BeKind Pioneers Using NFT for Fundraising in Indonesia

A social platform based on blockchain technology, BeKind launched a Non-Fungible Token or NFT to facilitate the development of a social ecosystem that enables creative, transparent, and accountable fundraising in Indonesia. The BeKind NFT was launched through the OpenSea marketplace platform which has been accessible since 25 March.

Bringing fundraising innovations using blockchain technology, BeKind enables fundraisers and donors to help communities facing economic hardship in the midst of a pandemic or natural disaster, with more traceable, cost-effective, and secure distribution through an innovative ecosystem.

Fundraising can be done through the purchase of NFT digital works using a token exchange based on blockchain technology, which allows for more accurate data storage and more transparent distribution of funds.

“We are aware that the fundraising process often faces various challenges such as high transaction fees, lack of transparency, and the possibility of manipulation of reporting on the distribution of funds. By using blockchain for social fundraising, we hope that donors and philanthropists in Indonesia will find an innovative fundraising solution that is more transparent and accountable. The tracking will also be more accurate and transparent,” said Fajar Jasmin, CEO and Founder of BeKind.

The NFT digital works available in the marketplace are the result of the collaboration of a number of art actors facilitated by BeKind. A number of works that have been launched so far are the collaboration between the legendary music group, KLa Project, and pixel art artist, Pinot W. Ichwandardi, they launched digital music video clips featuring pieces of the song “Yogyakarta” with special animation using retro technology.

“We see a great opportunity for artists to survive and continue to produce their best works while at the same time contributing to helping others through the BeKind platform. The digital music that we collaborated with Pinot is the first step for us and other artists to take this platform further. In the future, we hope that other artists will be able to enliven this innovative social fundraising platform, BeKind, with their creations,” said Katon Bagaskara, vocalist of KLa Project.

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In addition, other digital NFT music works that are already available on the BeKind marketplace are the result of the collaboration between the Elements music group and pixel art artist, Pinot W. Ichwandardi, with the song “Strength of Love”.

“The launch of our new single in the form of NFT is a gift that we gave to PARLEMENT (Band Element fanbase) for our 23rd anniversary celebration in mid-March. We are delighted to be collaborating with Pinot for the release of our new single, and welcome the opportunity to help others. Hopefully, the purchase of our latest single NFT can inspire other artists to not only showcase their best work, but also raise social funds through BeKind,” said Didi Riyadi, drummer for Band Element.

For Pinot, his collaboration with these two legendary Indonesian bands is an innovation that is beneficial not only for others, but also for artists to survive in the midst of a pandemic.

“I have collaborated with musicians several times, but this is my first time collaborating with local musicians. I am very proud of the results of my collaboration with the KLa Project and Band Element, because our digital creations pave the way for fundraising that can help others through the NFT marketplace from BeKind. I think this is the latest innovation that can encourage not only the improvement of the welfare of artists in the midst of the current pandemic, but also help those in need,” said Pinot.

For future plans, BeKind will continue to organize creative collaborations with various artists in Indonesia in raising social funds that can help others.

BeKind is also currently developing the BeKind Hub social ecosystem so that fundraising can be more involved with various stakeholders, from fundraisers, donors, to philanthropists. (RO/OL-7)

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