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Called Little Niagara, This is the Magnificent Enchantment of Malela Waterfall

West Bandung

Malela waterfall in West Bandung has a different charm from the others. In fact, because of its beautiful charm, this destination is called ‘Little Niagara’.

Located in Manglid Village, Cicadas Village, Rongga District, West Bandung Regency, Curug Malela has a waterfall source that comes from the northern part of the river upstream of Kendeng. Mount Kendeng is a mountain located in the west of Ciwidey. Now this river flows across the Cidadap Gunung Halu river.

Malela waterfall is called Little Niagara because of the wide shape of the waterfall. So that the flow of water is likened to Niagara Falls, which is located on the border of America and Canada.

Malela Waterfall Photo: (Yudha Maulana/detikTravel)

The height of the waterfall is about 60 meters with a width of 70 meters. Curug Malela has five waterfall paths that combine into a stunning view.

Curug Malela is the top of the line of seven waterfalls. The six waterfalls under Curug Malela are Curug Katumiri, Curug Manglid, Curug Ngeubul, Curug Sumpel, Curug Palisir and Curug Pameungpeuk.

Well, to get to Curug Malela the access is quite easy. From Bandung, travelers can find directions to the Cicadas Village Office. From there it is about 3 km more to reach Curug Malela.

Besides having a dazzling beauty, Curug Malela turns out to have a scary myth. That said, the origin of Curug Malela is taken from the name Tadjimalela. According to residents, he is the ruler of the Curug Malela waterfall area.

According to the story, the presence of Grandmother Tadjimalela was once shown to visitors who took pictures in front of the waterfall. You can see the shadowy figure of a bearded grandfather dressed in all white.

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