Beautiful! This Resort Has The World’s First Air Beach Using the Name Bali


A resort looks beautiful with its luxury. There is an ‘air beach’ whose design is like a butterfly.

Launching CNN Travel, Bocas Bali Resort has a 21-meter deep freshwater swimming pool, spa and fine dining in a 100-year-old house. This adults-only resort is located in the Bocas Del Torom province of Panama.

This resort does not have a beach as usual, but according to the owner, here is the world’s first aerial beach called Butterfly, which of course is taken from the Indonesian language. This artificial beach has a length of about 27 meters and a width of six meters.

Bocas Bali Resort Photo: (Bocas Bali)

Built over the water, Bocas Bali Resort features white sand, palm trees, lounge chairs and a bar. There is a 3 meter wide wooden road to connect it to the island. While the green tiled stairs provide access to the waters where tourists can snorkel and kayak.

“When I was first introduced to the private island, I needed a little convincing to see that there wasn’t a white sand beach, but the island had everything and some things I didn’t know I wanted. So we started thinking about it,” said Bocas Bali owner Dan Behm.

“How can we build a beach that looks like part of the island without a negative impact on the mangroves, corals or marine life around it,” added Behm.

“After we researched more traditional man-made options, we realized we had to get creative and we did,” he said. An architect from Costa Rica, Andres Brenes who developed the initial designs for the beach.

Maybe many travelers will say that artificial beaches can be found in the world. However, Behm revealed that the team had conducted an extensive online search and had yet to find any beach built over the water.

“We know some of the floating beaches in the world (where the monitors are directly built over the water) that would be much easier, but not possible in our case because they would damage the mangroves and corals,” said Behm.

Behm added, the entire beach was built manually with few modern machines. The hardest part is building ladders such as ponds and bases above the water and lowering the structure into the water.

“The winds are so light that most of the sand stays in place. The 90 water channels placed on the beach allow water to pass through but the sand doesn’t. Palm trees are planted in soil-filled barrels inside the structure. So they do it and don’t disturb the natural environment while adding Caribbean Island aesthetics,” said Behm.

Bocas Bali ResortBocas Bali Resort Photo: (Bocas Bali)

Located on Panama’s Frangipani Island, its 16 on-water villas are made in Bali, then shipped to Panama. Some are equipped with private swimming pools to glass floors that allow tourists to see underwater life.

Meanwhile, a series of bamboo tree houses are currently under construction and will open soon. Rates start from USD 1,100 or around IDR 15 million per night during high season and USD 900 or around IDR 12 million on weekdays.

How come there is a Balinese name?

In an e-mail received by detikcom, the Guest Experience Manager of Bocas Bali Luxury Water Villas, Lea Larrenduche, explained about the name Bali at the resort.

“The hotel owner is not from Bali, he is an American. All the villas and almost all the furniture, decorations come from Bali,” he said.

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