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Cuan! This seller of meatballs to chicken penyet street vendors with fantastic turnover


Not only the restaurant business that generates high turnover, but the seller street food can also get it. Turnover can reach tens of millions of rupiah!

Street food is very popular because it tastes good and is cheap. The quality offered is also not inferior to the food in the restaurant.

If it is proven that many restaurants have high turnover, street food vendors who use carts or tent stalls are no less successful. In fact, some sellers street food is known to go viral and the line of customers exceeds the restaurant.

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Seeing the queues of several street food vendors snaking, it is certain that the turnover is not kidding. Some of the sellers claim to have a turnover of millions to tens of millions of rupiah.

Bakso Pak De BCA Puri, his turnover reaches Rp 6 million a day. Photo: detikFood/Yenny Mustika Sari

One thing that deserves thumbs up is the persistence of Suparno, as a well-known seller of meatball carts in the Pasar Puri area, West Jakarta. It has been selling for 20 years and in the last 5 years, the meatballs have been selling well and being invaded by customers.

The meatballs offered by Suparno used to be a cart known as Bakso Pak De BCA Puri. Now it has a food stall which is located around Pasar Puri. Suparno had explained to detikFood that in a day he could achieve a turnover of Rp. 6 million.

Bakso Pak De BCA Puri, his turnover reaches Rp 6 million a day.Bakso Pak De BCA Puri, his turnover reaches Rp 6 million a day. Photo: detikFood/Yenny Mustika Sari

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Not only meatball sellers, but there are also tempe mendoan sellers in the Palmerah area, West Jakarta. Eko is the owner of the Tempe Mendoan Bagong business. He sells carts on the roadside every afternoon.

The simple tempe mendoan has succeeded in attracting customers because of its delicious taste, especially the spicy soy sauce made by Eko, nampol. Every day as many as 400 tempe boards are sold out and generate a turnover of IDR 1.2 million per day.

Tempe Mendoan Bagong is selling wellTempe Mendoan Bagong is selling well Photo: doc. detikFood / Yenny Mustika Sari

There are also chicken penyet sellers who achieve fantastic turnover, even though they only sell in carts. Namely Ayam Penyet Cabe Ijo Aa Sipit which is located in a street food area near Grand Indonesia and Plaza Indonesia.

Until now the demand is still high, making the carts always filled with customers. Turnover in a day can reach Rp 12 million. No wonder, because the taste of the green chili penyet chicken is a winner.

Chicken Penyet Chili Ijo Aa Sipit Viral at Grand Indonesia.  You can spend 50 kg of green chili a day and 1,000 pieces of chicken.Chicken Penyet Chili Ijo Aa Sipit Viral at Grand Indonesia. You can spend 50 kg of green chili a day and 1,000 pieces of chicken. Photo: detikFood/Yenny Mustika Sari

There are still many food and beverage sellers who have other high turnovers. Like a pastry seller whose turnover reaches Rp. 300 million during Ramadan, Tangerang Old Market pancake seller whose turnover is Rp. 17.5 million per day, and others. Other seller information will be discussed in this detikFood review!

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Go to Bandung, stop at the Legendary Mi Shake Cepay


Mi shake is one of Bandung’s culinary delights that travelers are looking for. One of the popular noodle shake locations in Bandung is Mi Beat Cepay. What’s so special about it?

There are two Mi Beat Cepay shops that you can visit, namely at GOR Pajajaran and on Jalan Samiaji. It is Mamat Rohman, the second generation successor who is now continuing his father’s business. Mamat Rohman sells at GOR Pajajaran, while the shop on Jalan Samiaji is guarded by his eldest son Risna (33) and his wife.

“It’s been a long time selling, about 40 years and opening two outlets with the one here. Thank God, although I’m not sure, but both are crowded,” said Risna.

Mi Shake Cepay, one of the legendary shake noodles in Bandung. Photo: Anindyadevi Aurelia

If you order a noodle shake here, a traveler will be treated to a combination of yellow noodles, bean sprouts, beef kikil, doused in hot beef broth. If you want to use white rice, it is provided separately wrapped in banana leaves.

Once you take a bite, you will be spoiled with a clashing taste, even more delicious with crackers. Until the last bite, you will feel the gravy is still warm. The warmth of the gravy lasts longer, because it is cooked using charcoal.

“The difference is with other shaken noodles, we cook it using charcoal,” said Risna.

Mi Shake is arguably the most legendary in Bandung. In addition to serving buyers with small portions, this noodle shake is also famous for being able to be ordered for various large events and even weddings.


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Nasi Kapau Using Mentai Sauce and Salted Egg Triggers the Pros and Cons of Netizens


Different from others, this outlet offers rice kapa currently using mentai and salted egg. This is how netizens reacted.

Nasi Kapau is a typical Minang cuisine. At first glance, Nasi Kapau does look like Nasi Padang. However, both have differences in the types of side dishes.

For example the side dish rendang. If at Padang restaurants, rendang is usually made of beef, then at Nasi Kapau restaurants there are various variants of rendang.

Starting from beef rendang, chicken rendang, and rendang daka-daka. For the seasoning, Nasi Kapau is usually served with Kapau curry made from bamboo shoots, radishes and long beans.

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Modern rice kapau Photo: TikTok @cewekdoyanmakan

This combination produces an authentic taste. However, recently there were many outlets that offer Nasi Kapau with a more contemporary variant.

As shared by a food vlogger with the account @cewekdoyanmakan. In the video, he shows the appearance of the present Nasi Kapau.

One serving of Nasi Kapau consists of rice, cassava leaves, red chili sauce, green chili sauce and rendang seasoning. Then he added mentai sauce.

“This is really unique and this is the first time I’ve tried it. It turns out that this is a really delicious combination. The rendang is savory and tender and the mentai is really delicious,” he said.

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Modern kapau riceModern rice kapau Photo: TikTok @cewekdoyanmakan

In addition, they also offer a side dish in the form of pop salted egg chicken. The pop chicken, which is usually white in color, is then covered in a creamy salted egg.

It was confirmed that detikFood (18/05) the outlet was named Kapau Sultan’s son. This Nasi Kapau outlet already has many branches in the area.

The presence of the present Kapau rice then raises the pros and cons of netizens. Some are curious to taste and some say it is not suitable.

“It’s an interesting idea, so I want to try it,” wrote a netizen.

“Now do you give mentai or salted egg? It’s scary that the original taste is gone, Kapau rice or Padang rice is the best original,” wrote another netizen.

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Long Weekend at Dewa Dewi Cipiit’s Site, You Can Camp


The Dewa Dewi Cipiit Lake in Sukabumi, West Java is perfect for filling your day off. Travelers can camp here.

Situ Dewa Dewi Cipiit is located in Tanjungsari Village, Central Jampang District, Sukabumi Regency. Fun, this lake tour surrounded by pine forests has an area of ​​​​7 hectares.

With a large area, Situ Dewa Dewi Cipiit presents quite a lot of facilities. Starting from motor boats and gowes ducks to enjoy the beauty of the lake, mini motorbikes and ATVs to explore the pine forest, to camping grounds scattered throughout the area. In addition, there is also a canal tour in the form of a cave search.

The Dewa Dewi Cipiit Lake in Sukabumi is surrounded by pine forests. (Yasmin Nurfadila/detikcom)

Different from camp site in general, which provides a special area for setting up a tent, in this place a traveler can build a tent in almost the entire area. In addition, for visitors who want to camp, but do not have tents and other camping equipment, Situ Dewa Dewi Cipiit also provides complete rental services.

Situ Dewa Dewi Cipiit which is located in the highlands makes the air in this place not only fresh, but also cool. So, it is suitable to be visited by people who are looking for tranquility and freshness.

“It’s a nice place, perfect for chilling,” said Ria, one of the visitors from Cikembar when asked for her opinion on Situ Dewa Dewi Cipiit, Monday (16/5/2022).

Access to Situ Dewa Dewi Cipiit

The location of Situ Dewa Dewi Cipiit is about 23 km from the center of Sukabumi City and 26 km from the Ratu-Cibadak T-junction, Sukabumi Regency. From the main road junction to the road that leads to Situ Cipiit, it can only be accessed by private vehicles.

With roads that are not too wide and sometimes rocky terrain, it is advisable to use a two-wheeled or four-wheeled vehicle that is quite tall. Transportation type city ​​car less recommended considering the terrain is quite steep in some places.

Entrance Ticket Prices for Situ Dewa Dewi Cipiit

Situ Dewa Dewi Cipiit in SukabumiSitu Dewa Dewi Cipiit in Sukabumi (Yasmin Nurfadila/detikcom)

The entrance ticket for Situ Dewa Dewi Cipiit nature tourism is very affordable, which is IDR 5,000 for weekdays and IDR 7,500 for weekends. As for camping, an average tariff of IDR 10,000 is charged.

Especially for high seasons such as Eid holidays, the entrance fee for natural tourism has increased by Rp. 2,500. Situ Dewa Dewi Cipiit nature tourism is open every day from 07.00-16.00, and for camping it is open every day from 16.00-11.00.

If you are looking for a relaxing nature tour at an affordable price, Situ Dewa Dewi Cipiit can be an option.

The Legend of the Goddess Cipiit

According to the story handed down from the village ancestor, namely the late Mr. Bini, Situ Cipiit is a small lake inhabited by many sparrows or in Sundanese called piit. So it was named Situ Cipiit.

In addition, it is said that the Situ area was once inhabited by a pair of men and women, which inspired the addition of the name Dewa Dewi.

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Traumatized! This Man Finds Frog Carcass in His Daughter’s Burger


The McDonald’s burger ordered by his daughter took this man by surprise. Because in his burger he saw a dead frog. Apart from being disgusting, it is also traumatizing.

Apart from rats and insects such as cockroaches, there are many animal discoveries to salty objects that make many people nauseous. Until the trauma to eat these types of food.

Like the story of the discovery of a burger filled with carcass of a frog that was almost swallowed by a customer, at a McDonald’s restaurant outlet in South Africa.

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Reporting from DailyStar UK (18/05), this story started with the excitement of a male customer who expressed his frustration on Facebook. This man, named Willem Bezuidenhout, wrote down the disgusting discovery in the McChicken Sandwich menu that his daughter bought at a McDonald’s outlet in Mpumalanga.

The burger that his daughter ordered was not only filled with chicken, but there was a dead frog and mixed with mayonnaise and lettuce in it. This menu is even called ‘McFroggie’ by Willem.

Traumatized! This Man Finds Frog Carcass in His Daughter’s Burger Photo: DailyStar

Willem shared the receipt for the purchase of the chicken burger. In addition to the chicken burger, Willem also ordered a Coca-Cola, four medium-sized fries, and two quarter cheese burgers. The other orders were safe, but in his daughter’s chicken burger, which had been half eaten, the carcass of the little frog was found.

“Thank you Secunda McDonald’s for the not so lovely surprise at my daughter’s meal tonight on May 6, 2022,” she wrote. Although this incident occurred in early May, the upload has only gone viral now.

Willem, who did not receive it, immediately complained to McDonald’s and it was immediately responded to. Even so, his tweet on Facebook has gone viral and has received more than a thousand different comments.

“It was traumatic to see it, it means that the McDonald’s kitchen at the branch is not clean. The problem is that even a small frog can sneak in there,” criticized one netizen.

“I’m so sick that I don’t want to order a chicken burger there. I’m afraid there’s another surprise waiting for me,” continued another netizen.

In response to this, McDonald’s in South Africa has launched an investigation to investigate this frog case further.

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Looking for a Safe Beach for Swimming in Sukabumi? Try Cibangban Beach


One of the tourist attractions in Sukabumi Regency is the existence of a variety of beautiful beaches. In Palabuhanratu, the capital of Sukabumi Regency, there are many commercial beaches that present their own specialties. Starting from Karang Hawu Beach, Cibangban, Citepus, to Sawarna.

The beach that will be discussed this time is Cibangban Beach. This beach is located in Pasir Baru Village, Cisolok District, Sukabumi Regency. Cibangban Beach has three tourist points, namely Cibangban Lapang, Karang Haji, and Cikembang. Just like other beaches in Palabuhanratu, these three beaches are managed by the village and the local Youth Organization.

Cibangban Beach in Palabuhanratu Photo: (Syifa Yasmin/detikcom)

In contrast to Karang Hawu or Citepus Beach which is located on the side of the road and is an open space. Cibangban Beach has a slightly more exclusive location. Visitors need to enter a special gate to get to the parking lot and the beach.

The south coast is known to have quite strong waves and currents. For example in the Karang Hawu Beach area which is known to be fierce at certain times. Well, one of the features of Cibangban Beach is the calm current. So this beach is relatively safe for visitors who want to swim with family and children.

“In Cibangban, the water has been calm from the start, you could say nothing has happened,” said Devi Aryanto, Field Coordinator of LPMD Cisolok.

In addition to swimming, Cibangban Beach also presents other water attractions. On this beach there are fishing boats that can be rented to get around. Not only that, this beach also has a mini surfboard rental place that is suitable for beginners and even children.

Because it is not an open space, to enter the Cibangban Beach area, visitors will be charged an entrance fee of IDR 10,000 per person. This rate includes parking fees, so visitors only need to pay once to enter and exit the beach. For other attractions such as boats and surfboards, a different fee is charged and visitors can pay directly to the renter.

For you beach lovers who want to enjoy the beauty of the beach while swimming, or for families with children who want to swim on the beach safely, Cibangban Beach can be an interesting choice to visit.

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Ordering food at the rest area, this woman admits to getting hit at a price of Rp. 495 thousand!


Great dining experience the price is ‘beaten’ expensive widely uploaded to social media. Like a woman who eats in the rest area it reaches Rp. 495 thousand.

Stories of eating at restaurants or restaurants whose prices are expensive are widely spread on social media. Usually experienced by several people who eat food at restaurants located in tourist areas.

Most of these restaurants raise prices or get price one to two times the actual price. Several cases have gone viral and have attracted the attention of many netizens.

This was also experienced by a woman named Nila Backgroundissa who shared her experience through her TikTok account. In the video, Nila shares a photo showing a food receipt from one of the restaurants in the rest area.

Food Vendor Gets Prices at Rest Area Photo: TikTok @nila_latarissa

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It has been confirmed by detikFood (18/5) that what happened to Nila is true. At that time, Nila and five other people were eating at the rest area of ​​the Km 10 Jagorawi Toll Road in the Cipayung area, East Jakarta.

This incident took place on May 7, 2022 and then at lunch. Nila and 5 other people ordered several portions of food.

Among them are fried chicken, beef soup, kikil curry rice, mackerel rice, and Kudus soto. The price of food ordered by Nila is priced from IDR 10,000 – IDR 45,000 per portion.

Nila and 5 other people also ordered a few drinks. Consisting of warm oranges, sweet tea, bottled tea, to plain tea. The price starts from Rp. 5,000, but what is surprising is the price of ice oranges and warm oranges which are priced at Rp. 25,000 per glass.

Food Vendors Get Prices at Rest AreaFood Vendor Gets Prices at Rest Area Photo: TikTok @nila_latarissa

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The total that Nila spent eating at the rest area restaurant was IDR 495,000. According to Nila the price was too high and the restaurant did get price.

In the uploaded video, Nila wrote a caption, “Is it that expensive to eat in a rest area🥹, it’s better to eat solaria that has been caught with a name and price,”

Nila’s video immediately caught the attention of netizens. To date, it has been viewed more than 1.3 million times and has thousands of comments.

“I prefer to eat in the rest area, like at KFC, McDonald’s, Solaria, and so on, the price is certain,” commented a netizen.

“Warm oranges 2 50 thousand very expensive!” said another netizen.

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5 Recommendations for Affordable Lodging in Bali, Suitable for Healing!


Bali is still the prima donna of many people for holidays and unwinding. Usually, the youth of the age now call it by the term healing.

On the Island of the Gods, which has a lot of #WonderfulIndonesia charm, you can not only refresh yourself and your mind by traveling to various stunning natural destinations. Because, even by resting in a comfortable inn, you can enjoy a relaxing time to relax healing quietly.

Want to enjoy the time healing in Bali? Let’s look at 5 accommodation recommendations at affordable prices quoted from the following various sources.

1. Asvara Villa

Photo: doc. Asvara Villa

This inn located in Ubud is surrounded by a soothing expanse of green rice fields. Each villa at Asvara Villa offers a comfortable and quiet intimate atmosphere in various types, from One Bedroom Villa to Royal Two Bedroom Villa with private pool and Jacuzzis.

There are facilities private pool and jacuzzi You can use this to relax without the need to go outside the inn. Here, you can also enjoy the Honeymoon Package to the Celebration Package complete with a sweet Candle Light Dinner. This facility is suitable for you and your partner who want to celebrate their honeymoon at the same time or anniversary.

2. Amnaya Resort Nusa Dua

Amnaya Resort Nusa DuaPhoto: doc. Amnaya Resort Nusa Dua

You only need to spend around Rp. 1 million, you can already healing comfortably at Amnaya Resort Nusa Dua which has complete facilities and comprehensive services. Starting from a 24-hour front desk, airport shuttle service, to other complete in-room facilities.

This accommodation has an elegant modern-ethnic touch. Each room at this resort also has a balcony where you can enjoy the stunning views of Bali.

3. Wide Leaf Villas

Wide Leaf VillasPhoto: doc. Wide Leaf Villas

Still in the Ubud area, you can enjoy the time healing in a unique villa called Daun Lebar Villas. As the name suggests, the roof design in this villa is shaped like a wide leaf. The rooms available at this inn are not only comfortable, but also look beautiful with a combination of white color choices, wood accents, and soothing earth tones.

Even though it has a fairly affordable price, you can already enjoy the facilities private pool to spa services. In this villa, you can also see a panoramic view of the forest that is no less beautiful.

4. Hideaway Villas Bali Uluwatu

Hideaway Villas Bali UluwatuPhoto: doc. Hideaway Villas Bali Uluwatu

As the name implies, this one inn can be said to be a place to stay.hidden‘ or hidden that offers beauty and serenity. Certainly, suitable for those of you who need healing in a quiet place.

This inn has infinity pool facing directly to the nature of Bali. So you can relax swimming while enjoying view stunning. The facilities are also quite complete with Pudak Restaurant, spa and gym.

5. Kayumanis Nusa Dua Private Villa & Spa

Want to heal while enjoying the sea view? This is where it is. You can enjoy a relaxing time at this inn which offers direct sea views to Nusa Dua Beach.

The cool atmosphere of the villa with lots of green trees can also make your body and mind more refreshed. In addition to relaxing, you can also try a memorable experience by enjoying breakfast while watching sunrise at the beach, having lunch while having a picnic on the beach, trying out a cooking class, and so on.

All of the lodging recommendations above apply the CHSE (Cleanliness, Health, Sustainability, and Environment) standards from the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy. So you don’t have to worry about spending time healing there because it’s guaranteed to be safe and comfortable.

Since 2021, the Indonesian Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno, has also continued to encourage the recovery of tourism and the creative economy, including in Bali, to restore Indonesia’s tourism. He also hopes that the reactivation of tourism in Bali can restore the economy of the community, especially the Balinese.

“In reopening this tourism, of course, we need industrial support, because in the end it is our friends who are at the forefront, namely those who are engaged in the tourism industry and the creative economy,” said Sandiaga, quoted from the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy website, Wednesday (18/5/2022). .

Before the holidays, make sure to always apply the strict health protocol of 6M (wear a mask, wash your hands with soap and running water, keep your distance, avoid crowds, limit mobility, and avoid eating together). Don’t forget to complete your vaccination dose at the nearest health facility or vaccination center before the holidays.

For information and inspiration regarding other #DiIndonesiaAja tourist destinations, you can follow the Instagram accounts @pesona.indonesia and TikTok @pesonaindonesia. You can also follow Pesona Have Quiz (PUKIS) on the Instagram page to win millions of rupiah in prizes from the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy.

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Cool! This 10-year-old boy is good at making thread-thin noodle dough


Making fresh noodles is not easy, but this 10-year-old boy can do it. He is even good at making noodles with a thread-thin texture!

The stories of children who are good at cooking always steal attention because they show special abilities at such a young age. There are children who are good at cooking because they are inspired to see their parents or after seeing a cooking show.

Hana, a 10-year-old boy in South Korea, has an extraordinary cooking talent because he sees his father cooking every day. His father is a Chinese restaurant owner.

Hana’s cooking talent is specific and not even mastered by her father. quote YouTube IM Shook (30/4), he is good at making dough noodles super soft and thin.

Hana is currently in action making noodles. Photo: YouTube IM Shook

His ability to make noodles can even be compared to a professional noodle maker. Hana will deftly beat the noodle dough until it is stretchy and can be formed.

In making noodles, Hana is also calm and seems to be able to control her movements even though it requires a lot of energy. “I started learning to make noodles (like this) a year ago and this is already the sixth year I can make my own noodles,” he said.

A professional noodle maker said he was surprised by Hana’s talent. He didn’t think that making noodles needed a lot of strength to ‘play’ with the dough.

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Meanwhile, Hana’s father admits that even though he owns a Chinese restaurant, he doesn’t teach Hana how to make noodles. “I can’t do it,” he said.

Hana apparently learned self-taught from the makers noodles at his father’s restaurant. He noticed how they worked and started to join in making noodles.

Cool!  This 10-year-old boy is good at making thread-thin noodle doughHana learned how to make noodles from watching a professional noodle maker in action. Photo: YouTube IM Shook

“I will help them (noodle makers) because there are too many customers,” said Hana proudly. The professional noodle maker admits that there is no big difference between his noodle dough and Hanna’s.

Not only making ordinary noodles, Hana also shows off making very thin, even thread-thin noodles! So thin, the noodles can be inserted into the eye of a needle.

Regarding the reason for learning to make noodles, Hana did it for her father. “I want to help him,” said Hana. Previously he had often seen his father struggling with the chefs.

Until finally he went straight to help his father in the restaurant kitchen. Hanna is also a very good older brother to her younger brother.

Cool!  This 10-year-old boy is good at making thread-thin noodle doughHana managed to make thread-thin noodles. Photo: YouTube IM Shook

Seeing what Hana did, her father was sad. “I know he did (make noodles) for me, but I’m not happy. I just want him to do what he likes, enjoy it, and grow well,” said the man from China.

Hana’s ability to make noodles make him known. Her friends even loved watching Hanna make noodle dough and serve it to them. “I want to continue my father’s business or become a Chinese restaurant owner in the future,” concluded Hana.

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Hot weather is really nice to relax eating ice cream, come to Alam Sutera


Hot weather is perfect for relaxing in a cool place while eating ice cream. Come here, come to Alam Sutera and relax while eating a variety of flavors of gelato.

Travelers in and Tangerang are you feeling hot these days? Same, detikcom too. You definitely want to eat something fresh and cold while still enjoying the day even though Lebaran is over.

Well, one of the interesting places that a traveler can visit is this ice cream shop in Alam Sutera. His name is Vilo Gelato. The location is on Jl Alam Sutera Towncenter 10J No 5, Tangerang.

detikcom had come to Vilo Gelato Alam Sutera and this place was full of ice cream connoisseurs. This square building with glass-dominated walls is indeed viral and has been widely discussed on social media such as Instagram and Tiktok.

Vilo Gelato Alam Sutera Photo: (Syanti/detikcom)

Rahma, one of the visitors there admitted that she knew Vilo Alam Sutera from TikTok. Together with his friends, he also visited to relax and also take pictures.

“It’s from TikTok. The place is beautiful too, yes, for photos. Many choices of flavors as well as gelato,” said Rahma.

What’s interesting here is that a traveler can take it himself whichever ice cream he wants to eat with different sizes. Because they have a freezer with hundreds of bottled gelato, making it easier for consumers.

Here there are dozens of flavors of ice cream that you can choose from, and of course this place is a favorite for children. Several flavors such as Butter Coffee, Strawberry Choco, Salted Caramel, Wildberry Very Berry Fried Cookies, Dutch Chocolate and others. Interestingly, there is also a taste of martabak and other snacks.

They also have flavors that are liked by children such as White Rabbit, Magic Unicorn, Stracciatella, Reese’s, Cotton Candy and others.

Vilo Gelato Alam SuteraVilo Gelato Alam Sutera Photo: (Syanti/detikcom)

Ilham, visitors who brought children were also happy when they came to Vilo. Their children are happy because there are many choices of ice cream flavors that are their favorite.

“There are many variations that children like,” said Ilham.

For the price, the smallest size (90 ml) is IDR 35 thousand, the 250 ml size is IDR 75 thousand and the largest size (500 ml) is IDR 135 thousand. And they only serve non-cash payments.

In addition to ice cream, here there are also drinks such as hazelnut latte, coffee milk, milk shakes and others that can accompany you relaxed. They also have a variety of cakes and croissants.

detikcom visited there when the weather was still hot and wanted to taste something fresh and sour. And we decided to taste the Wildberry Very Berry Fried Cookies and Raspeberry Tart. And for drinks we bought Hazelnut Latte.

Vilo Gelato Alam SuteraVilo Gelato Alam Sutera Photo: (Syanti/detikcom)

Well, for a relaxing place, you can choose to be indoor or outdoor. If it’s hot, it’s better to be indoors because there is air conditioning. Inside, it is also aesthetically pleasing to chat or relax with family.

But if you want to be outdoors, they also have benches and bean bags for you which are arranged in such a way. It’s a pretty good place to get together. And also convenient for travelers who bring children.

Other facilities that a traveler can find here include prayer rooms, toilets, Wi-Fi and there is also a parking area. No need to worry about confusion if this is the moment a traveler comes here, because the waiters there are also friendly to serve and explain it to you.

There are also many Instagramable spots for those of you who like to take photos. One of the spots that become the object of many photos is the front or front page of the Vilo.


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