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Blue Agency Indonesia Helps MSMEs Develop Through Social Media

The MSME sector is the backbone of the Indonesian economy, with the contribution of the MSME sector in 2021 reaching IDR 8.6 trillion, equivalent to 61.97% of gross domestic product (GDP). In the future, with more stimulus and new entrepreneurs, the MSME sector will continue to grow.

One of the agencies that play a role in helping the development of MSMEs is Blue Agency Indonesia, which often accompanies the digitization of MSMEs. As a Social Media Agency that has focused on MSMEs since the outbreak of the pandemic, Blue Agency Indonesia noted good developments in the MSME business.

“We have handled more than 500 projects from 2020. With the rapid development of this business, from the beginning we were only in Jakarta, now we have spread across all city centers in Indonesia and are the first agency that can handle various cities at once in Indonesia,” said Vinia. , Public Relations Manager of Blue Agency Indonesia, Wednesday (16/3)

As the best social media agency that understands the needs of MSMEs in the digital era, he said that empowering SMEs with social media can have a positive impact, especially in terms of product marketing. That way, SMEs can develop and progress and become the driving force of the domestic economy.

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He said that so far his party has helped MSMEs connect with various social media platforms including Instagram, TikTok to Facebook. With a large number of users in Indonesia, the three social media platforms can be a means of promoting and marketing Indonesian MSME products.

“By following existing trends and algorithms, we are maximizing the above application facilities to advance Indonesian MSMEs,” he continued.

So far, his party has helped various types of MSMEs to develop, ranging from food and beverage (F&B), products, to services. With this experience, he believes that in the future the development of Indonesian MSMEs will be very interesting. Increasingly digitized and connected to social media so that MSME sales will go up in class. (RO/OL-7)