At Binasi Beach, the Sunset is Different Every Day

Middle Tapanuli

The coastline in Central Tapanuli has not been mentioned by many people. But apparently, the west coast of Indonesia is no less exotic than the east.

Its name is Binasi Beach in Sorkam District, Central Tapanuli Regency, North Sumatra. The coastline extends 7-8 km towards Barus. detikTravel visited this beach to enjoy the sunset. Binasi Beach itself is famous for its beautiful sunset that is different every day.

Because of its location in the west of Indonesia, dusk falls very slowly. If the sunset in drops around 5, here it will only be seen at 18.30-19.30 WIB.

4pm, as bright as 12pm. It’s really hot and scorching.

Central Tapanuli Binasi Beach Photo: (Bonauli/detikcom)

Just like other beaches in Central Tapanuli, entry to Binasi Beach is free. There is no parking fee either. On the beach, there are many people who live and trade. Wooden huts are made as gazebos for tourists who stop by.

The sand of this beach is a little black but very fine. The waves are also very fun to play. Which makes it comfortable, the beach is quite shallow. So many children are swimming in Binasi Beach. Especially on Sundays.

Central Tapanuli Binasi BeachCentral Tapanuli Binasi Beach Photo: (Bonauli/detikcom)

As dusk begins to fall, the sky will begin to turn orange. In fact, if you’re lucky you can see a pink sunset! The sun descends to the junction at the end of the sea, the orange bias is swept to the shoreline. The ocean turned orange. As the night goes on, the sky gets darker.

There is a secret that few people know. When swimming at night, there will be visible light from the sand sticking to the clothes. Apparently, the sand of Binasi Beach contains shiny shell flakes.

When swimming, you will see a flash of light from the water. Unfortunately, this beauty cannot be captured by a cellphone camera.

Central Tapanuli Binasi BeachCentral Tapanuli Binasi Beach Photo: (Bonauli/detikcom)

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