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Claimed to be Unique, 1 Pringles Chips Auctioned for IDR 35 Million!


This netizen is selling a Pringles chip on the auction site eBay for a fantastic price. Claimed to have a unique shape, he set a price of up to IDR 35.6 million! What’s so unique about it?

Pringles brand potato chips are famous for their thin and slightly wavy shape. These chips, which are packaged in a cylindrical tube, are a favorite of many people in the world because of their delicious taste.

Remember Pringles is a mass product that is produced very much every day, of course there is the possibility of an imperfect product form. Usually most people will take this incident as normal, but it turns out that there are also those who give a serious response.

When they found the shape of the chip that was not proper, they claimed that this was a rare find. Not a few of them finally thought of selling this ‘rare’ Pringles.

One of them is an eBay user who is known to be from High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England. He sells a unique Pringles that has a slight crease at the end.

Pringles pieces that are folded at the end are considered unique until they are auctioned off for Rp. 35 million. Photo: Ebay/Triangle News

It claims its products are new, never used, and undamaged. Pieces of this Pringles sold for up to 2,000 pounds sterling, or around Rp. 35.6 million!

In addition to cash payments, this eBay user also offers monthly installment payments. Of course this intrigued many who saw it.

How is it possible, 1 piece of Pringles costs tens of millions of rupiah? While 1 package of Pringles is only sold for 1.65 pounds sterling (Rp 30 thousand) in the UK.

It turns out that this eBay user isn’t the only one selling the unique Pringles. There is also a Pringles that offers a similar shape, with the part folded at the end, at a much cheaper price of 50 pounds sterling or around Rp. 89 thousand.

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There is also Kelly the opportunistic salesman from Manchester who sells Pringles the flavor of the folded Honey Glazed Ham. The price is also 50 pounds sterling, or around Rp. 89 thousand.

“Pringles folded back with a few cracks in it but still strong. Don’t miss it, you won’t see it again!” he said promoting.

Claimed to be Unique, 1 Pringles Chips Auctioned for IDR 35 Million!It turns out that Pringles chips that are folded at the ends are also being sold by many other eBay users. Photo: Ebay/Triangle News

Before Pringles folded at a price of tens of millions of rupiah, there are also other foods that are auctioned at insane prices! One of them is McDonald’s Szechuan sauce, which is known as one of the best-tasting McDonald’s sauces.

This sauce was produced in 1998, but after that it was discontinued. On eBay, someone sold it for up to USD 15,350 (Rp 231 million) in 2017 and it’s selling!

Then there is also the iconic snack, Cheetos shaped like the gorilla Harambe who was killed. The story went viral so that when a Cheetos similar to Harambe was discovered, the auction value was also fantastic.

Surprisingly, there are those who want to buy Cheetos Harambe at a fantastic price. Not kidding, the total reached USD 99,900 (Rp 1.5 billion).

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Order mineral water at a restaurant, this comedian panics when given glass bottled water


Order mineral water at restaurantThis Twitter user panicked that the price was expensive because mineral water was packaged in a glass bottle and looked luxurious.

Usually the mineral water we know is served in plastic bottles. Although there are many brands, the average price of bottled mineral water is around IDR 3,000 to IDR 10,000 depending on the size.

However, the mineral water offered in the restaurant is different. Generally, mineral water in restaurants is more expensive, as experienced by comedian Ardit Erwandha.

Through his Twitter @ArditErwandha (10/05) he uploaded his experience when ordering mineral water at a restaurant. However, he panicked when his order was delivered to his table.

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Order mineral water at the restaurant Photo: Twitter @ArditErwandha

Because mineral water is packaged use glass bottle and looks luxurious. He guessed that the price would be much higher. Confirmed detikFood (12/05) the price is Rp. 40,000.

“Rp 40,000, guys, let’s take it home, OK, guys,” he said in a photo upload showing himself pocketing a bottle of mineral water.

His upload was also widely commented on by netizens. Many netizens have experienced the same thing where they felt panicked when they ordered mineral water at a restaurant and were served glass bottled mineral water.

“It’s really auto cold sweat if it’s like that,” wrote a netizen.

“Yes, why did he take glass bottled water, I usually drink plastic bottles,” wrote another netizen.

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Order mineral water at the restaurantOrder mineral water at the restaurant Photo: Twitter @ArditErwandha

However, a Twitter user with the account @rforragil gave tips when ordering mineral water at a restaurant. According to him, mineral water is different from drinking water.

“If you say mineral water that comes, it must be of this model. If you say ‘drinking water’, it will definitely come with ordinary bottled water,” he wrote.

Furthermore, he also explained the difference between mineral water and drinking water which is usually offered in five-star hotels and restaurants. The difference is the content and the packaging process.

“If the factory’s mineral water is directly above source the water (without going through a long pipe). “Drinking water or drinking water is channeled first using a long pipe to the factory,” he continued.

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Whoa! These are the 5 Spicy Mercon Oseng, the sting feels like a test of guts


Steady spicy, dish of stir-fried firecrackers typical of Yogyakarta is on the rise. Many places to eat extra spicy oseng firecrackers that feel like a test of guts.

The sting of spicy taste from food is actually sought after by many people, especially spicy food fans who cannot escape the hot and spicy sensation of this dish. In addition to chicken penyet, seblak to spicy noodles.

There is a typical firecracker stir fry from Yogyakarta. This stir fry, which uses tetelan, beef and beef koyor, is prepared with red cayenne pepper as the main ingredient. Not only popular in Yogyakarta, in several other big cities there are even many places to eat roasted firecrackers.

Even some places to eat firecracker stir-fry is dubbed the place to test your guts. Because the visitors must be ready to test their nerves to feel the spicy sting of the tongue and lips in every bite.

Here are some recommendations for places to eat the spiciest firecrackers.

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1. Oseng Mercon Bu Narti

Oseng Mercon Rp 10 thousand at this place Photo: Instagram

Yogyakarta is famous for its various night culinary tours. One of them is the roadside culinary that has become a prima donna, Bu Narti’s Oseng-oseng Mercon. As the name implies, namely Oseng-oseng Mercon, this food is known to be very spicy, but the spiciness actually makes people willing to queue to be able to eat on the roadside.

Only hot white rice accompanied by stir fry which contains gravel, lard, skin, and young bones. The people of Yogyakarta call it koyoran. It looks very oily, plus the cayenne pepper slices are surrounded by the seeds sticking to the koyoran.

For the price of stir-fry merco, it is quite affordable for the contents of the wallets of tourists visiting the city of Yogyakarta. The price ranges from Rp. 23 thousand, for the price of drinks ranging from Rp. 3 thousand to Rp. 5 thousand.

Even though it’s simple, visitors must be prepared to withstand the spicy taste of Bu Narti’s stir fry firecrackers, which is unexpected. This has been proven by many YouTubers, food vloggers and culinary enthusiasts who have nominated Bu Narti’s spicy oseng firecracker to be the most spicy in Yogyakarta.

2. Fry Mercon

Drool and crave to eat fried firecrackers that are spicy, delicious and make you sweat? You can stop by the Oseng-oseng Mercon food stall which is located right in front of the East MNC TV building. It’s gone viral here, because a well-known food vlogger, Nex Carlos, has visited.

The menu offered, of course, is oseng firecracker with cayenne pepper and an abundant spicy oil gravy. Then complementary menus such as roasted duck, fried duck, grilled and fried chicken, additional chili paste and green chili sauce.

Even though the location is in Jakarta, it is guaranteed that the roasted firecracker taste is no less delicious and just as spicy as the roasted firecrackers sold in the Yogyakarta area. Extremely spicy savory is the mainstay. The price range is also cheap from only Rp. 20,000.

3. Oseng Mercon Sarijadi

Who says that in Bandung there is no place to eat delicious roasted firecrackers? Just stop by at Oseng Mercon Sarijadi in the Sarijadi area. This restaurant specializes in serving extra spicy oseng firecrackers with other complementary menus that are no less delicious.

Here the mainstay menu is extra spicy oseng firecrackers, a portion of which is only Rp. 23,000. Besides that, there are other firecrackers menus, you know, such as tofu firecrackers, and claw firecrackers which are no less spicy. Not only pampered with all-round firecrackers.

This restaurant offers a complete menu of Indonesian food. From fried rice, grenade grilled chicken, catfish pecel, chicken soup and many more. The price is also still affordable from IDR 10,000 only.

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Shake Your Head! Police Actions in India Eat Together to Celebrate Prisoners’ Birthdays


The main task of the police is to uphold justice. Several police officers in India have actually gone viral, after they were caught eating with inmates and fugitives.

Many police actions in India have gone viral and have even attracted the attention of netizens in various countries. In recent years, police action there has not only focused on those who are fighting crime and upholding justice.

Some police officers are viral precisely because they were caught in the act of establishing close relationships with the inmates, to the fugitives they should have arrested and prosecuted according to the applicable law.

Like a viral video that shows a police officer celebrating a convict’s birthday, by bringing him cakes to soft drinks. Then there are also police who, instead of arresting fugitives in marijuana cases, actually seem familiar having lunch together with biryani at a luxury hotel.

Here are some of the actions of the police in India that went viral after they dined with convicts and fugitives.

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1. Bribery Cakes with Prisoners

The incident started with a police officer named Mahendra Nerlekar, he is one of the inspectors who served in the Jogeshwari police, India.

In a video that has gone viral on social media, Mahendra is seen feeding a birthday cake to an inmate named Danis Sheikh. Danis became a suspect from riots to attempted murder.

Although this video was taken a few weeks before it went viral, when it went viral, it immediately drew blasphemy and criticism from netizens in India. In the video, it is not only the police who feed the cake, even the prisoner looks familiar and feeds Mahendara the cake in return.

Mumbai Police finally decided to transfer Mahendra to the police guardroom. This demotion again made netizens excited and Mahendra was still bombarded with criticism.

2. Celebrate a Fancy Birthday Party

Shake Your Head! Police Actions in India Eat Together to Celebrate Rice’s Birthday Photo: Site News

It seems that birthday celebrations are an important thing in India, including for inmates who are languishing in prison. Like the case that went viral in 2019. The Indian public was created a scene after a video of a murder convict named Pintu Tiwari celebrating a lavish birthday party in prison.

Pintu celebrated his 30th birthday with a cake, which was brought to the prison area. Although the video does not appear the police are involved. But they celebrated the birthday outside the cell, which the local police must have approved.

In addition to the cake cutting event, Putu also brought a lot of food such as biryani rice with goat’s side dishes for other inmates. This made the public angry, because they accused the police there of giving privileged access to prisoners.

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The taste of instant noodles becomes even more delicious if you add this one spice


Instant noodles it has been equipped with finished spices, so that it makes it taste delicious. If you want it to taste better, you can add butter to it.

Every country in the world must have instant noodle products with its own characteristics. Like Korea, which is known as ramyeon and ramen for Japan.

Instant noodles in Indonesia also have their own characteristics. Starting from the texture of the noodles, the type of gravy and fried, to the various variants. Most Indonesian instant noodles are combined with the flavors of Indonesian cuisine.

Many creative people make delicious instant noodle creations. Some add various vegetables, eggs, sausages, meatballs, chili oil, milk, and many other additions.

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How to Make Instant Noodles More Tasty Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Reporting from the Tasting Table (7/5), there is one ingredient that can make a taste instant noodles richer. This material is usually used as a spread for bread or for sauteing.

That ingredient is butter. This dense-textured dairy product can actually make the taste of instant noodles more delicious. Especially the instant noodles with a savory type of sauce.

Butter added to instant noodles will make the taste more savory and creamy. In addition, butter also helps balance the taste of instant noodles with an extra spicy variant.

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How to mix instant noodles to make it more deliciousHow to Make Instant Noodles More Tasty Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

EatingWell explains that the casein found in dairy products such as milk, sour cream, and butter can reduce the spicy taste produced by the capsaicin in chilies. Not only savory taste, but butter also gives a sweet taste to the instant noodle mixture.

Previously there were also creations instant noodles unique in Korea is to add peanut butter. Creamy textured peanut butter makes instant noodle soup thicker and has a unique taste. It tastes better when combined with Korean instant noodles with kimchi soup flavor.

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Thought it was a food stall, this family group turned out to be eating at someone’s house


I thought it was a food stall, a group family This turned out to be eating at the house of someone who was having a meal together. The story makes me laugh.

A funny incident was experienced by a woman named Deka. Through her TikTok video @dkoctvn (08/05), the woman from Aceh told an unexpected incident that had happened to her and her family.

Starting from him along with a family group traveling by car. On the way, they intended to stop for lunch.

Coincidentally, they saw a building that looked like a food stall. The building is orange. There is a dining table and some chairs like in a food stall in general.

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Eating at someone’s house who is mistaken for a food stall Photo: TikTok @dkoctvn

Plus, on the side of the building there is a storefront. The atmosphere in the building was also full of people eating. This made the Deka family group believe that it was a food stall.

However, after sitting down and taking food they just realized that the building was not a food stall, but an ordinary house that was having a meal with his family.

“So we want to stop eating lunch, we thought the shop was having a family meal. Suddenly the family in another car came down too, it’s a shame to add guys,” he wrote in the caption.

At first only his father came down and took the food. Then other families also came down and took food there.

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Eating at people's houses who are mistaken for food stallsEating at someone’s house who is mistaken for a food stall Photo: TikTok @dkoctvn

“Uncle, I immediately asked ‘what are the side dishes’. His mother replied, ‘only fish, sir’. Then uncle I said, ‘Mom, I’ll just fry the eggs, okay?, “said Deka.

Confirmed by detikFood (09/06) the mother of the house owner looks confused to see the arrival of her family group who suddenly joins and eats together.

However, the owner of the house continued to serve the Deka family group. “His mother was confused but he did it,” said Deka. Furthermore, it was also explained that the building was actually a food stall.

However, at that time the shop was closed. But many people eat because it is still in the Eid atmosphere, so the owner of the house holds a meal with his family.

The video immediately went viral and grabbed the attention of netizens. Many netizens were made to laugh with this unexpected incident.

“But it’s really like a shop, the shape of the building is. Where is it really when there are lots of people eating. After all, the family eats in the atmosphere of Eid,” he wrote. netizens.

“It’s really funny. After all, the position is in an area like that, and it looks like a restaurant,” wrote another netizen.

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This Muslim Restaurant Called Misleading Because It Advertised Alcohol Drinks


A restaurant Muslim accused of misleading customers because they advertised alcoholic beverages. Even suspected of selling pork.

The Chinese Muslim concept restaurant suddenly went viral on social media after displaying an advertisement that did not match the restaurant concept. The restaurant is located on Jalan Klang Lama, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Starting from the upload of a Facebook user who is also a food delivery courier. At that time, he came to the restaurant to take food orders for his customers.

“Abusing customers. I’m evil, but I don’t want to conspire,” reads his upload as quoted from mStar Online (04/05).

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Muslim restaurants advertise alcoholic beverages Photo: Facebook

Furthermore, he also said that his partner never received an order of pork from the restaurant. His upload was immediately responded to by netizens who were disappointed.

Many netizens regret that the restaurant has a chef who is a Muslim. What’s even more confusing is that the restaurant also provides a place of worship for non-Muslims.

Aadham Fareed Abdullah, as the owner of the restaurant, immediately gave clarification. He mentioned that his culinary business does not yet have a halal certification.

Furthermore, he also admitted that his restaurant still uses liquor billboards to this day. Starting when the new restaurant opened in 2020, there was an alcoholic beverage supplier who wanted to fund his business.

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Muslim restaurants advertise alcohol drinksMuslim restaurants advertise alcoholic beverages Photo: Facebook

“At that time I was okay because there were people who wanted to sponsor, but had to cook their nameplate as a condition of the agreement. I couldn’t cancel it for a period of 18 months or pay compensation of Rp. 7.3 million,” he said.

Actually, the period specified for the advertisement of liquor has ended, but it took another 30 days for the parties concerned to take the signage.

Meanwhile, his restaurant is in the process of getting halal certification from JAKIM. According to him, there are many procedures that must be carried out in order to obtain halal certification.

Aadham also denied allegations that his restaurant sold pork. The reason is that before he converted to Islam in March 2022, he explained that the food sold in his restaurant was cooked by Muslim chefs from Indonesia.

“Malay, Indonesian and Malaysian workers are why there is a chicken penyet menu. From the start I did not sell pork-based menus, even the raw materials were sourced from Muslim suppliers,” said Aadham.

Regarding the temple in the restaurant, Aadham explained that the temple belonged to his Buddhist mother. And later all the prayer equipment will be sent back to his family’s house in Sarawak.

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Price of IDR 150 thousand Seafood Package Considered Expensive, Netizens Give Funny Comments


The issue of food prices and portions has always been an interesting topic for netizens to discuss. Like the price of this seafood package.

The seafood menu served with Padang sauce, and in a large container filled with green mussels, squid, shrimp, corn and many others is indeed a popular menu. The price of this seafood package is also relatively cheaper, because it contains a lot and how many types of seafood you can get.

However, the menu at the seafood stall ‘Kerang Time’ in Mojokerto has become a topic of debate among netizens. After they uploaded a video containing a complete seafood package filled with green mussels, shrimp and corn on the table.

“At this rate, it’s only IDR 150,000, if you say it’s expensive, it’s better to skip it,” wrote the Shell Time account on their TikTok. This upload is then shared back to Twitter via the sharing account @convomfs (07/05).

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In the screenshot, it appears that netizens do not call this seafood menu too expensive. But quipped with hilarious comments.

“Very little. In my area, Rp. 100,000 is complete with the Mermaid,” joked @nach**.

Seafood Package Price of IDR 150 thousand Becomes a Debate, Netizens Dirty with Funny CommentsSeafood Package Price of IDR 150 thousand Becomes a Debate, Netizens Disgust with Hilarious Comments Photo: Twitter

“But this is nothing. I’ve eaten seafood in Muara Angke, the total cost was IDR 2 million. I think the most expensive is IDR 500,000,” vented @sam** who was once a victim of price knocks when eating street seafood.

“This is expensive. In my area, green mussels cost Rp. 15,000 per kg, then there are Mature Green Scallops at Rp. 30,000 per kg,” said @clm**.

“That’s a little too much for Rp. 150,000. Here, a box of Rp. 45,000 is already added with Padang sauce,” said @him ***, whose photo contains fresh green mussels.

“It’s nothing, but not everyone has the luxury to eat once for IDR 150,000,” concluded @ve**.

So far, this tweet has received more than 23.8 thousand likes, 1.8 thousand retweets and hundreds of comments from netizens.

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The Impact of the Pandemic, This Pilot Sells Chicken in the Market


The COVID-19 pandemic has made many people lose or change their jobs. Like this pilot who swerved into selling chicken pieces in the market.

Even though the conditions in various countries have started to stabilize after being hit by the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, there are still many people who are struggling with their economic conditions. Not a few have lost their jobs and hope to continue their profession after this pandemic ends.

This is what happened to a pilot from Malaysia named William Lee. Reporting from World of Buzz (07/05), William was a pilot for an airline that laid him off in October 2020. At that time his place of work was reducing the number of employees.

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William last flew a plane on April 22, 2020. After that he was unemployed. But William did not want to stay at home alone. He decided to help his family-owned business by selling chicken pieces at Seremban Big Market.

“I decided to help the family business, by providing offline and online services,” said the 32-year-old man.

Due to the Pandemic, this Pilot Sells Chicken in the Market Photo: WOB

Although initially surprised because he used to be a pilot, suddenly becoming a chicken worker, he tried to adjust. Now he is used to selling fresh chicken in traditional markets. According to him, there is not much difference between selling chickens or flying planes.

“Both are in the service industry. So we ensure that the products and services sold are safe and of good quality for our customers,” continued William.

William explained that since childhood he had always dreamed of becoming a pilot, even though his family ran a chicken business. He started liking planes after playing games. Because of this goal, he firmly pursued his dream. He managed to be a pilot for 8 years.

Now William is still selling chicken pieces in the market, but he hopes to be a pilot again. He hoped that moment would come soon.

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Here’s How to Eat Toast Right and Practical


Toast bread usually eaten by hand or with a knife and fork. But there is a way to eat toast that is correct and tastier.

Toast or toast is usually enjoyed as a breakfast menu. There are various variants of toast that can be enjoyed, such as spread with fruit jam, peanut butter to stuffed with smoked meat, vegetables, and cheese.

How to enjoy toast that is widely known to use your hands directly or using a knife and fork. Reporting from the Mirror (24/4), there is a way to eat toast that is considered correct and tastier.

The culinary expert claims that toast bread must be eaten upside down. This method is considered to maximize breakfast.

How To Eat Toast Photo: iStock

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This is expressed by culinary experts. Eating bread held upside down is said to be ‘life-changing’.

Previously, people would hold the bread with the topping position on top. These experts suggest holding it with the bread topping on the bottom.

How to eat toast bread this will make you feel the texture of the bread and the smokey aroma first. Only then do you feel bread toppings such as butter or fruit jam.

How to Eat ToastHow To Eat Toast Photo: iStock

Although this method is considered trivial by some people. These experts assure that it will taste better than the usual way of eating toast. What is clear is that the bread topping will not fall apart when eaten because it is crushed by a heavier filling at the bottom.

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In addition to tips on how to eat toast, there are other bread tips that can be considered. Like storing bread properly to keep it soft and durable.

One of them is stored in an airtight container. You can also tie the bread plastic tightly so that no air enters and causes the texture of the bread to become dry.

Another way to eat food that can be learned is burgers. Sometimes when enjoying a burger can make a messy mouth, in order to keep it neatly positioned upside down.

The top part of the burger bun is on the inside close to the mouth position. Guaranteed the contents of the burger will no longer fall apart. Eating burgers becomes more comfortable and delicious.

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