Before the Russian Invasion of Ukraine, Chicken Kiev was also contested, this is a fact


If you see the name, chicken Kiev is a typical Ukrainian food. However, Russia and France actually claim that the culinary comes from their country.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is already underway. Russian President Vladimir Putin has launched a military aggression against the former Soviet Union.

Long before this conflict, Ukraine and Russia also fought over the origin of a popular dish called chicken Kiev. The word ‘Kiev’ in chicken Kiev is taken from the name of the Ukrainian capital.

Therefore, chicken Kiev is known as a typical Ukrainian dish. This dish is in the form of breaded chicken with melted butter filling. Now this chicken dish is popular in the world.

Judging from its history, chicken Kiev has a long story. Because the food is contested by several countries including Ukraine, Russia and France.

1. Chicken Kiev According to Russians

According to Russians, chicken Kiev originated in the Muscovy region of the Old Empire Photo: iStock

According to Russians, chicken Kiev originated in the Muscovy region of the Old Empire. The original recipe was filled with butter sauce and breaded chicken.

Then, modified to perfection in the 19th century by a chef from Ukraine. Well, that’s where the name is known as Chicken Kiev and is considered healthy by Russians.

This story reflects Russia’s traditional policy towards Ukraine, which was to allow it to exist as a distinct entity, but to retain firmly in the old empire’s rule.

Quoted from Head Topics (23/09/20) in the Russian Federation, government canteens changed the name of chicken Kiev to ‘chicken crimea’.

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2. Chicken Kiev According to France

Chicken Kiev factsFrance claims Russia has stolen the recipe from them Photo: iStock

Meanwhile, France claims Russia has stolen the recipe from them. In the eyes of Russia, France is a country with a quality chef.

In the French version, the chicken Kiev recipe is to add garlic to the butter sauce. This was conveyed by Viacheslav Gribov, head chef of the Dnipro Hotel in Kiev, Ukraine in 1840.

Quoted from NPR (21/01/12) Russian royalty sent their chefs to Paris to study. When they returned to Russia, they brought a recipe for a dish called Mikhailovskaya cutlet.

The dish is made in Paris using veal or veal. But in Moscow, Russia, this dish is made from chicken because veal is very expensive.

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