AlteaCare Bridges Patients and Hospitals Digitally

Remote medicine or telemedicine (telemedicine) is believed to be a solution to the limited capacity of health services in Indonesia,

It is now estimated that only 1.2 hospital beds are available for every 1,000 individuals. This figure is lower than almost all neighboring countries in Southeast Asia. Through the use of telemedicine, early prevention and treatment can be carried out, while adhering to health protocols and restrictions on mobility given the current Covid-19 pandemic.

Patients can also get services from the hospital more efficiently, especially in big cities like Jakarta, which are constrained by traffic jams.

AlteaCare is a holistic healthcare application that connects patients with doctors on duty in hospitals via video. Launched in September 2021, AlteaCare has partnered with 17 hospitals and its app has been downloaded by more than 100,000 users.

William Suryawan, Chief Operations Officer (COO) and Co-Founder of AlteaCare said, AlteaCare’s mission is to become a digital gateway that connects hospitals with patients,

“Especially for those who have difficulty accessing health services directly,” said William Suryawan in a media meeting via Zoom, Thursday (16/6).

When patients book a consultation schedule through AlteaCare, they are connected to a medical advisor who will guide them to the right specialist or laboratory based on their needs.

Post-consultation, an officer will communicate with the patient to ensure his or her needs are met.

The AlteaCare app is built on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud technology. AlteaCare’s consideration for choosing AWS was its outstanding technical support, including subsidized training for startups. As a health technology startup with limited resources, two very important factors are cost control and security.

“AWS provides efficient infrastructure solutions while ensuring our applications comply with security best practices,” said William.

Together with the AWS solutions architect team and AWS partner Sprout, AlteaCare conducted a security-focused AWS Well Architected review. Enterprises use Amazon CloudWatch to monitor applications and optimize resource utilization, as well as AWS WAF – Web Application Firewall to ward off threats often found on the web.

Encryption of data residing in one place or on the move is one of the best practices implemented to prevent the leakage of personal information.

The expansion is the next stepping stone in AlteaCare’s long-term plans. The app has seen double-digit growth every month since its launch, and the company expects the same rate of growth throughout its first year.

The team is also working hard to partner with a total of 30 partner hospitals, and build the foundation for analytics leverage with data lakes on Amazon S3 and Amazon RDS.

AlteaCare also plans to develop a dedicated analytics dashboard to understand the issues behind latency when patients make video calls with doctors. The company will maximize the AWS Asia Pacific (Jakarta) Region which was just launched last December 2021 to minimize latency. (N-1)

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