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Buy Drive Thru Coffee, This Woman Gets a ‘Secret’ Message from Her Admirer


Buy coffee through the service drive Thru, this woman gets a secret message that makes ‘baper’. Through a cup full of scribbles, this secret admirer barista looks good at seduction.

Ordering food or drinks through a drive thru service or a non-stop service (lantatur) is admittedly very easy for those who don’t have much time. Just drive a vehicle, they can order directly from the vehicle.

Usually customers will be served through speakers and so directed until their food orders are ready to be enjoyed. But the funny incident when ordering through a drive thru service is also not a little story.

Accidentally getting a ‘secret message’ when buying coffee through a drive thru service, this woman shared her story that provoked netizen reactions. Containing the barista’s deadly seduction, he even looked flushed when he saw the message on his coffee cup.

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Buying coffee through a drive thru service, this woman was made to blush until her face turned red. Photo: Mirror UK

Citing Mirror (18/3), much like in the stories of romantic films, this woman got a touching message that even immediately made her amazed. One day when he was about to buy coffee, this woman who was going with her twin sister chose a service drive Thru to be faster.

Ordering a cup of hot coffee, he was stunned after seeing the secret message sent by the barista who served him. By writing at the bottom of the cup, “Be careful! The drink you are about to enjoy is very hot,” the barista made a ‘modification’ that made his customers blush.

The barista crossed out several words, namely the words ‘drinks to be’ and ‘enjoy’. So the sentence now is “Be careful! You are very hot (beautiful).”

Seeing the secret message, this woman’s face immediately turned red when she showed the ‘secret message’ through a short video on TikTok. Showing the message to the twin sister who was next to him, the two of them even blushed together.

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Buy Drive Thru Coffee, This Woman Gets a 'Secret' Message from Her AdmirerBaristas who are fans write secret messages that make you baper. Photo: Mirror UK

Embarrassed by the unexpected incident that happened to her, this woman admitted that she was reluctant to return because she felt awkward when she met the barista who sent the secret message. After the video was uploaded, in fact some netizens actually have different speculations.

Some of them felt carried away (baper) to some who were suspicious of the barista’s seduction. Those who took part in the baper said they were surprised by the gentle manner when the barista seduced his customers and others were suspicious of how many customers he had seduced.

“No lie, this is really smooth,” wrote one netizen.

“This is so adorable, girls say men never do anything, he just gave his heart to you,” said another netizen.

“I wonder how many women he has also seduced,” wrote another netizen.

Regarding the incident, one of the workers from St*rb*cks also spoke up. According to him, a lot of customers do not realize that the service drive Thru indeed there are cameras that are deliberately installed to monitor customers.

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