Alert! Digital Footprints Can Be a Entrance to Cyber ​​Crime

The digital footprints left when surfing the internet can be an entry point for cyber crimes by irresponsible people.

Apart from only uploading positive and useful things on the internet, digital security is needed to prevent data leakage while surfing the internet. However, there are several ways to anticipate the leak of digital traces.

These are some of the conclusions discussed in the webinar with the theme “Can’t Be Erased! Beware of Digital Footprints” in Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan. organized by the Ministry of Communication and Information of the Republic of Indonesia together with the National Digital Literacy Movement (GNLD) Siberkreasi

Head of Solo Raya ICT Volunteers, Bambang Eka Purnama, said that digital traces are data that is left behind every time you do activities via the internet, such as sending e-mails, visiting a site, to uploading on social media.

Digital footprints can have both positive and negative impacts. So that the digital footprint left behind is good, he suggests internet users to upload things that are motivating, inspiring, or share knowledge with others on the internet. However, you can also upload for business promotion.

“What should be avoided in doing activities on the internet is posting your identity, spreading fake news, spreading hate speech, cyber bullying, or spreading pornography. That is an example of a bad digital track record,” he said.

Digital marketing practitioner and lecturer at the Al Muhajirin Islamic College of Purwakarta, Dian Ikha divides digital track records into two, namely active and passive ones. An active digital footprint includes any data we transmit on the internet, such as sending e-mails, publishing content on social media, filling out online forms, sharing locations, or leaving comments.

While passive digital traces are digital traces that are left unintentionally, such as browsing history on a site or cookie data.

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“Although there are positive impacts, the digital footprint is no less dangerous. Some examples are the theft of personal identity, such as the identification number (NIK), account and password, and digital exposure obtained by accessing personal data by irresponsible people,” he said.

How to set up a digital footprint, added Dian Ikha, can be done by setting the privacy settings on the device and social media accounts according to the upload target. Then, get used to going out or logging out every time you finish your activities on the internet. He also suggests using a different account for every work activity, shopping, or social media.

A lecturer at the University of Muhammadiyah Jambi and the Kalbis Institute of Technology and Business, M Muzaqi also provides a number of ways to delete digital tracks on the internet. Some of them are using incognito mode when surfing the internet, deleting all cookies, deleting browsing history, using the DeleteMe service, and diligently checking for potential power leaks.

“Nothing is 100% safe in the digital world. Therefore, maintaining the security of digital footprints is very dependent on each of us. The digital footprint is eternal. So, do something positive and useful. Because, if not, be prepared to accept the risk,” he said.

With the presence of the National Digital Literacy Movement program by the Ministry of Communication and Information, it is hoped that it can encourage people to use the internet intelligently, positively, creatively, and productively.

This activity is specifically aimed at communities in the Kalimantan region and its surroundings, which not only aim to create Smart Communities, but also help prepare human resources that are superior in using the internet in a positive, critical, and creative way in the industrial era 4.0.

The Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Information together with GNLD Siberkreasi also continues to run the Indonesia Makin Cakap Digital program through digital literacy activities that are tailored to the needs of the community. (RO/OL-7)

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