Bitter Story Netizens Get Priced by Friends, Ordered to Pay Rp 230 thousand!


Not counting the cost of eating together according to the order, these netizens have to pay for food more than they should. He was charged a bill of up to Rp. 230 thousand!

Eating with friends is fun, but generally after eating there is still a ‘task’ to be done. The task of calculating the total food order yourself is often also tiring.

Some people may not mind, but what if you are actually billed for a meal that is double the menu you ordered? Like being hit by a price tag by his own friend, a netizen shared an unpleasant experience when he miscalculated after eat with friendshis.

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This netizen shared his story when he had a bad incident sharing a food bill with his friend. Photo: TikTok/farelogic

Quoting TikTok @farelogic (28/1), a netizen named Farel shared his bad experience when calculating the distribution of the food bill after hanging out with his friends. He even admitted that he had felt a loss after returning from school eat with friends-her friend.

“Have you guys ever been hanging out with friends, were you happy, and when you got home you felt like you were at a loss?” Farel said.

This was revealed by Farel because when he was eating with his friend, he ordered a menu at a price much more expensive than his. According to Farel’s information to detikcom (10/2) the calculation made by his friend was only the total price of the food and then divided according to the number of people who were eating at that time.

The distribution of the total price equally made Farel have to bear part of the cost of his friend’s meal which should not have been charged to him. Showing a photo of a food bill worth Rp. 922 thousand, Farel who only ordered Mac n Cheese and Lemon Tea had to pay up to Rp. 230 thousand.

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Bitter Story Netizens Get Priced by Friends, Ordered to Pay Rp 230 thousand!Not calculated fairly, Farel paid Rp. 230 thousand from what he should have only paid Rp. 111 thousand. Photo: TikTok/farelogic

Answering Farel’s complaint, it turns out that some TikTok users are willing to calculate the cost of eating that Farel should have paid. The Mac n Cheese menu for IDR 75 thousand and Lemon Tea for IDR 22 thousand should have been paid by Farel for IDR 111,550 instead of IDR 230 thousand.

The calculation comes from the total bill for Farel’s menu orders of Rp. 97,000, VAT costs of Rp. 9,700 and service fees of Rp. 4,850. However, because the total price of food was Rp. 922,300 divided equally for 4 people, Farel actually had to pay up to Rp. 230,575.

Viewed more than 155 thousand times, many netizens replied to Farel’s upload by giving tips so as not to lose when eat with friends. Some say it’s better to pay for each other’s food from the start to rely on bringing lunch.

“Well, pay MM or each or you go home first,” wrote the account @stress444.

“So if you hangout, bring a bekel,” wrote the account @twodayxne.ldl.

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