 10 jobs that are projected to experience increased demand from the industrial world over the next few years.

Unfortunately, the International Information System Security Certification Consortium study in 2021 says there are 2.72 million cybersecurity professional gaps worldwide with 52% of them in the Asia Pacific region. The study also highlights the low number of female workers in cybersecurity, which is estimated at only 25% globally.

Executive Director of Prestasi Junior Indonesia, Nico Kiroyan, said that the research provided a new aspiration for women that they had many opportunities to fill gaps in the world of cybersecurity work.

Therefore, Microsoft and Prestasi Junior Indonesia will hold an online job readiness education seminar entitled “Women in Cybersecurity” for Indonesian high school/vocational and female students, Saturday, March 13. The seminar will facilitate students to recognize the intricacies of the future needs of the cybersecurity industry and explore and develop the basic skills needed from school.

“We are excited to develop an impactful partnership with Microsoft Indonesia whose commitment is in line with our mission and Junior Achievement globally in preparing young people to succeed in the jobs of tomorrow,” he said,

In addition to the lack of cybersecurity professionals, the awareness and ability of the Indonesian people in digital security and personal data protection is also still relatively low. Data from the Ministry of Communication and Information shows that there are still many people who upload photos of identity cards (38.9%) and include their personal cellphone numbers (61%) on social media and cannot identify emails containing spam/viruses (51.5%).

This should be watched out for considering that attacks on identity are one of the most common cyber crimes. In 2021 alone, Microsoft detected and blocked 35.7 billion malicious emails and 25.6 billion account authentication hijack attempts globally.

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“The acceleration of digital transformation begins with trust in cybersecurity. No company or country can win this cybersecurity battle alone. Therefore, collaboration across organizations and sectors plays an important role. Through Women in Cybersecurity, we hope to strengthen a digital ecosystem that is able to support cybersecurity, by paying attention to inclusiveness and diversity,” said Nina Wirahadikusumah, Business Strategy Director at Microsoft Indonesia.

The Women in Cybersecurity educational seminar will present a number of inspiring resource persons who are ready to share real knowledge and experiences about cybersecurity. Microsoft Indonesia Security Sales Specialist Desi Budi Susanto Modern Work and Security Business Group Lead Microsoft Indonesia Wahjudi Purnama will explain the job market landscape in the cyber security sector and the steps to prepare yourself to become a cyber security professional.

Meanwhile, Microsoft Indonesia Senior Cyber ​​Security & Compliance Consultant Fransiskus Indromojo will explain the various cyber security threats that often occur to women and practical steps to avoid them.

Three female figures who have been in the world of cybersecurity will also be there to inspire students. They are Lily Wongso, Senior Vice President Enterprise Security of PT Bank Central Asia Lily Wongso, CEO of Xynexis International Eva Noor, and IT Security Engineer Sarah Srajatun Durry.

Open to the public, this Women in Cybersecurity educational seminar can be watched live on the Prestasi Junior Indonesia YouTube channel. Not only that, students and all Indonesian digital talents can also continue to explore cybersecurity and other digital skills independently through Indonesia Learning Microsoft Cloud.

“Participation in this activity can increase their awareness and knowledge about safe practices in cyberspace and motivate them to develop competence and have a career in cybersecurity. This will later help increase the inclusivity and diversity of talent in strengthening Indonesia’s cybersecurity sector in the future. , “said Mohamad Ikro., Director of Cyber ​​Security and Password Policy for the National Cyber ​​and Crypto Agency. (RO/OL-7)

Clarke Quay, Muslim-Friendly Entertainment District in Singapore


Clarke Quay is famous as an entertainment district in Singapore which offers a variety of interesting attractions from morning to night. You can find traces of the history of Singapore’s ancient civilization along the Singapore River, which is the location of the present Clarke Quay district.

In a release from the Singapore Tourism Board, Tuesday (8/3/2022), the history of Clarke Quay is very interesting, because this district used to be full of houses, shops, and small villages where barges and twakows (boats) used to carry commodities or as transportation. The name Clarke Quay is taken from the name of the Governor of the Straits Settlements from 1824-1902 named Sir Andrew Clarke.

The district is also known as Cha Jung Tau from the Teochew language, which means a port for ships carrying firewood. Along with Boat Quay, Clarke Quay was also known as the location for Chinese opera and street fairy tales.

In today’s 21st century, Clarke Quay is renowned as the entertainment district in Singapore. Clarke Quay’s development as an entertainment district dates back to the 1980s. Rapid development without obliterating the history of the buildings at Clarke Quay, makes this district has a characteristic meeting of modern and traditional elements in one area.

Clarke Quay is famous as an entertainment district in Singapore which offers a variety of interesting attractions from morning to night. Photo: (Singapore Tourism Board Indonesia)

Travelers will be mesmerized by the sparkling lights of the buildings and entertainment center buildings, but on the other hand, they can admire the old houses in the Clarke Quay area. As a guide to a new and exciting vacation in Singapore, let’s take a look at the activities you can do in the entertainment district of Clarke Quay.

You can experience new experiences as well as imagine how ancient Singapore combined with today’s modern facilities. Clarke Quay district can also be a tourist destination for all tourists.

Various Hotel Options

Staying at a hotel located in the Clarke Quay district can be the best choice to experience Singapore from a different side. The average lodging below has a view of the Singapore River. In addition, the room design is also fairly classic in accordance with the
elements of Clarke Quay as a historic district.

You only need to walk to the MRT station, tourist attractions, and halal restaurants around Clarke Quay. Hotel recommendations that you can consider include the following.

1. Swissôtel Merchant Court
2. Jayleen Clarke Quay Hotel
3. Hotel NuVe Elements, Clarke Quay

Enjoying Panorama of Singapore City on a Traditional Wooden Boat

One of the must-do activities when visiting Clarke Quay is taking a tour
down the river on wooden boats called bumboats or barges. In the 19th to 20th centuries, barges served to lift goods from various parts of Singapore.

But now the function of this wooden ship has turned into a tourist boat to transport tourists traveling along the Singapore River. You can feel the sensation of driving like people in the past. For 40 minutes, the trip will follow the Singapore River and see iconic buildings such as the Merlion statue, Marina Bay Sands, and the Esplanade.

Clarke Quay is famous as an entertainment district in Singapore which offers a variety of interesting attractions from morning to night.Singapore River Tour at Clarke Quay (Singapore Tourism Board Indonesia)

The angle of taking photos of this river makes the building look more beautiful. This tour can be followed from morning to night. Barges will continue to be available. However, the best time to join this boat tour is in the late afternoon or after sunset.

At that time, the beautiful twinkling lights of buildings and streets begin to light up and make your trip unforgettable.

The Myth of the Matching Well in Bone, Can Make Singles Easy to Get a Girlfriend


There is a Matching Well in Bone Regency, South Sulawesi. Local people believe, this well water can cure disease and bring a mate.

The location of the Matching Well is precisely in Cempalagi Hamlet, Mallari Village, which is a hilly area on the coast of Bone Bay. The distance is about 14 kilometers from the north of Watampone City.

The Matching Well itself is in Hua Cave or the Old Cave, with a length of about 60 meters. In this cave there are also the claw marks of Arung Palakka.

“This cave (Hua Cave) has a well that people used to call a mate well. The water is so clear and clean. People used to say that many diseases can be cured,” said Cempalagi Tourism Manager, Supriadi to detikSulsel, Tuesday (1/3/2022) then .

The location of this matchmaking well is fairly easy to find. Because its position is next to Musala Kis Firdaus. The place is cool, and could be a solution for singles who hope to find a mate soon.

The Matching Well in Cempalangi, Bone Regency, South Sulawesi. Photo: (Mono/detikSulsel)

To enter the Sumur Match area, it requires guts and caution. Because the road that is passed is rocky downhill and has a slope, even exceeding like stairs.

“Until now there are still people who often visit the well, because apart from being able to cure diseases, it can also make it easier to get a mate,” Supriadi explained.

Supriadi said that usually visitors take and bring water from the Match Well to be used for bathing. However, some visitors also usually just wash their faces in the well.

“Actually, it depends on the person’s intentions. And when they have found their soul mate, they will definitely come back here,” he continued.

The naming of the Matching Well is already legendary. Local residents believe that the well has magical value, because the well, which is about 15 meters deep in the cave, never runs dry.

This well was once a meeting place for residents who wanted to take water or bathe. There they got to know each other and joked, until finally they ended up on the aisle.

“Currently, visitors are crowded on holidays, they usually camp in front of the cave, and are often used as a place for diksar (basic education) by students,” continued Supriadi.

One of the residents of Cempalagi, Zainal said, The Matching Well is a natural well. However, local residents do not know exactly when the community used the well in the cave.

The matchmaking well is often used by the community when the dry season arrives. This is because the residents’ wells in the settlements have dried up, except for the Matching Well which is in the cave.

“So people often come in droves to use the water for their daily needs,” he said.

“The local community does believe in the myth that they will meet their soul mate after going to the well. Some people even admit that they met their soul mate after bathing in the Cempalagi Match Well,” said Zainal.

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Twitter Expands Birdwatch in US

TWITTER extends its shared fact-checking feature through various sources or better known as crowdsource to its users in the United States (US) to prevent users from misinformation or misleading posts.

The social networking site launched a project called Birdwatch last year as a new experiment that asks Twitter users to identify whether a tweet is misleading or not.

Twitter users can flag a misleading tweet by writing a note to provide information that debunks the content, which will then be added to the original tweet.

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Like other social media platforms, Twitter has long been under pressure to do more to prevent fake content from spreading among its 217 million daily users.

During the initial trial period, there were 10,000 contributors who were members of Birdwatch, the results of which can be seen on a separate online page, namely

Now, the Birdwatch feature seems to be publicly viewable by some users in the United States so they can see whether a tweet is misleading or not.

Although new to the US, Twitter says it will expand Birdwatch to other users in more countries. (Ant/OL-1)

Sumedang Has a Dutch Heritage Fort, It’s Already 1 Century!


Sumedang has a Dutch heritage fort. His name is Kolecer Sand Fort. Built in 1907, this fort is more than 1 century old. What’s the story like?

Kolecer Sand Fort, as local residents call this Dutch heritage fort. The fort is located in the Gunung Gadung area, Sukajaya Village, South Sumedang District.

Kolecer Sand Fort has two buildings that resemble a hiding bunker and a defensive fort. The fort is located on a hill flanked by rice fields and hilly valleys.

A fort building that resembles a bunker measuring about 5×6 meters with a hiding space in it. While the other fort is larger, namely 5.6 x 7.5 meters. In addition to having a bunker room, the second fort has walls resembling a lookout and defensive walls.

Although it seems hidden, but now there are two houses located near the location of the fort. The fort still looks intact even though the door of the fort is gone.

According to residents, the fort originally had a door. But now that door is gone. “When I was little, the fort had a door, but now it’s gone,” said local resident Opik to detikcom.

Kolecer Sand Fort Photo: Nur Azis

The fort area by local residents used to be one of the residents’ favorite play areas. “In the past, I really liked to be a play area, yes, people knew the former Dutch fort,” he said.

The caretaker of the Banten Cultural Heritage Preservation Center, Nana said this site was built in 1907 by the Dutch colonial government. The fort was first discovered by a team from the Serang Archaeological Heritage Preservation Center office.

“In the past, it was very poorly maintained, even the fort building was not visible to the bushes and almost full of landslides, then in 1998 the Serang Archaeological Heritage Preservation Office also placed and appointed caretakers to care for, guard and maintain the fort,” he explained.

Nana explained, Kolecer Sand Fort has two fort buildings. the first building serves as a guard post or defense post. “Meanwhile, the second function of the fort building is as a warehouse for weapons and ammunition,” he said.

The first and second forts are about 15 meters apart. The second fort has a cannon base that leads to a forest.

Apart from Kolecer Sand Fort, there is another Dutch heritage fort in Sumedang, namely Pasir Laja Fort. The two are about 500-750 meters apart.

Nana said that the Kolecer Sand Fort and Pasir Laja Fort were built by employing local residents. Even the ingredients, said Nana, came from residents who were bought by the Dutch.

“Dutch colonials at that time employed local residents not by means of forced labor but were given wages but the wages were not commensurate with the workload of the residents,” he said.

The Kolecer and Pasir Laja sand forts are now a cultural heritage under the protection of the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Directorate General of Culture, the Banten Cultural Heritage Preservation Center.

“People from out of town also like to have people visit the Gunung Gadung Fort,” he concluded.

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