Again Viral Ramen with Super Thick Soup in Japan, Only 5 Servings a Day


In Japan, the creation of a super thick soup ramen is going viral. This ramen made by Tenka Ippin restaurant is only available 5 servings a day at each branch. What does it look and feel like?

As the ‘home’ for ramen dishes, there are many unique ramen creations in Japan. Starting from the use of special toppings to a different sauce than usual.

One of them was introduced by the Japanese restaurant chain, Tenka Ippin. Starting February 1, 2022 until the end of the month, his party will introduce Cho Kotteri Ramen.

Literally, the meaning of the name ramen it is “Super Thick and Rich in Flavor”. This refers to the creation of ramen soup which is really very thick, much thicker than ordinary ramen sauce.

Tenka Ippin restaurant offers limited super thick soup ramen Photo: Sora News 24

Sora News 24 reporter, Ahiru Neko, has been willing to queue since 08.50 am even though the restaurant only opened at 11.00 pm. He didn’t want to miss the opportunity to taste this unique ramen, even though he had to wait about 2 hours in the midst of super cold weather.

Neko was the first to line up and then a long line appeared around 10.30. Luckily, he and 4 people in the queue behind him were able to taste Cho Kotteri Ramen.

The ramen sauce looks cloudy brown and a bit oily. Ramen comes with sliced ​​scallions. The ramen soup was so thick, it was hard for Neko to tell whether the broth was really liquid or solid?

The ramen soup is made with chicken broth, which is the mainstay of Tenka Ippin’s menu. “The texture is not only thick, but very thick,” wrote Neko describing the Cho Kotteri Ramen sauce.

Again Viral Ramen with Super Thick Soup in Japan, Only 5 Servings a DayCho Kotteri Ramen made with chicken stock Photo: Sora News 24

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For the combination of noodles, Tenka Ippin also deliberately uses noodles that are half the length of the usual ramen noodles. The goal is that the noodles are not too long to be slurped with the super thick sauce.

If you use regular size noodles, it’s not impossible for Cho Kotteri lovers Ramen would have a hard time sipping it. Mouth can be made sore because of it!

Although this ramen soup is much thicker than usual, Neko admits that the taste is delicious so it’s worth a try. “The taste is not too strong, in contrast to the extreme texture of the broth,” he said.

Again Viral Ramen with Super Thick Soup in Japan, Only 5 Servings a DayThis delicious ramen with thick soup is worth trying Photo: Sora News 24

According to Neko, the thickness of the broth makes it stick firmly to the noodles. As a result, he didn’t realize he had finished 2/3 of the broth. He also said that his tiredness when waiting in line seemed to be paid off with a delicious bowl of super thick ramen.

Previously, the topic of ramen in Japan also stole attention after going viral on TikTok regarding the cheapest ramen in Japan. Ramen costs around Rp. 25 thousand, but the shop makes netizens focus wrong.

Because the shop is very simple and small. The front is even filled with goods. There were also several piles of adult magazines. While the inside of this ramen shop is no less dense and messy.

Even though it looks shabby, many netizens suspect the dish ramen it feels good here. “If the restaurant is dirty and run by parents with pets walking around… you know very well the food is better than a 5-star restaurant,” said one netizen.

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