Asking Children’s Names With Food Elements, Netizens Suggest Names Seblakia to Takoyanti


Netizens who use TikTok always have a way of inviting laughter. Like the suggestion of a child’s name that contains food elements, netizens have proposed thousands of food names.

Name is a prayer, every parent must give the best name for their children. Inspiration for a child’s name can come from many things, including the name of food.

Some food names are chosen by parents to be the names of their children. However, the choice of the name of this food is of course an elegant one such as Kale, Nori, Saffron or Chia. Unique names like this are widely used by some parents.

Netizen comments for the name of the child’s food element Photo: TikTok @indofoodies

But it’s a different story if you ask netizens about the name of a child that contains culinary elements. The answer is actually weird and not at all elegant when used as a child’s name.

Tiktok account user @indofoodies uploads questions and asks for advice from netizens using Tiktok accounts about children’s names that contain culinary elements. “TikTok residents, please suggest names of children with culinary elements,” said the account owner in the video confirmed by DetikFood, Wednesday (9/2).

Seeing this question, netizens immediately filled the comments column. Various names of food were mentioned, but almost all of them mentioned eccentric food names.

Like netizens who suggested the names Seblakia Ceqer Chiken, Takoyanti, Susi Kedelyn, Martha Back Manisa to Back One. Of course, this name is a play on the name of the food.

There is also one netizen who suggested five names at once, but still with an odd name. Some of the names suggested were Yoyok Klepon, Cupita Lumbas (Lumpia Wet), Asep Semprong, Pasha Stella (Pastel), Imas Ovaltine and Winda Gajah Mungkur.

Many also suggest children’s names from abbreviations for food and drink names, such as Rusli which stands for Rujak Ulek Sambel Limau, Jeniper which stands for Jeruk Nipis Peras to Kesunas which stands for Cheese Susu Pineapple.

Asking Children's Names With Food Elements, Netizens Suggest Names Seblakia to TakoyantiNetizen comments for the name of the child’s food element Photo: TikTok @indofoodies

The video uploaded on Tuesday (8/2) immediately grabbed the attention of netizens. To date, the video has been viewed more than 3.7 million times and received more than 26 thousand netizen comments.

Seeing the comment column filled with eccentric child name suggestions, there are also netizens who don’t give name suggestions but are actually engrossed in reading comments.

“Astaghfirullah. A funny team reads comments,” said one netizen.

“It’s wrong to ask the name of a child with a TikTok resident. It’s funny reading the comments,” said another netizen.

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