Boiled Crab Using an Electric Teapot, This Hotel Guest Reluctant to Pay Compensation


The hotel demanded compensation from a guest who used an electric kettle in a hotel room to boil crabs. The fishy smell of this electric kettle doesn’t go away even though it’s been a few days.

An electric kettle in a hotel room is usually a facility that guests can use to heat water to brew tea or coffee. However, there are strange behavior of hotel guests when using this electric kettle. One of them is used to boil crabs.

Reporting from Soranews (3/5) a hotel in Japan demanded compensation of 40,000 yen or around Rp. 4.4 million to guests who used electric kettles to cook crabs. The hotel claims that this guest has boiled crabs several times using the electric kettle in the room.

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As a result of this, the hotel suffered losses due to the fishy smell that did not go away even though the room had been cleaned. Because of this fishy smell, the hotel cannot rent out this room to other guests.

Meanwhile, the hotel guests did not want to pay compensation. The reason is because this guest is not sure that there will be guests who rent hotel rooms continuously.

The hotel then lowered the demand to 17,000 yen or around Rp. 1.9 million to clean the room and 5,000 yen (Rp. 500 thousand) to buy a new electric kettle. However, the guest was still not satisfied and still did not want to pay compensation.

He claimed that the air purifier in the hotel room had been turned on when he boiled the crabs. He also argued that there was no prohibition against boiling crabs in this electric kettle.

Netizens also threw various comments saying this guest must be responsible.

“I’m scared to know there are people out there who do things like this,” said one netizen.

“It’s okay to do it because there are no restrictions. That’s typical idiotic logic,” said an annoyed netizen.

“It never even occurred to me to put anything but water in the kettle.”

Lobsters, Crab and Shrimp Can Feel Pain When Cooked AliveCrab Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto/davelogan

“I even heard that some people use the electric kettle to clean their underwear, so I would never use it while staying at a hotel,” said another netizen.

For legal matters this is fully handled by a lawyer who explains that this hotel guest must take full responsibility for his behavior. When guests stay at the hotel, they mean that they must be responsible for damage to property and hotel facilities damaged by their actions.

The electric kettle in the hotel room is only for boiling water. So anyone who uses this electric kettle for an unnatural purpose, such as cleaning underwear, playing baseball or boiling an animal alive, is liable for any harm caused to the hotel property.

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