Can’t Swim, but Want to See Underwater Labuan Bajo? How can…


Labuan Bajo now has a bottom glass tourist boat. With this ship, those of you who cannot swim can enjoy the underwater beauty of Labuan Bajo.

Last week, on Friday (18/3), the Minister of Transportation, Budi Karya, inaugurated two Bottom Glass Tourism Ships in Labuan Bajo. The hope is that this ship can support tourism development in Labuan Bajo. also had the opportunity to directly board this new ship. This ship consists of three floors. The top floor has an open area that tourists can use to enjoy the view. There are also beach benches and umbrellas that can be used as well. There is also a control room on this floor.

Down to the second floor, we will see a row of passenger seats that are quite comfortable. Here there are also AC, Tv, toilet, mini bar and others. It looks very comfortable with wide windows so you are satisfied to enjoy the view while sailing.

Open area on the Bottom Glass Tourist Boat in Labuan Bajo Photo: (Syanti/detikcom)

Down again to the bottom floor, you will find the charm of this ship, namely its bottom glass. Indeed, the room is not big, but there are benches and also air conditioning that supports the comfort of visitors.

On the lower floor there are glass windows that look under the sea through which the ship passes. This is the attraction of this ship, visitors do not need to get wet to enjoy the underwater beauty of Labuan Bajo.

If you pay attention, this porthole is like a window on an airplane. So there are several windows on this floor. There are two sides of the ship that have a glass bottom, so visitors don’t have to jostle.

Later this tour boat will stop at several points that have beautiful underwater, so that passengers can see fish and corals clearly. Enough with sitting on the bottom glass.

Bottom Glass Tourist Boat in Labuan BajoBottom Glass Tourist Boat in Labuan Bajo Photo: (Syanti/detikcom)

Sightseeing Boat Route

“Our plan is that this ship will serve one day trip to enjoy Labuan Bajo to Komodo National Park,” said Head of the Labuan Bajo Class II Port Management Unit Office Hasan Sadili, some time ago to

“If it’s calculated, it can reach 4-5 trips a day. And the destinations for exploring underwater with a bottom glass are 3 points, namely Pink Beach, snorkeling spots on Kanawa Island and Manta Point. Meanwhile, two more destinations are Padar Island and TN Komodo,” he explained.

Travelers must be curious about the price of a trip with this tour boat, right?

“Because in Labuan Bajo it is marketed by friends, stakeholders, tourism actors who have traveled for around Rp. 1 million – Rp. 1.5 million per person for one day trip. And, we also share tips or joint trips. Our ships can carry 42 passengers,” said Hasan.

Bottom Glass Tourist Boat in Labuan BajoBottom Glass Tourist Boat in Labuan Bajo Photo: (Syanti/detikcom)

Hasan said that later the management of the ship would be handed over to the Regional Government and the Provincial Government, no longer under the Ministry of Transportation because this is a grant ship. However, the description of the operation of the proposed ship as he conveyed earlier.

“According to our duties and functions, we will be tasked with providing safety guarantees for ships that are studying. It has been granted and operates like any other ship, that to carry out a voyage it must meet the safety element,” said Hasan.

“For commercial purposes, we leave it to the regional government and provincial government, but if we look at the market in Labuan Bajo, the use of this tourist boat will also be like that. The grant process will take about 3 months, maybe in May it will be in the hands of the regional government and the provincial government,” ” said Hassan.

Well, travelers who want to go to Labuan Bajo after May, hopefully they can board this ship.

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