Be Alert, Keep Personal Data Safe in the Digital Space

Information technology in the world continues to grow massively. Lifestyle changes to become all-digital offer convenience and practicality in carrying out various activities.

On the other hand, high digital activity also opens up bad potential, such as fraud and account theft. Public understanding of digital security is needed.

This opinion was conveyed by the Chairman of the Doctoral Association of Communication Sciences, Padjadjaran University (Unpad) Bandung, Dr. Pitoyo when he was a resource person at the digital literacy webinar “Indonesia is More Digitally Capable” held by the Ministry of Communication and Information (Kominfo) RI for digital communities in the Bali – Nusa Tenggara region, Sunday (31/7).

“Digital security is a process to ensure that the use of digital services, both online and offline, can be done safely. Not only to secure the data we have, but also to protect confidential personal data,” said Pitoyo in a virtual discussion entitled “Keep Personal Data Safe in the Digital Space”.

Pitoyo stated that digital users need to understand digital security competencies. These competencies include understanding related to digital devices, digital identity, digital fraud and digital track records, and understanding digital security for children.

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For this reason, Pitoyo advises digital users to avoid risky behavior that can result in losses.

“Among them, not marking locations when taking pictures at home or while on vacation, not accepting friend requests from strangers, and not just clicking hyperlinks on social media posts,” said Pitoyo in front of the webinar participants which were also enthusiastically followed by the digital community. in the Central Lombok region.

The #MakinCakapDigital 2022 webinar which is part of the socialization of the National Digital Literacy Movement was organized by the Ministry of Communication and Information in collaboration with Siberkreasi.

The activity which is scheduled to be held until early December is expected to be able to provide guidance to the public in carrying out digital activities.

Furthermore, the postgraduate lecturer in communication at Gunadarma University Jakarta advised digital users to limit personal information shared through social media.

“For example, related to hobbies, date of birth, hometown, animal names, favorite foods, family information, and other privacy data,” he explained.

The webinar activity, which is part of the digital literacy program in 34 provinces and 514 districts, always discusses each theme from the point of view of the four main pillars. Namely, digital skills, digital ethics, digital safety and digital culture to make Indonesian people more digitally capable.

Similarly, the Secretary of Dipa Makassar University, Indra Samsie, expressed his opinion regarding digital security in terms of the devices used (hardware).

According to him, the digital world and the real world should be considered the same. Because any activity in the real world must be reflected in the virtual world.

“Unfortunately, there are still many digital users who perceive the digital world as different from the real world. This raises issues related to security in the digital world. People think the digital world is where we hide, but it’s not,” said Indra.

On that occasion, Indra also highlighted the issue of digital security of personal data related to the concentration model. Namely, a personal approval permit before making digital transactions to anticipate the occurrence of digital crimes.

“Scams or digital crimes mostly occur through phishing to scams, so be careful,” he concluded.

Since its implementation in 2017, the National Digital Literacy Movement has reached 12.6 million citizens.

In 2022, the Ministry of Communication and Information targets the provision of digital literacy training to 5.5 million citizens.

Guided by the moderator Raka Couple Zone, this webinar also featured influencer Inta Oceannia as a key opinion leader. For further information, please access or the @siberkreasi Instagram account. (RO/OL-09)

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