Ahead of Ramadan, Cooking Oil and Syrup Dominate E-Commerce Transactions

The next month is the moment that the majority of Muslims in the world have been waiting for. Especially in Indonesia, the month of Ramadan is synonymous with various unique traditions, for example preparing takjil. Not only that, people will also start flocking to prepare kitchen supplies to accompany the sahur meal and also iftar.

EVP Consumer Goods Blibli Fransisca Krisantia Nugraha said there have been large transactions for kitchen needs in the past week.

“Cooking oil, cooking spices, and frozen food categories are the products with the highest number of transactions with an average number of transactions of more than 25,000. Meanwhile syrups, oral health products, and pastries are the products with the largest transaction growth with an increase of more than 60%,” said Fransisca.

Blibli, continued Fransisca, provides answers to customer needs, especially those who fast through Bliblimart. During the period from March 18 to April 1, Blibli presents the “Pasti Berkah” promo with a variety of the best offers, such as food ingredients for sahur and iftar, as well as special Ramadan hampers.

Fransisca also shared Blibli-style tips so that kitchen matters don’t become a distraction to worship in the month of Ramadan. First, note the product you need. So that the availability of Ramadan needs is regular and still economical as needed. Take advantage of the Subscription feature on Bliblimart for regular purchases and scheduled deliveries.

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Second, select the delivery time. with a wide selection of features 2 Hours To, Instant, sameday or Click & Collect. Shop at the end of weekdays to have free time for food prep for the next week.

Third, note the promo. Turn on promo notifications from Bliblimart in the Blibli application so you don’t miss it. Shhh, there’s no need to fight, there are various choices of Welcoming Ramadan Definitely Blessing promos at Blibli.

Fourth, claim vouchers offered by e-commerce to get the best prices, both from discounts and free shipping.

Fifth, choose the most profitable payment method. Blibli also offers easy payment options, ranging from virtual account transfers and internet banking, credit card installments with 22 bank partners, 7 electronic money (e-money) options, to paying at outlets with the support of dozens of the best supermarkets throughout Indonesia.

“It is enough to shop at Bliblimart through the Blibli application, various daily necessities are available, complete with the best prices, as well as excellent delivery service. You don’t have to worry about product quality, because Blibli guarantees a 100% original quality guarantee and return service,” concluded Kris. (RO/OL-7)

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