Armed with Artificial Intelligence, Butterfly Connects Users with Employers

Currently in the labor market, there is a trend of a massive shift from a formal to an informal employment agreement system. This happened because of the termination or cutting of working hours for millions of employees in Indonesia. To equip the affected job seekers, Kupu provides a series of online courses that will continue to be developed for users.

Kupu is an AI-based platform that brings together job seekers and employers through a dynamic and progressive skills-based profile. Butterflies are here as a solution in solving the post-covid-19 unemployment problem. The pandemic caused the highest unemployment record for a decade in Indonesia, which was 7.07%.

“We built an inclusive digital platform that allows every user to have the opportunity to showcase themselves and present their best side, even with a minimal background and resume. Kupu automatically translates a matrix of user behavior data into a model that will demonstrate their skills and abilities as required. employers. We also offer a wide range of skills and financial access options to keep job seekers ready and employers to reduce training costs and employee turnover rates. We are constantly evolving to offer users a fun and engaging experience,” said Andry The, Co. -founder and CIO Kupu, in an official statement, Tuesday (7/6).

Topics and curricula on the Kupu platform are developed internally by subject matter experts to match the more than 300,000 job openings currently available. After users successfully complete a short and fun packed course–more than 6,000 units in total–they will earn various badges to display on their profile. The badge serves to match them with job vacancies that best match their abilities and expertise.

Since its soft launch in September 2021, Kupu has helped bring together more than 500,000 users in the capital city of Jakarta with suitable employers. The company targets expansion to the Greater Jakarta area in 2022 by launching interesting features every month. In addition, the platform continues to be committed to working with the government in innovation and digital transformation as well as being a sustainable solution towards normalizing the labor market. (OL-14)

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