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Because of 35 Hour Power Outage, This Restaurant Loss Rp. 85 Million!


Power outages cause losses in various sectors. One of them is this restaurant which lost up to Rp. 85 million after a 35-hour blackout!

Being an essential need, electricity supply is needed to carry out daily activities. Not only for households, but also for various industrial sectors.

Incident power failure can lead to unexpected losses. One of them has just been experienced by this restaurant at the Golden Mile Complex, Singapore.

quote Asia One (10/3/2022), on Saturday night (5/3/2022) around 23:00, there was a power outage. As a result, lights, air conditioners, and refrigerators cannot operate.

This Thai-style BBQ restaurant or commonly called mookata suffered the most losses. His party admitted that they had lost up to USD 6,000 or around Rp. 85 million due to the absence of electricity.

The restaurant manager, a 40-year-old man, revealed that half of the restaurant’s power supply was cut off, rendering their kitchen pitch black. But even so, the restaurant continues to operate until 3 am.

A power outage has damaged the stock of groceries at a Thai BBQ restaurant in Singapore. Photo: Shin Min Daily News via Asia One

Unfortunately it happened power failure What was usually a short time turned out to be a long one. The stock of fresh food in their refrigerators ends up getting stale and smelly.

“After I opened the refrigerator, I smelled a very strong smell. Various seafood such as crab, shrimp, and clams, all were of poor quality. Some of the meat was not fresh. Everything had to be thrown away,” he said.

He added that in total, the restaurant had to throw away more than 30 packs of groceries. To replace it, they had to pay another USD 4,000 (Rp 57 million).

Worse, the restaurant’s electronic payment system is also dead. About 30 groups of customers who didn’t have cash apparently didn’t want to eat in and just left.

Restaurant customers also complained about the lack of air conditioning in the restaurant. The restaurant manager revealed that overall, the business that day lost 60 percent.

Because of 35 Hour Power Outage, This Restaurant Loss Rp. 85 Million!Power outages for 35 hours make the restaurant lose up to tens of millions of rupiah. Photo: Shin Min Daily News via Asia One

Another Thai restaurant owner who did not want to be named also said it lost about 20 percent. The reason is that 1 out of 2 outlets it owns is affected by a power outage.

“I’ve been doing business here for five years and this is the first time a power outage has occurred without warning. It’s been more than a day and management still doesn’t know the cause,” he said.

It turns out that the event of a power outage for a long time is not the first time that has happened at the Golden Mile Complex. In 2014, fires caused power outage massive and prolonged blackouts.

Similar to the recent case, business owners have to endure long hours without electricity. This results in damaged products and decreased customers.

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