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CAKRA and Litedex Protocol Agreement in Metaverse Development Enters MURI Record

THE DEVELOPMENT OF Metaverse technology in Indonesia is starting to show real progress. This can be seen from the collaboration of the CAKRA Association and Litedex Protocol which carried out the ‘Metaverse Signing Agreement’ or the signing of the cooperation in the metaverse for the first time in Indonesia and was recorded in the Indonesian Record Museum (MURI).

This Metaverse Signing Agreement was carried out directly by the Chief Executive Officer of Litedex Protocol Andrew Suhalim, Chairman of the CAKRA Association Ivan Chen, and Deputy Minister of Trade Jerry Sambuaga, in virtual 3D in Metaverse.

This agreement is a prestigious momentum for the development of metaverse technology in the country, because both are pure platforms created by the nation’s children with a global orientation.

As an association of game developers and blockchain developers, CAKRA and Litedex Protocol will cooperate long-term for the development of the world’s metaverse in the country. For that, a large number of qualified experts is needed.

“Facing the challenges as well as opportunities in this metaverse era, Indonesia will need qualified and superior talents along with the presence of new technologies such as blockchain and its derivatives such as NFT, Play-to-earn games and metaverse,” said Ivan.

These new industries can create millions of jobs for the people of Indonesia. In the next 5 to 10 years, it is estimated that it will take around 15 million experts to develop digital projects in this blockchain world.

To catch up with the rapidly changing world, Indonesia must be proactive in adjusting the curriculum at the Vocational Education and Higher Education levels, of course, must cooperate with pioneers who are experts in their respective fields.

Litedex Protocol is a local company that focuses on building the foundation of the Metaverse with the MetaFinance concept.

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“With IT and blockchain talents who are experts in their fields, Litedex Academy is committed to sharing knowledge of blockchain technology and its derivatives to various educational institutions, to catch up with Indonesian talents in the midst of rapid technological developments,” said Andrew.

As is well known, several years ago the CAKRA Association has successfully initiated a cross-sector collaboration project in Indonesia which resulted in the first MOBA genre esports game in Indonesia, under the name Lokapala.

The CAKRA Association also hopes to implement a game industry acceleration program with a knowledge transfer scheme in project-based learning, namely by building 3-5 games on a large scale and involving various elements and educational institutions, namely Vocational Education and Higher Education.

Blockchain will become one of the strategic technologies in the game industry and various other fields. For this reason, the Cipta Karsa Adikarya Association (CAKRA) in collaboration with Litedex Protocol through Litedex Academy, entered into an agreement to provide education in blockchain technology, NFT and game development, to students in 14,000 Vocational High Schools (SMK) and Polytechnics throughout Indonesia.

This target is also a manifestation of CAKRA and LITEDEX’s vision to create wide employment opportunities for people in the game and Blockchain industry sectors.

The Deputy Minister of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia, Jerry Sambuaga said, with intensive education, it is hoped that it will be able to create ‘crypto savy’ in Indonesian society, along with the increase in crypto users in Indonesia, from 4 million users in 2020 to 11 million users in 2021. with a total transaction volume of IDR 859.4 trillion.

“There is great hope, with the establishment of cooperation between CAKRA and Litedex Protocol in the form of blockchain education to 14,000 vocational schools and polytechnics in Indonesia, Indonesia will be able to become a major player in the blockchain sector and in the future crypto assets made in Indonesia will become one of the export commodities,” he said. (RO/OL-7)