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Get a Small Tip, This Food Delivery Puts The Customer’s Food In The Middle Of The Road


In the United States, tipping is a customer obligation beyond the cost of the food bill. Feeling the tip money is lacking, food delivery person it does the unexpected.

Tipping is an appreciation that should be given at the customer’s will to the workers who serve it. There should be no minimum standards for customers when tipping.

But in some countries there are those who apply the customer’s obligation to tip beyond the cost of the food ordered. Especially in the United States, there is even a minimum tip limit given by customers.

In some cases there are workers who have the heart to be rude just because they feel they are getting less tips. One of them is a food delivery person who is in charge of serving disabled customers.

This food delivery guy was rude to customers because he was tipped 26% of the price of the food. Photo: Bored Panda

Quoting Bored Panda (21/5), a freelance artist named Hunter admitted that he had recently ordered food online through the Grubhub application. He, who is a person with a disability and finds it difficult to buy food out, chooses to order online to make it easier for him.

In the Grubhub application, customers are allowed to determine the tip that will be given when completing an order. In that incident, Hunter admitted that he gave a tip for food delivery person 26% of the total cost of the meal to be paid.

Unfortunately, the tip was deemed too small and not worth it by the food delivery man. As a result, the food ordered by Hunter was actually placed in the middle of the street which was far from the front of his house and difficult to reach by using a wheelchair.

“Give a tip for your better delivery man. Enjoy your meal,” wrote the deliveryman after being rude.

Hunter who really couldn’t take his food ended up having to wait for his nanny to come. Hunter even starved for an hour because he could only wait for his nanny to come home and get the food for him.

Get a Small Tip, This Food Delivery Puts The Customer's Food In The Middle Of The RoadThe food is placed in the middle of the road and makes customers with disabilities unable to pick it up. Photo: Bored Panda

Not receiving the harsh treatment of the food delivery man, Hunter tried to report the unpleasant incident to the GrubHub company as a food delivery service provider. Hunter’s report was ignored in fact he only got an answer that his case was not a problem that should be exaggerated.

“I also hope that food delivery person it will have consequences for its behavior. But on the other hand I also don’t want him to go through the same thing for fear of threatening my home. I’m still so blown away by some of the comments that were so sweet and caring to me,” said Hunter.

Hunter’s post has been viewed more than 3.3 million times. Thousands of netizens also commented by deploring the disgraceful action taken by the food delivery man.

“Even if you don’t use a wheelchair doesn’t it still look bad to be rude to customers just because of a tip? How can they say it’s okay,” wrote one netizen.

“Many people expect to get a tip of more than 20%, come on, the treatment is not appropriate even to get a 10% tip,” said another netizen.

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This is the correct way to drink boba so that the pearls are sucked up to the maximum


Bubble tea or boba is still a favorite drink today. There is a right way to enjoy it so that the boba pearls can be sucked up to the maximum using a straw.

The popularity of bubble tea has not subsided until now. This Taiwanese milk tea drink is popular because it offers a delicious sensation through the presence of ‘pearl’ or pearls or chewy tapioca balls as a topping.

You can find bubble tea sellers easily, from street vendors to premium outlets in malls. Then to enjoy it, it turns out that there is an ideal way to drink boba.

This method allows the pearls to be sucked in a lot from the straw, while avoiding the pearls remaining when the milk tea is finished. It was Ben Juwono, an artist and Disney director who introduced drinking boba this.

His upload in 2020 went viral again after being re-aired by 9gag on his official Facebook account (18/5). Many boba lovers are fascinated by this method.

Ben Juwono asked netizens about the way they stick straws while enjoying boba. Photo: Ben Juwono via 9gag

Ben shows 3 ways to drink boba which are different from the position of putting the straw. First, stick the straw as close as possible to the rim of the boba glass. Second, the straw is placed in the middle. Third, the straw is inserted in the original position.

“How do you drink your boba milk tea?” asked Ben. He then revealed the right way. “The correct answer is number 1 and 90% of you should rethink the way you have enjoyed boba,” says Ben.

He explains the first way to create a maximum gap in the straw when it is tilted (diagonally), allowing more pearls to flow into the straw. While the other two ways do not present that many gaps.

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Netizens who love boba are then busy commenting on this upload. They gave their opinion on how to enjoy boba. “The first way is ideal, until you choke on the boba,” he joked.

This is the correct way to drink boba so that the pearls are sucked up to the maximumAccording to Ben Juwono, the correct way to drink boba is to stick the straw as close as possible to the edge of the glass. Photo: Ben Juwono via 9gag

Then there are also those who say that this method is still less effective because the drink always runs out first than the boba pearls. “I always run out of drinks first until I find the pearls haven’t been eaten and I need another drink to finish it,” said one netizen.

“If I tear the plastic of the drink bobaopen it, and immediately drink it,” said another netizen. According to him, this method is the most effective way to make pearls suck out faster.

Responding to this viral 9gag upload, Ben was surprised. “It’s been over two years and the boba talk still haunts me,” he said on Twitter.

Bubble tea flavor variants and the number of caloriesBoba or bubble tea, a drink from Taiwan that is still popular today. Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Before Ben, a data engineer named Krist Wongsuphasawat had also revealed an effective way to drink boba. Krist made a graph which is an interactive simulation to evaluate a person’s style of enjoying bubble tea. At the same time showing the meaning of “Optimized Sip” so that no pearls are left behind when someone.

First, it’s better to use a glass boba height not width. Second, don’t add ice because the ice will take up space in the glass. Lastly, suck on the bubble tea vigorously each time you take a sip. This is to maximize the number of pearls enjoyed in each straw.

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This office employee confides to be called a stingy because he never eats breakfast


Never having breakfast at the office, this employee confides that he is called stingy by his officemates. He also likes to be a victim of coffee burglary by his office friend.

Problems in the office don’t just talk about work to bosses. But also discusses the office environment filled with various kinds of people’s characters.

Like the story of one of the office employees who are anonymous. He shared his rant via Twitter account @worksfess (23/05), discussing experiences to the office world.

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“Guys, so I never eat breakfast at the office. Because before that I had breakfast at home. Then a friend of mine said, if I’m stingy, it’s really economical. My salary is called full because I never have breakfast at the office,” he wrote.

He admitted that he was hurt by his friend’s words. But he’s the type of person who can’t be angry and only harbors annoyance in his heart. Not only is he called stingy because he never eats breakfast at home, he is also often a victim of bullying from his friend.

“Sometimes he likes to ask me to buy coffee. But I don’t buy it because I’m also saving myself, and he says I’m being stingy again. Is it wrong, guys, if I’m hurt?

Overhead View Of Businessman Working At Computer In Office Eating Lunch Photo: iStock/The Daily Meal

In response to this complaint, many netizens shared similar experiences to suggestions for avoiding busy office friends like this.

“So you remember when you first started working. Your seniors mocked you, ‘you’re a slow cook, do you want to get rich quick, don’t you think?’ but every month he borrows money from my mouth,” vented @ven**.

“Don’t listen so stupid. I also rarely eat snacks when I work. Until I was called a stingy but yes, I was stupid, my leader used to always ask for oranges and anything. I was just talking about focusing on saving, he said I was also stingy,” continued @teh **.

“You don’t need to be accompanied. After all that garbage, you don’t have to pay for your life but the smut is everywhere. In the office, we should be able to work together, but just be professional. Just do the right thing, go home, forget it. Just think there’s nothing like that. personal and professional matters, so that they are not spotty,” closed @krup**.

This tweet alone has garnered more than 147 likes, and received dozens of replies from people discussing this work environment.

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Oishii! Formulated since the 1860s, now Ramen is Worldwide


Ramen is famous as a typical Japanese noodle, but did you know that this dish is originally from China? It is said that ramen became known to the Japanese in the 1860s.

Japan has many special foods that are liked by many countries, including Indonesia. One of them is ramen which is now easy to find because it is sold by street vendors to premium restaurants.

Taste ramen which is deliciously savory with a mixture of broth and various toppings makes it a favorite, especially since many Indonesians really like noodles. Ramen is now available in various versions.

There is authentic Japanese ramen and there is ramen that tends to be more modern because it is combined with various toppings and unusual ingredients. Each type of ramen has its own fans.

Talking about the history of ramen, this Japanese noodle dish was originally from China. In the land of bamboo curtains, the culture of eating noodles was created.

quote Ramen Culture, the culture was finally introduced to Japan during the 1860s. At that time Japan ended its period of national isolation and reopened its ports to foreign countries.

Ramen was introduced by Chinese immigrants in Yokohama. Photo: Getty Images/Tuckraider

Many Chinese immigrants then worked as shopkeepers in Yokohama. They also established a Chinatown area (Nankin-machi) there which contains many restaurants and food outlets.

One of the menus sold is noodles such as chaoshao tangimian and rousi tangmian, but native Japanese people often call these noodles Nankin soba.

History continues until in 1910, a retired Japanese customs officer working in Yokohama opened a Chinese restaurant in Asakusa, Tokyo. He employs Chinese people who are good at cooking noodles from Nankin-machi.

The method of making and cooking noodles from China from them finally developed and experienced adjustments in Japan. This menu is what we know as ramen now.

The word “ramen” is said to have come from the words “hao le!” which means “good food is ready” in Chinese. This greeting is used by a chef at a Chinese restaurant named Takeya who is in Hokkaido, after completing a customer’s noodle order.

Somehow then the sound “le” sounds “ra” for the Japanese. The word “ra” is then paired with the word “men” in Japanese which means “noodles”. This is where the word “ramen“popular.

Ramen innovation continues to evolve over time. Ramen noodles, for example, are now available in small, medium, and large options. For the shape there are straight and curly.

Broadly speaking, there are 3 types of ramen based on the broth, namely miso ramen, shoyu ramen, and tonkotsu ramen. The most common topping is chashu, but you can also add chicken, crab, or scallops.

Oishii!  Savory Delicious Bowl of Ramen Starting from the 1860sStarting from Japan, the popularity of ramen is now worldwide. Photo: Getty Images/Tuckraider

All these ramens are now easily found in Indonesia. There are many places to eat ramen in various cities. They serve both authentic ramen and ramen with a modern and contemporary touch.

In particular, all kinds of ramen will be discussed in this week’s detikfood review. It also includes recommendations for halal ramen from the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) version, authentic Japanese ramen, and ‘hidden gem’ ramen that not many people know about.

Not to forget the information about the correct way to enjoy ramen, which turns out to include sipping the soup and noodles until you hear a sound. Although many people find this sound annoying, it turns out to be the real Japanese way of enjoying ramen.

Detikfood’s ramen reviews also discuss contemporary ramen businesses such as dry ramen owned by Alshad Ahmad to ramen in the style of a modern Japanese shop in the SCBD area. So you don’t miss the information, keep an eye on detikfood!

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Sold out! This Ice Cane Sold Over 1,000 Cups a Day at Allo Fest


Melissa from was one of the people who opened tenants at the Allo Bank Festival event at Istora Senayan, Jakarta. This 26-year-old woman brought the sugarcane business.

This drink tenant is one of the most sought after by visitors, and was even able to sell nearly 1,500 cups on the first day of the Allo Bank Festival on Friday (20/5).

Melissa admitted that she was surprised and did not expect her booth to be so crowded with buyers. Moreover, most of the visitors to this festival are mostly young people, millennial to Z generations who, according to him, prefer contemporary drinks.

“Surprised, shocked, yesterday it was really busy. Almost 1,500 cups were sold here. The turnover doesn’t count, because Allo Bank hasn’t closed the book yet,” he told AFP at the Allo Bank Festival, Saturday (21/5/2022).

Regarding the price, his sugarcane drink products are sold at a relatively affordable price, which is only Rp. 15,000.

Melissa said her sugarcane drink was adapted to the tastes of today’s young people. Because, he has mixed special flavors that can not only reach all sugarcane lovers.

“Specially, the sugarcane (drink) in Tebubu can be mixed with lemon, sonkit orange, lime, yakult, aloe vera, and aloe vera. So there are many variations of the menu from the mixture,” he said.

“People usually drink sugar cane only with the original sweet taste. But if it is mixed with lemon, for example, it will have a fresher sweet and sour taste. This became one of the best-selling menus yesterday,” he added.

Melissa said her sugarcane drink has a pure and authentic taste because it doesn’t have a mixture of water or added sugar.

“I myself like to drink sugar cane, so I don’t like it mixed (water or sugar) because it tastes different. Pure is better,” explained Melissa.

Sugarcane Ice Photo: doc. Erika Dyah Fitriani/detikcom

In addition, he revealed that the sugarcane used for his beverage products is supplied directly from Kediri. This district is known as one of the areas that has the potential for sugar cane and has several active sugar cane factories.

“It so happened that my parents lived there, so I asked to send (supply of sugarcane) here. So I took the supply of sugarcane directly from Kediri because I’ve tried the one in and it tastes different,” he said.

Want to try the sweetness of the contemporary sugarcane drink that has many flavors in Tebubu? You can come directly to the Allo Bank Festival which will take place from 20 to 22 May 2022 at Istora Senayan, Jakarta.

Not only tasting the freshness of this special drink. You can also take part in various other activities that are no less interesting, such as music festivals, food bazaars, photo booths, job fairs, and many more.

The music festival at the Allo Bank Festival was also enlivened by 30 Indonesian and international musicians. Starting from Raisa, BCL, Kahitna, RAN, NCT Dream, Red Velvet, and many others.

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Cool! The Dishwasher’s Action Brings This Pile Of Glass Amazes


One of the dishwashers at this wedding wowed many guests with his act of carrying piles of glasses. The dish washer’s action went viral.

The wedding party has many committees for the smooth running of the event. These include the receptionist to the catering officer who arranges and serves the food.

One of the caterers who became a dishwasher at this wedding suddenly went viral. Because it makes an action that attracts attention.

Reporting from Says (17/5), the dishwasher’s action really made the guests look at him. Because he is able to carry a large number of glasses in one long pile.

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The action of this unnamed dishwasher was recorded by a TikTok netizen with the account @eyna_____. Eyna was also a guest at the wedding. He was also equally amazed to see the action of the dishwasher.

Dishwasher action attracts attention for carrying tall stacks of glasses Photo: TikTok @eynaa_____

“Everyone was amazed to see his action,” Eyna wrote in her TikTok video.

In the action, the dishwasher piled up the glasses one by one. Even the glass that still had its contents was also piled up by him.

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The dishwasher at the wedding then took it casually. He placed his hands on the bottom and middle of the stack of glasses.

The dishwasher's action attracts attention because it carries a tall pile of glassesDishwasher action attracts attention for carrying tall stacks of glasses Photo: TikTok @eynaa_____

After successfully getting out of the wedding party tent, he brought it back to a standing position. Then carry the stack of glasses with one hand only. Amazingly he seemed relaxed without breaking a single glass.

The video has gone viral on TikTok and has been viewed 1.2 million times. Many TikTok netizens also praised the action.

The dishwasher's action attracts attention because it carries a tall pile of glassesDishwasher action attracts attention for carrying tall stacks of glasses Photo: TikTok @eynaa_____

“This is really next level, brother,” commented netizens.

“Wow, it’s a free show,” said another netizen.

“The washer is really cool,” another commented.

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There’s Jumbo Size Grilled Squid at Allo Fest, Dare to Try it?


Various snacks and delicious culinary delights enliven the Allo Bank Festival at Istora Senayan. One of the tempting ones to try is Shansi Squid, which serves whole squid and octopus that are grilled as a contemporary dish.

According to detikcom’s observation at the location on Saturday (21/5/2022), Shansi Squid became one of the culinary tenants who lined up busy buyers at the 2022 Allo Bank Festival. This tenant offers squid and octopus with many choices of flavors.

The owner of Shansi Squid, Santi thinks that his culinary is different from others because it serves fresh squid and octopus. The texture of the soft seafood meat plus many flavor variants is said to be the hallmark.

“The favorite here is squid, because we make squid that is different from others, the squid is juicy, tender, not tough and not fishy, ​​that’s what makes Shansi different from the others,” he said at Istora Senayan.

He said that one serving of squid and octopus specifically at the Allo Bank Festival is priced at Rp. 50,000. Both seafood are jumbo in size, so they are very tempting on the tongue. Even so, when served, the grilled squid and octopus are cut into small pieces to make it easier for buyers to eat them.

“Then we have our favorite sauce, the most favorite is chili shansi, which is our special chili, it tastes sweet and sour, spicy and savory, it’s different from ordinary chili, it’s a special sauce for us, if you’re curious, just try it,” he explained.

Grilled squid Photo: doc. Alfi Kholisdinuka/detikcom

In addition, other flavor options include salt pepper, corn sauce, cheese sauce, BBQ, seaweed and many others. Visitors, if curious, can directly visit the culinary tenants at the Allo Bank Festival or visit Instagram @shansisquid.

Meanwhile, in terms of sales, Santi said she was happy because the many visitors who came to the Allo Bank Festival helped increase her sales. He said the first day of the Allo Bank Festival the turnover was quite high.

“The sales on the first day were okay, they exploded, from a turnover of more than Rp. 20 million, even though we arrived at noon, but I don’t know today, hopefully the turnover can increase,” he hoped.

For information, the Allo Bank Festival which will take place on Friday-Sunday, May 20-22, 2022 is filled with many exciting agendas. In culinary matters, visitors can taste a variety of delicious food and drinks from 32 tenants.

Allo Bank Festival is an All-in-One festival that presents various exciting activities ranging from music festivals, food bazaars, beauty and travel fairs, job fairs, photo booths, art installations, and many more.

There were 30 Indonesian and international musicians who enlivened the 2022 Allo Bank Festival. Starting from Red Velvet, NCT Dream, Raisa, Pamungkas, Rizky Febian, Padi Reborn, D’Masiv, and many others.

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Cuan! This seller of meatballs to chicken penyet street vendors with fantastic turnover


Not only the restaurant business that generates high turnover, but the seller street food can also get it. Turnover can reach tens of millions of rupiah!

Street food is very popular because it tastes good and is cheap. The quality offered is also not inferior to the food in the restaurant.

If it is proven that many restaurants have high turnover, street food vendors who use carts or tent stalls are no less successful. In fact, some sellers street food is known to go viral and the line of customers exceeds the restaurant.

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Seeing the queues of several street food vendors snaking, it is certain that the turnover is not kidding. Some of the sellers claim to have a turnover of millions to tens of millions of rupiah.

Bakso Pak De BCA Puri, his turnover reaches Rp 6 million a day. Photo: detikFood/Yenny Mustika Sari

One thing that deserves thumbs up is the persistence of Suparno, as a well-known seller of meatball carts in the Pasar Puri area, West Jakarta. It has been selling for 20 years and in the last 5 years, the meatballs have been selling well and being invaded by customers.

The meatballs offered by Suparno used to be a cart known as Bakso Pak De BCA Puri. Now it has a food stall which is located around Pasar Puri. Suparno had explained to detikFood that in a day he could achieve a turnover of Rp. 6 million.

Bakso Pak De BCA Puri, his turnover reaches Rp 6 million a day.Bakso Pak De BCA Puri, his turnover reaches Rp 6 million a day. Photo: detikFood/Yenny Mustika Sari

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Not only meatball sellers, but there are also tempe mendoan sellers in the Palmerah area, West Jakarta. Eko is the owner of the Tempe Mendoan Bagong business. He sells carts on the roadside every afternoon.

The simple tempe mendoan has succeeded in attracting customers because of its delicious taste, especially the spicy soy sauce made by Eko, nampol. Every day as many as 400 tempe boards are sold out and generate a turnover of IDR 1.2 million per day.

Tempe Mendoan Bagong is selling wellTempe Mendoan Bagong is selling well Photo: doc. detikFood / Yenny Mustika Sari

There are also chicken penyet sellers who achieve fantastic turnover, even though they only sell in carts. Namely Ayam Penyet Cabe Ijo Aa Sipit which is located in a street food area near Grand Indonesia and Plaza Indonesia.

Until now the demand is still high, making the carts always filled with customers. Turnover in a day can reach Rp 12 million. No wonder, because the taste of the green chili penyet chicken is a winner.

Chicken Penyet Chili Ijo Aa Sipit Viral at Grand Indonesia.  You can spend 50 kg of green chili a day and 1,000 pieces of chicken.Chicken Penyet Chili Ijo Aa Sipit Viral at Grand Indonesia. You can spend 50 kg of green chili a day and 1,000 pieces of chicken. Photo: detikFood/Yenny Mustika Sari

There are still many food and beverage sellers who have other high turnovers. Like a pastry seller whose turnover reaches Rp. 300 million during Ramadan, Tangerang Old Market pancake seller whose turnover is Rp. 17.5 million per day, and others. Other seller information will be discussed in this detikFood review!

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Nasi Kapau Using Mentai Sauce and Salted Egg Triggers the Pros and Cons of Netizens


Different from others, this outlet offers rice kapa currently using mentai and salted egg. This is how netizens reacted.

Nasi Kapau is a typical Minang cuisine. At first glance, Nasi Kapau does look like Nasi Padang. However, both have differences in the types of side dishes.

For example the side dish rendang. If at Padang restaurants, rendang is usually made of beef, then at Nasi Kapau restaurants there are various variants of rendang.

Starting from beef rendang, chicken rendang, and rendang daka-daka. For the seasoning, Nasi Kapau is usually served with Kapau curry made from bamboo shoots, radishes and long beans.

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Modern rice kapau Photo: TikTok @cewekdoyanmakan

This combination produces an authentic taste. However, recently there were many outlets that offer Nasi Kapau with a more contemporary variant.

As shared by a food vlogger with the account @cewekdoyanmakan. In the video, he shows the appearance of the present Nasi Kapau.

One serving of Nasi Kapau consists of rice, cassava leaves, red chili sauce, green chili sauce and rendang seasoning. Then he added mentai sauce.

“This is really unique and this is the first time I’ve tried it. It turns out that this is a really delicious combination. The rendang is savory and tender and the mentai is really delicious,” he said.

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Modern kapau riceModern rice kapau Photo: TikTok @cewekdoyanmakan

In addition, they also offer a side dish in the form of pop salted egg chicken. The pop chicken, which is usually white in color, is then covered in a creamy salted egg.

It was confirmed that detikFood (18/05) the outlet was named Kapau Sultan’s son. This Nasi Kapau outlet already has many branches in the area.

The presence of the present Kapau rice then raises the pros and cons of netizens. Some are curious to taste and some say it is not suitable.

“It’s an interesting idea, so I want to try it,” wrote a netizen.

“Now do you give mentai or salted egg? It’s scary that the original taste is gone, Kapau rice or Padang rice is the best original,” wrote another netizen.

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Traumatized! This Man Finds Frog Carcass in His Daughter’s Burger


The McDonald’s burger ordered by his daughter took this man by surprise. Because in his burger he saw a dead frog. Apart from being disgusting, it is also traumatizing.

Apart from rats and insects such as cockroaches, there are many animal discoveries to salty objects that make many people nauseous. Until the trauma to eat these types of food.

Like the story of the discovery of a burger filled with carcass of a frog that was almost swallowed by a customer, at a McDonald’s restaurant outlet in South Africa.

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Reporting from DailyStar UK (18/05), this story started with the excitement of a male customer who expressed his frustration on Facebook. This man, named Willem Bezuidenhout, wrote down the disgusting discovery in the McChicken Sandwich menu that his daughter bought at a McDonald’s outlet in Mpumalanga.

The burger that his daughter ordered was not only filled with chicken, but there was a dead frog and mixed with mayonnaise and lettuce in it. This menu is even called ‘McFroggie’ by Willem.

Traumatized! This Man Finds Frog Carcass in His Daughter’s Burger Photo: DailyStar

Willem shared the receipt for the purchase of the chicken burger. In addition to the chicken burger, Willem also ordered a Coca-Cola, four medium-sized fries, and two quarter cheese burgers. The other orders were safe, but in his daughter’s chicken burger, which had been half eaten, the carcass of the little frog was found.

“Thank you Secunda McDonald’s for the not so lovely surprise at my daughter’s meal tonight on May 6, 2022,” she wrote. Although this incident occurred in early May, the upload has only gone viral now.

Willem, who did not receive it, immediately complained to McDonald’s and it was immediately responded to. Even so, his tweet on Facebook has gone viral and has received more than a thousand different comments.

“It was traumatic to see it, it means that the McDonald’s kitchen at the branch is not clean. The problem is that even a small frog can sneak in there,” criticized one netizen.

“I’m so sick that I don’t want to order a chicken burger there. I’m afraid there’s another surprise waiting for me,” continued another netizen.

In response to this, McDonald’s in South Africa has launched an investigation to investigate this frog case further.

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