Antivirus Technology Now Comes in Mini Air Purifier

SALES of products that have Plasmacluster technology worldwide reached 100 million units. Therefore, Sharp Indonesia launched the latest air purification product, namely the mobile ion generator IG-NM1, Tuesday (29/3). Since its introduction in 2000, Sharp’s proprietary Plasmacluster ion air purification technology has been used in various products and industries around the world.

Over the years, Sharp air purifiers have evolved in terms of appearance, shape, capacity and ability to produce ever-higher ion concentrations. Plasmacluster technology is not only embedded in air purifier products, but also other products such as air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, and vacuum cleaners. In addition, this technology is used globally in an increasing number of interior spaces, including vehicles, railroad passenger cars, and elevators.

Commenting on this achievement, Sharp Electronics Indonesia’s National Sales Senior General Manager Andry Adi Utomo said the mini air purifier can be taken anywhere. This product is an alternative solution to minimize the risk of being infected with viruses and bacteria outdoors. “This launch is the right time because now people can carry out more intense activities, but they are required to remain vigilant,” he said.

Despite its tiny size of 9.7 cm X 7.7 cm (about a handful of palms) with a thickness of less than 3 cm, the IG-NM1 features High-Density 25,000 which is capable of producing 100,000 ions/cm3 as far as 80 cm or the average length of a table. office and 25,000 ions/cm3 if the distance is more than 80 cm. This amount of positive and negative ions can purify the air around three times faster than a typical air purifier.

Not only small, this product also has a light weight of only 110 grams, making it possible to be worn around the neck like an accessory. This product provides extra protection for users, especially in public areas. “It can be used during meetings, in public transportation, studying in class, and meeting with people. This product can be placed on a work desk to get clean and healthy air in the work environment,” explained Yudha Eka Putra, as Manager of PCI & AC Product Strategy Group PT Sharp Electronics Indonesia.

The IG-NM1 has high durability with a charging system using a USB Type-C cable. This allows the use of the battery can last for four hours non-stop without stopping. This plasmacluster ion generator has a service life of 19,000 hours or approximately 6 years and 6 months with an average usage of 8 hours per day. The use of Plasmacluster is important for office employees who maintain their appearance because long hours of exposure to AC can cause dry skin. Its presence can help provide ions surrounded by water molecules to maintain skin moisture and function to make skin brighter. For the record, its use is for 30 minutes with a distance of about 40 cm from the mobile ion generator.

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The IG-NM1 will be launched exclusively at some of Sharp’s e-commerce partners and offline electronics stores. Priced at IDR 1,999,000, Sharp targets sales of 10,000 units per year. In addition, the company is holding the Sayonara Virus exhibition event which provides special attractive offers for products with Plasmacluster technology at Mall Kelapa Gading 23-27 March 2022 and will continue in Gandaria City at the end of April 2022. (RO/OL-14)

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