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So More Fancy! Let’s Make Indomie Pasta Using These Ingredients


Instant noodles like Indomie it can be made more special with the use of certain materials. Like Indomie pasta with added cream cheese and tomato paste. Let’s make it!

Fried and boiled instant noodles are a practical food stock in many Asian homes. They generally process instant noodles according to the instructions on the packaging. But actually instant noodles can be created into a variety of other interesting foods.

One of them is pasta made from instant noodles. Noodle lover TikToker, Brother Noodle, shows how to make it (2/1/2022). Initially, he got advice from a netizen about this unique creation of instant noodles.

Brother Noodle seen using variant Indomie spicy fry. He then prepared a complement such as sliced ​​leeks, cream cheese, and ready-to-use tomato paste.

Tomato paste, cream cheese, and green onions are the main ingredients for making Indomie pasta Photo: TikTok Brother Noodle

He did not mention the amount, but it looks like the amount is not too much. About 30 grams for cream cheese and 1 tablespoon for tomato paste.

Next, in the preheated pan, add the boiled instant noodles. Add a little water, cream cheese, and tomato paste earlier. Add the sliced ​​onions.

Don’t forget to add instant noodle seasoning. Stir until everything is evenly mixed. Finally, add toppings to make it taste more special.

Brother Noodle uses sliced ​​scallions, grated cheese, and sunny side up eggs as a topping for Indomie pasta. “It tastes like pasta with a touch of Indomie’s signature taste,” he comments at the end of the video.

So More Fancy!  Let's Make Indomie Pasta Using These IngredientsIndomie pasta appearance that makes you drool Photo: TikTok Brother Noodle

When this news was written, Brother Noodle’s upload was about Indomie Pasta has been viewed more than 27,000 times. Many Indomie lovers say that this menu looks very good. “I’m definitely going to try this recipe,” said one netizen.

Previously, Brother Noodle also showed the Indomie Samyang recipe which stole the show. He combines these two famous instant noodle products.

It tastes even better because it is combined with stir-fried green onions and comes with omelette, chili oil, and nori! The video has made Indomie Samyang even watched more than 1.5 million times.

“This is the only way I can eat Samyang, otherwise it’s too spicy,” said one netizen. “I also often cook like this, but if I add a lot of onion oil,” said another netizen.

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Upset! Woman Orders 100 Cakes When This Coffee Shop Closes


A woman named Kim just pissed off the entire staff of Starbucks Aberdeen, Scotland. He ordered 100 cakes in 10 minutes the coffee shop was about to close.

Anyone who works in a restaurant will definitely be happy if they get food orders in large quantities. However, it would be annoying if this large number of food orders were actually made before the restaurant’s closing hours.

Reporting from the Daily Dot (31/1) a viral video shows an employee of a Starbucks Aberdeen, Scotland coffee shop telling a customer. He revealed that this coffee shop was ready to close but there were customers who ordered cakes in very large quantities.

Order voucher for 100 cakes at Starbucks Aberdeen, Scotland Photo: TikTok @livvie3304

Because it is still operating hours, inevitably all employees have to work extra to serve these customers.

“We’re closing in ten minutes and a customer is trying to order over 100 cakes,” a Starbucks barista said via her TikTok account @livvie3304.

The video shows receipts for food with a total of 93 items. This meal was ordered by a customer named Kim. He made an order via an online application so the restaurant couldn’t refuse.

The barista named Liv further explained that the customer actually ordered 160 pieces of chocolate flavored cake but could not fulfill it due to limited raw materials. In the end, this customer accepted that Starbucks could only serve 93 pieces of cake.

“To be honest, our cookie dough has run out. We’re not a catering company. Actually you can actually make it at home,” Liv says in the video.

After buying all the cakes, Liv said this customer paid a total of $293.12 or equivalent to Rp. 4.2 million. After being asked, it turned out that this customer bought a lot of cakes for food at his 17th birthday party.

Due to making sudden orders in large quantities, all workers have to work overtime and only come home a few hours after operating hours end. “We closed at 10pm and had to stay a few hours due to taking orders,” Liv continued.

This video post went viral and invited reactions from netizens. Many have asked about the tip given by this casual customer, but Liv replied that this teenager did not give any tips at all.

“A lot of questions about tips being given. He pays through the app so maybe he tips through the app too, but I don’t think he gives at all,” Liv said.

“People like this have never worked in a restaurant or food service,” wrote one comment.

“Many orders like this should be done at least 24 hours in advance,” said another netizen.

“As a Starbucks barista, I will tell him to leave,” said a netizen who is also a Starbucks barista.

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Fuji and Tariq Dating, This is the Moment to Eat Hot Pot with Atta-Aurel


Fuji and Tariq Halilintar were widely discussed after ‘going public’ with their relationship. The two of them were also seen together at a dinner held by the Atta-Aurel family with hot pot treats.

Fuji and Tariq Halilintar are now officially in a relationship. Both of them often show off romantic and adorable moments on social media. One of them is also seen in Atta Halilintar’s latest YouTube upload.

Uploading a video entitled “THORIQ FUJI Celebration Dinner!? ATTA AUREL’s House Hebohhh” (31/1/2022), Atta and his wife, Aurel Hermansyah, showed their family together with Fuji. It is known that Tariq just had a birthday.

As older brothers, Atta and Aurel held a family dinner to commemorate Tariq’s birthday. “This is a dinner for Tariq’s birthday. So Tariq asked for a special birthday dinner,” Atta said at the beginning of the video.

His special guests were people close to Tariq. Besides Atta and Aurel, there is Azriel Hermansyah and his girlfriend, Sarah Menzel. Followed by Arsy, Arsya, Ashanty and Anang Hermansyah.

Don’t miss the most special person in Tariq’s life right now, Fuji. He came with his lover to enjoy a hot pot dinner.

Fuji and Tariq were warmly welcomed by Atta-Aurel’s family Photo: YouTube AH

Aurel was seen ordering a hot pot menu from the Chong Qing restaurant. This hot pot restaurant with the ‘no pork, no lard’ concept does indeed offer Home Delivery Service (HDS).

All ingredients and tools to enjoy hot pot are prepared from the restaurant. There is also a ‘full service’ service package where restaurant staff will be on standby to help arrange everything at the dining table. The price is Rp. 450 thousand already with postage.

It was seen that Atta and Aurel ordered two types of hot pot sauce for Tariq’s birthday banquet. There is mala sauce and chicken bone broth that has been boiled for 8 hours.

To complement the various meats and have been placed in the box. HDS service does allow ordering all meat menus in restaurants. The minimum purchase price for the menu is IDR 500 thousand.

For meat choices, there are Signature Meal Platter, Meat Platter, Signature Karubi, to Chicken Fillet. The most expensive price is on the Signature Meal Platter for IDR 458 thousand per set.

Fuji and Tariq Dating, This is the Moment to Eat Hot Pot with Atta-AurelFuji and Tariq’s sweet moment while eating hot pot at the Atta-Aurel family’s house Photo: YouTube AH

The warm atmosphere was very visible in Tariq’s birthday banquet, especially with Fuji’s presence beside him. Tariq behaves like a ‘gentleman’ by making sure Fuji can sit comfortably in a chair.

Then they prayed together for Tariq’s goodness. “Hopefully it doesn’t make Fuji il-feel,” said Atta while praying for his sister. The banquet then looked so warm as they exchanged laughter and stories.

At the time this news was written, Atta’s video had been watched more than 300 thousand times. Many netizens praised the harmony and warmth of the Atta-Aurel family which seemed to be able to unite all members of his extended family.

Not a few also prayed that Fuji could soon ‘enter’ their family. “Hopefully Fuji can unite with the Asix family. May Thofu (the name for the couple Tariq and Fuji) have a match and God unite Thofu until it is halal,” said a netizen.


These 5 Chinese New Year Foods Break the Record, There are the Most and Biggest Baskets


Lunar New Year always celebrated with great fanfare. There was even a celebration that broke the world record. Including the most and the largest basket cake ever made during Chinese New Year.

There are several foods that become identical dishes during Chinese New Year because they have deep meanings and philosophies. Such as basket cakes which symbolize prosperity, dumplings which symbolize wealth and also fried noodles which symbolize longevity.

All of these foods are served and eaten during Chinese New Year by the Chinese community. In addition to being served at home, it turns out that there are also those who present Chinese New Year food as part of a major celebration recorded in history.

There are several records that were successfully broken during the Chinese New Year. In Australia, the world record was broken for eating the most dumplings during Chinese New Year, while in Indonesia, there was the most cakes that were enjoyed by thousands of people.

The following are Chinese New Year foods that have been recorded in records:

1. The record for eating the most dumplings

For ethnic Chinese, dumplings are a food that symbolizes wealth. So this menu is also a meal when Chinese New Year arrives.

Dumplings that resemble gold ingots, the currency of the Ming dynasty in China, make dumplings one of the dishes eaten during Chinese New Year. Eating dumplings during Chinese New Year means wishing you wealth and success in the coming year.

In February 2019, the Guinness World Record set a world record for eating the most dumplings in the world. More than 3,000 pieces of dumplings were eaten together by more than 700 people. This record was also recorded right at the moment of Chinese New Year.

The record for eating the most dumplings Photo: Special

2. The record for most basket cakes

The record for serving the most basket cakes was broken in Indonesia. A total of 7,388 cake baskets are served in Senayan City in the form of a replica of a large temple. This record was recorded in the Indonesian Record Museum (MURI) on February 8, 2018.

A total of 7,388 pieces of the basket cake were then distributed to all visitors to the Senayan City Mall as a form of sharing happiness and togetherness. Eat basket cake when Chinese New Year means prosperity.

3. The biggest basket cake

The biggest basket cake ever made in Indonesia, to be precise in Banjarbaru, South Kalimantan. This 1.2 ton cake was exhibited and distributed to visitors to Q Mall in South Kalimantan.

This basket cake was made in Pontianak, West Kalimantan to enliven the Lunar New Year in 2021. It took two days to bring this basket cake. Because it is very heavy, there are about 30 people who help transport this basket cake. The basket cake is finally cut into pieces and distributed to the community.

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Afraid of not being able to fit in a restaurant chair, this woman is encouraged to lose 44 kg!


Everyone has reasons when they want to lose weight. This woman, for example, was worried that she would not fit in a restaurant chair until she decided to go on a diet. As a result, she lost more than 44 kilograms (kg)!

Daniela Pacitto’s before and after Penampilan diet really annoying. How come? The woman who lives in England was able to lose 44.4 kg in 3 years.

Citing the Mirror (23/1/2022), Daniela did not undergo a strict or torturous diet. He focuses on controlling the portion of the food he consumes.

Daniela said she likes to cook healthy food, but her weakness is that she eats large amounts of it. This habit is what he then tried to slowly change in order to lose weight.

Daniela Pacitto has had a successful diet by reducing the portion she eats Photo: Mirror UK

“One thing that has really helped me is the use of small plates and bowls. I’m the type of person who always finishes whatever’s on my plate. Using small plates, when I finish eating, I have time to digest the food,” she says.

He also said he still eats chips because it is his favorite snack. Daniela says, “Cracks are a food I still have no control over. I always finish a bag of chips when I know there’s still some left in them. So I don’t keep them in my apartment very often.”

Afraid of not being able to fit in a restaurant chair, this woman is encouraged to lose 44 kg!Daniela was forced to go on a diet after worrying that she wouldn’t be able to fit in a life vest or sit on a restaurant chair Photo: Mirror UK

About the diet The success, Daniela admits, all started from her fear if one day the buoy wouldn’t fit in her body. This is because he and his friends had vacationed together while enjoying water rafting activities.

He also has great anxiety when he imagines his body can’t fit on a bar stool or restaurant. As a result of this, Daniela had withdrawn from the association. “I started isolating myself from gatherings with people that involved physical activities that I knew I couldn’t afford,” she says.

After diet, Daniela is now much more confident. His body appearance is much different and he can start doing normal activities. His weight was originally 106.5 kg to around 62.5 kg.


Crazy! Tasyi Athasyia Experiments Mixing Variety of Chocolate Bars


Tasyi Athasyia often creates content about food on YouTube. This time he experimented with mixing various types of chocolate. What does it taste like?

Tasyi Athasyia is known as a YouTuber who likes to talk about food. Starting from reviewing food, cooking, to experimenting.

Not long ago, this twin from Tasya Farasya again made a food experiment. This time he made an experiment by mixing various types of chocolate.

He bought the chocolates from minimarkets and supermarkets. Starting from chocolate that is affordable to expensive. Such as Delvi, Silver Queen, Hershey’s, to Lindt.

Tasyi Athasyia experimented with mixing all the chocolate bars Photo: YouTube Tasyi Athasyia

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“Today, we want to try to mix all these chocolates that are in minimarkets and supermarkets. I wonder when these delicious chocolates are put together, will it be delicious or not, or it will be like we found the best chocolate in the world,” he said. Tasyi Athasyia in the opening of the video (28/1).

Tasyi sliced ​​all kinds of chocolate that she had prepared. The types of chocolate that Tasyi bought were milk chocolate and dark chocolate.

After slicing it, Tasyi mixed all the types of chocolate in one container. Then, he melted it over a pot of boiling water.

Tasyi Athasyia experimented with mixing all the chocolate barsTasyi Athasyia experimented with mixing all the chocolate bars Photo: YouTube Tasyi Athasyia

When all the chocolate has been mixed well and melted, Tasyi immediately put it into the mold. Then set aside and freeze in the freezer.

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The texture of the chocolate becomes softer and melts easily. According to Tasyi, the taste is not too sweet, even though there are about 10 chocolates mixed in.

“The chocolate wasn’t too sweet, I thought it would cause a sugar explosion. Then I think it was Lindt who really contributed. Because Lindt has a bitter-bitter because of the chocolate, there’s a bitter-bitter,” said Tasyi Athasyia.

Tasyi Athasyia experimented with mixing all the chocolate barsTasyi Athasyia experimented with mixing all the chocolate bars Photo: YouTube Tasyi Athasyia

Video uploaded by Tasyi Athasyia This immediately stole the attention of netizens. So far, the video has been viewed 200,000 times.

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5 Facts about Valencia Tanoesoedibjo, Foodies Who Have Eaten at Salt Bae Resto


Getting stickier with Kevin Sanjaya, Valencia Tanoesoedibjo has an interesting fact. He turned out to be a foodies and had eaten at a Salt Bae restaurant.

Publicizing his relationship with badminton athletes, Kevin Sanjaya, Valencia Tanoesoedibjo looks even more sticky. The two looked intimate at dinner to celebrate Valencia’s birthday.

Not only is it widely discussed on social media, the relationship between the two is also recognized as surprising the lovers and observers of badminton athletes. Valencia, who is known as the son of a conglomerate, turns out to be a foodies who likes to go to various places.

During last year’s Christmas celebration, he even shared his moment of eating at a restaurant owned by a famous chef, Salt Bae. Not only eating at the Salt Bae restaurant, some unique facts about Valencia Tanoe as a foodies have also been summarized by detikfood.

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Here are 5 unique facts about Valencia Tanoesoedibjo who is a foodies:

Valencia Tanoe and his family celebrate Christmas at the Salt Bae restaurant in Beverly Hills, United States. Photo: Instagram

1. Celebrate Christmas at Salt Bae Restaurant

Choosing to celebrate Christmas and the new year abroad, Valencia Tanoesoedibjo and his family chose the United States as a vacation spot. Towards Christmas, which is usually synonymous with having dinner with family, the Tanoesoedibjo family also did not miss it.

Choosing a phenomenal place, Valencia shared that he was enjoying steak at a restaurant owned by a famous chef, Salt Bae. Visiting the Salt Bae restaurant in Beverly Hills, Valencia showed off photos of tomahawk steaks and gold-plated burgers that cost tens of millions of rupiah.

2. Have a Cafe Business

Departing from his hobby of traveling while culinary, Valencia established a cafe by serving a very diverse menu from all over the world. Starting from a fresh coffee menu, western-style food to Mexican-style food.

Established his cafe at Jalan Kebon Sirih No.17-19, Menteng, Central Jakarta, from delicious Salmon Cake to Mexican Nachos which are popular as a snack menu. Designed with a beautiful interior, this cafe is so instagramable and contemporary.

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This is the reason why new people dare to cook when mom is not at home


Many viral food recipes are scattered on social media. But there’s a reason why new people dare to try recipes when their mother isn’t home.

Since the presence of social media such as Twitter to TikTok, many people share menus of food and drink recipes that are easy to make by anyone. The average materials used can also be found at home.

But most new people dare to copy this viral recipe when their mother is not at home.

“Aren’t you guys like that too? Wow, so am I, so I don’t get scolded,” wrote one Twitter user who shared a screenshot of one of the comments on TikTok. In the photo there are writings of some simple food ingredients such as wheat flour, sugar, butter and pandan paste.

But what caught the attention of netizens were the comments below. One TikTok user revealed that he already had the ingredients for this recipe, only that he was just waiting for his mother to leave the house.

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Ingredients for cooking tripe with chorizo, a typical spanish food called Illustration of cooking ingredients.. Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto/ASIFE

It turns out that the reason why people don’t want to learn to cook when their mother is at home, is not far from their fear if their mother finds out they finished their ingredients.

“WKWKWK it’s really the same. I can’t try to cook at home because the kitchen is controlled by my mother. If you try recipes like that, it’s like being here, like cooking the most unhealthy food in the world huhu,” complained @cent**.

“I’m really waiting for mom to come out of the house. So that if the results fail, my cooking won’t be ridiculed. Even though mom won’t be ridiculed, it’s natural to learn. I just don’t know why I still don’t want to be caught experimenting,” vented @eu**.

“Yes, because I’m really sorry that my mother is fussy if the kitchen is messy. Not to mention if it fails, it will be blasphemed. I can’t believe the process is like my mother, I want her son to try it once and immediately can,” commented @nis**.

Although most people are more comfortable experimenting recipes to cooking in the kitchen without the supervision of their mother. Many also commented that they were even supported by their mother for cooking experiments and so on.

“I was even told to cook with my mother. If I don’t have confidence in myself, I say I don’t want to cook because I’m afraid it won’t taste good, I’ll be told to try it first. scolded, and this is really a new incident,” concluded @umu**.

The topic of conversation about the reasons why people prefer to cook at home, apparently managed to get more than 20.5 thousand likes, and get thousands of retweets from other netizens on Twitter.

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Sendang Seruni Nature Tourism Appears to Save Bamboo Forest


Sendang Seruni nature tourism can be one of your tourist destinations this weekend. Located at the foot of Mount Ijen, this spring has seven natural springs.

The popularity of Sendang Seruni is on the rise. The natural baths emerge from seven natural springs in Sumberwatu Hamlet, Tamansari Village, Licin, Banyuwangi, East Java combined with bamboo forest conservation.

Sendang Seruni is about 20 kilometers from the center of Banyuwangi City or can be reached by 30 minutes drive.

To get to the pool location, visitors need to walk down the stairs for about 5 minutes. Visitors who use a car must walk longer up to 10 minutes. The reason is that access can only be passed by two wheels.

But don’t worry, along the way, tourists will be treated to views of shady and beautiful coffee plantations. Ojek services are also available for tourists who are lazy to walk at a price of IDR 5,000 one way.

Arriving at the location, tourists will find views of the natural pool with very clear water. Yes, Sendang Seruni really refreshes the eyes by being in the middle of the garden. This natural pool is fed by seven springs, three of which are sourced at the bottom of the pool. The bamboo trees that surround it make the atmosphere cooler and pleasing to the eye.

The Sendang Seruni tourist destination is usually crowded with visitors on weekends. Tourists deliberately come to enjoy the cold of the cold spring while relaxing stiff muscles after a full week of work. Not a few believe that bathing in Sendang Seruni can make the body stay young.

Habitat for chrysanthemums

The head of Tamansari village, Rizal Sahputra, said that the name Sendang Seruni came from the Seruni flower plant that grows around the spring.

“Sendang means a pond that comes from mountain springs. Meanwhile, Seruni is taken from the name of the Seruni plant that grows a lot here,” said Rizal to detikTravel, Tuesday (25/1/2022).

Sendang Seruni in Banyuwangi Photo: Ardian Fanani

Ways of Conservation due to Exploitation of Bamboo Forest

According to Rizal, the nature tourism of Sendang Seruni actually started from the widespread exploitation of the bamboo forest that thrives there. So far, many local people depend on agriculture and plantations for their economy.

Excessive exploitation of bamboo plants seems to have an effect on the springs in Sendang Seruni. In fact, not a few people use these springs, including villages outside Tamansari, to meet their daily clean water needs.

From this problem, the government of Tamansari Village together with the local community is trying to re-conserve the bamboo forest.

“Finally in 2017, there was an initiative from community groups around Seruni to make this place a tourist destination. At the same time, as an effort to conserve bamboo forests to protect springs,” said Rizal.

Managed by Bumdes Tamansari

Through joint hard work, Sendang Seruni was finally released at the end of 2018. This tourist destination is managed by the Village Owned Enterprise (BUMDes) Tamansari by involving local community groups.

“The concept we use is to minimize permanent buildings there to unite facilities with nature. There we also organize how the function of conserving springs is to maintain bamboo forests, on the other hand the community can empower through tourism,” he said.

The hard work carried out by the Tamansari Village Government together with the local community seems to have yielded promising results. Now, Sendang Seruni is an alternative tour for tourists visiting the Ijen Crater Natural Tourism Park (TWA).

“Many travel agents make Sendang Seruni a tour package in Ijen Crater,” said Rizal.

Also Offers Banyuwangi Typical Culinary

According to Rizal, apart from being able to soak in the pure, clear spring water typical of the mountains, tourists can also enjoy a variety of Banyuwangi specialties at this destination. Not only that, the manager also provides camping ground facilities for tourists who want to spend the night at Sendang Seruni.

“Before the pandemic, on weekends, we also usually held Banyuwangi traditional art attractions to entertain tourists who came to visit. Starting from the jaranan dance, gandrung and so on,” said Rizal.

The move had a positive impact on the local economy. Residents who used to work a lot as farm and plantation workers, are now involved in the tourism sector in Sendang Seruni.

“Currently there are 40 to 50 people involved in Sendang Seruni. Starting from MSME players who provide souvenirs, culinary, tire rental, and so on,” said Rizal.

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New Tourism in Pangandaran, Curug Cipuringgis


There is a hidden waterfall and not many people know about it. This waterfall is cool and beautiful, the name is Curug Cipuringgis. Just opened a month ago.

Location of Curug Cipuringgis

Curug Cipuringgis is located in Putrapinggan Village, Kalipucang District. To get to the location of Curug Cipuringgis a traveler can go to the Pangandaran-Kalipucang main road for about 30 minutes.

But don’t be surprised if the road access to get there is a little difficult. Uphill, downhill and winding is the challenge.

Travel fatigue will be cured when we arrive at the destination. The atmosphere is still cool and beautiful, and the beautiful view of the waterfall is the main treat.

Curug Cipuringgis manager Dayu Umbara said the height of Curug Cipuringgis was about 35 meters.

Curug Cipuringgis Photo: (Aldi Nur Fadillah/detikcom)

“Underneath there is a pool that can be used as a place to swim,” he said.

The depth of the pool can be up to 3 meters. “So for visitors to be more careful, because the depth can change,” he explained.

They can rent tires to the manager, if they want to swim in Curug Cipuringgis.

“We only take the income from the rental of tires, there is also a kencleng in front,” he said.

Curug CipurunggisCurug Cipuringgis Photo: (Aldi Nur Fadillah/detikcom)

There is also very suitable to be used as a botram place, especially around it, there are many trees that are still beautiful. “Later on, we will add facilities here, we will also improve access,” he said.

One of the visitors, Nenden Suhendi (34) praised the beauty of Curug Cipuringgis. “Be cool, here used to be rice fields,” he said.

This waterfall, which was only opened a month ago, has started to be visited by many local tourists. A community leader at Curug Cipuringgis Haerudin (60) said that the area used to be the plantation area of ​​Tuan Cerman and the Dutch era rice fields that had been contracted.

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