Auntie Lala’s hilarious style when reviewing these snacks makes netizens laugh


Jakarta -Recently, netizens have been made to laugh with Tante Lala’s actions when reviewing food on TikTok. not praised, owner food products even got scolded.

Aunt Lala is known as a popular social media celeb with her loud speaking style. The beginning of the popularity of this woman from Manado was in the video when she taught her child to memorize Pancasila.

His son, Rafa, who seemed to have difficulty memorizing Pancasila, made the woman who is familiarly called Tante Lala became furious. The chatter when angry is what makes netizens laugh.

Now, Auntie Lala is back active through her TikTok account @tantelalapunyacepat. In his TikTok videos, he often reviews several products, including food products.

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Auntie Lala’s review of food always makes netizens laugh. Photo: TikTok @tantelalapunyatale

Well, his style when reviewing it successfully attracted the attention of netizens. Instead of praising food products, Aunt Lala did not hesitate to criticize and even scold the owner.

Like in the video when reviewing cereal foods and chocolate sauce. The cereal packaging also includes a deep chocolate sauce receptacle different. When opened, the chocolate sauce container was in the middle of the cereal.

This made it difficult for Aunt Lala to take the chocolate sauce. As a result, the chatter criticizing the cereal product was incessantly thrown up.

“This is how e, putting chocolate in the middle like this is difficult to take. Where’s Auntie Lala’s cellphone, so Auntie Lala will scold the owner,” he said with a thick Manado accent.

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Aunt Lala reviews foodAunt Lala reviews food with her trademark while angry Photo: TikTok @tantelalapunyacepat

At that time, Aunt Lala contacted the owner of the food product to protest because the chocolate sauce was difficult to take. Even so, the owners also accepted all the chatter of Aunt Lala.

Even though it looks like they are being scolded, some product owners admit that their products are selling well after being reviewed by Aunt Lala. Funny style when reviewing food also exists when he reviews snacks.

In another TikTok video, Aunt Lala gets a snack product in the form of basreng or fried meatballs. He also said that the snack is suitable to be eaten together with anyone and anytime.

However, the words used actually make netizens laugh. How not, Auntie Lala said that the snack can be used with former partners to actors.

Aunt Lala reviews foodAunt Lala reviews food Photo: TikTok @tantelalapunyacepat

“Basreng-basreng is suitable, yes, honey, I can eat while talking about something with neighbors, actors and your exes, yes, dear,” said Aunt Lala.

The videos are always viral and are never empty of netizen comments. Even many netizens claimed to be entertained by Aunt Lala’s hilarious actions.

“Laughs, it’s really tight say it Aunt Lala, this is more spicy than what the neighbors say,” wrote a netizen.

“The owner was scolded and even laughed when I found out haha,” wrote another netizen.

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